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  1. BBC Scotland were out in full lennon defence mode this morning on their morning call in. Lenny was the victim according to Celtic fans who were the main ones allowed to phone in (read their forum and the view is the opposite) and the real discussion was that sport should be stopped. It was a shocker.
  2. What we do know is that liquidity is essential. Companies across the UK were /are stretching every credit facility in an unprecedented way. The govt is bailing out to some degree businesses and individuals. Our liquidity which is non-existent is going to depend on operational cost reduction, loans, player sales and fans buying ST. It really isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t matter what blue tinted spectacles we put on it this is a real danger moment for us - and we still have Ashley court case to deal with.
  3. Agree cost cutting inevitable. Goal is to survive rather than stop 9 1/2. Reduce squad. Reduce wages. No new contracts. Sell players (probably at cut price). Do that and we survive. I think we will struggle to stop the scum. They have cash. I think keeping Gerrard and his team is a challenge. The challenge is keeping revenues up for a diminished or possibly non existent product and that’s where football has a slight advantage. Fans will put their hands in their pockets but there will be reduced spending in not just tickets but extras such as food, sponsorship, advertising
  4. I think it’s fine. It’s telling us they will take action if it stands up legally or with external regulator. Not sure what folk are looking for. Death threats?
  5. That would sum things up nicely. Bonus on top of Doncaster’s 388k salary for presiding over a corrupt organisation, fine for those who point out the corruption.
  6. Partick will surely go to court. Reconstruction doesn’t help them. They may be offered a friendly or two of course.
  7. No need to give McLennan anything. He is compromised as being on Dermot Desmond's independent newsgroup payroll and we already offered to discuss it with Doncaster and he ignored us. We have the evidence (Park isn’t an idiot) and we will give it to an independent inquiry. Rangers statement is calling for support from other Board members to take it further. We will go public when we have confidence in the process and support from others. Right now the onus is on the SPFL to get themselves out of this web of corruption and the positions of McKenzie , Doncaster and McLennan are so badly compromis
  8. Pretty explosive stuff. Michael Stewart actually talked sense. Clearly implicating Celtic as controlling this corruption.
  9. Given the drip feed and counting of votes over a period up to 5pm and knowing Dundee were going to vote No, did SPFL contact them via Lawell and SPFL Board members excluding Robertson and tell Dundee to hold fire for sweeteners? Looks like from where I’m standing and if so it’s blatant corruption.
  10. I don’t understand Aberdeen’s statement. Hand out cash but SPFL can decide later?
  11. And the Livingston chief executive anti Rangers bigot gets a vote. Season ticket at parkhead. Incredible.
  12. If staff are currently working for the club they cannot be furloughed. Maybe that’s the explanation. Maintenance, ground keeping season ticket prep etc. I’ve no idea. Just a thought.
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