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  1. The answer with Clyde is to not tune in. Unlike the BBC who take all our money if we watch 1 second of live telly Clyde would suffer almost immediately if their listening figures dropped of a cliff. If every Bear gave them a miss for a month the message would get through.
  2. I think we’re probably on the same wavelength here Buster. However I am not aware of a compensation claim case that has been made. I’m aware of threats to take them to court but those are early positioning statements from P Maguire, Celtic refuse to open a dialogue and no court papers exist. Nothing is happening in a formal legal compensation case therefore BBC have not actually got much to report on regarding a compensation claim. They would point to their Daly work in demonstrating they were generally taking the whole business seriously. Of course Daly could do a lot more now given all the stuff crawling out the woodwork. Even Celtic admit they held an inquiry into the Boys Club but no one such as the BBC have asked to see their papers. It’s very clear BBC Scotland is not applying as much airtime or other media output to this scandal as would be expected and perhaps there are complaints to be raised there but it’s hard to see what the case would be ie specifically what part of the BBC Charter would they be falling foul of. Whether they are deliberately editing in favour of either pre trial compensation position is hard to prove and I would suggest would be a lot of effort in vain and I’m not clear how you would prove the point. Without a whistleblower it’s virtually impossible to validate. A complaint of that nature would be easy to rebut at this stage imo unless you have very clear wordings in output from the BBC (or a whistleblower).
  3. The BBC have their own skeletons in this particular cupboard. They ignored Saville and the rest of them for years despite strong suspicions.
  4. Need to bin it imo. The only reason we have this process is because Celtic always felt cheated. Let the refs referee and get them in from other leagues to improve the standard. Celtic are very quiet about Simunovic given their quest for sporting integrity.
  5. She should apologise to Rangers for intimating it was somehow a slur to be seen in our Directors box.
  6. I agree in the main but what is missing from the Simunovic verdict is a clear and rationale explanation and that is worth highlighting. His incident should also be compared to those in the 4Lads article. This is not as you suggest however the example to judge Whyte on as she referred it - unless she referred it with an emphasis on something different.
  7. Good stuff from the Academy. Good luck lads.
  8. What I really like is when he’s not playing well (and he made a lot of errors against Celtic on Sunday) he buckled down, used his pace and tenacity and got tore in and was a real pest. Nightmare to play against folk with that attitude. I reckon £5m is about right but I’d hope Liverpool threw us another couple of good loanees as part of it.
  9. Given the European CL set up and the exclusion of clubs like ours in the future we may well end up needing a close relationship with the likes of Liverpool. We are massive and if we played in their league we would match them but the reality check here is that if we can connect to a club in a bigger market then Liverpool isn’t the worst option. I hate it but that’s the way it’s going.
  10. Liverpool say £12m. I’m happy with that. Bring good players to us and we increase their value.
  11. Apparently they didn’t see it so they can do this but the only evidence is what everyone else has seen which is inconclusive. It’s an absolute joke. Brown played him. Flanagan moves his elbow on Browns first run and Brown saw that and played for a repeat. That is one highly plausible interpretation but it can’t be proved just like it can’t be proved or disproved he was elbowed in the face. The evidence didn’t exist.
  12. Again the question has to be the process of citing. Simonuvic v Defoe hasn’t had a mention! Why not? Are the BBC and Sky managing our disciplinary process. It’s fecking incredible and despite all the lawyers involved it just doesn’t stand up to any examination on the basis of natural justice. On Brown I didn’t see any angle that proved Brown had been hit on the face and given the linesman or ref didn’t see it then how can a panel watching the same footage everyone else saw conclude that was Browns face (or throat for that matter)? However giving the SFA the benefit of the doubt on Flanagan why the hell hasn’t Simonuvic been cited? Why wasn’t Brown cited for raking Morelos, or Broadfoot, why did Power get away with assaulting Jack, how the hell was the Killie keeper exonerated from elbowing Kamara. What are our Board doing about it?
  13. A few things cost us the title but Worral versus Kilmarnock is the biggest imo. The fact we never recovered from that says a lot about the overall character but that’s where we are and what we must fix. No more kids on loan like him learning to b a footballer in vital positions. It’s not rocket science. Gerard will fix it.
  14. It’s a big risk if Moyes but maybe he’s in that place after ManU and Spain - either resurrection or total disaster.
  15. Last year we were guaranteed 5 goal drubbings and petrified of them. It’s jyst not the same this year. Plus qualifying for EL and holding our own against Spartak, Villareal and Rapid was surely beyond most folks expectations. Only disappointment was not winning a cup but where we stuttered in some games Celtic got last minute winners. That’s the basic difference and it’s negligible compared to last year. If they fail to qualify for the CL next year I think we will be getting very near to parity. Our biggest issue is still to make sure the books are getting managed behind the scenes and commercial development is progressed - that’s where the biggest difference is at the moment. I’m not overly worried about on field. This Sunday I expect us to win. We may or may not but the point is I now anticipate this game rather than fear it.
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