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  1. Well done. Followfollow needs to show same leadership
  2. The main reason for the offside rule in the first place was to provide structure to the game and stop attacking players standing on the opponents goal line. The changes nowadays where a toe anywhere in the attacking half is found to be offside has become ridiculous. If VAR is to not ruin the game the ‘clear and obvious’ must apply because that would take 2 seconds to resolve in 99% of cases.
  3. My partner is from S America not too far from Colombia and confirms the gesture means ‘the finish’ or ‘the end’. Alfredo should simply be advised not to use it here again as his intention will be interpreted differently. End of story.
  4. Doubt he would have been in attendance. They have rules whereby opposing supporters can’t get involved in the team they oppose. He is blatant in his affiliation and that’s the issue. He writes material on bigotry for FARE yet retweets bigoted posts demonising Rangers fans as ‘Manky Mob’ and calling us c”nts.. His twitter following profile is hard left, conservative catholic, west Belfast, Republican. I could argue that isn’t a problem, it’s a mess over there and you are entitled to your views. But I couldn’t defend his status in FARE and their relationship with UEFA if he is a member of FARE and holds such views and affiliations. I’d argue he was a bigot and FARE are bigots who do not (or perhaps do!) their employees.
  5. Walterbear


    Club must raise this with UEFA.
  6. By the time she got her elephant thighs out of her jeans you would be onto something else mate. The only thing I’d stick in her would be a bar of soap in her gob.
  7. “Rangers lost to a clinical finish from Julien from a superb Christie free kick brought about by an atrocious hack on ‘French Eddie’ by Goldson who was lucky to escape a red card. Julien may have strayed marginally offside if some TV angles and Sevco fans are to be believed. But he didn’t know he was offside, McGreogor the H*n keeper didn’t know he was offside, 50,000 fans didn’t know he was offside, and the assistant referee who was perfectly positioned could not have reasonably flagged for offside due to several other Celts who were potentially in an offside position obstructing his view”
  8. With the YB game coming up then Motherwell and the nature of yesterday’s defeat I think their priorities need to be on resetting the players. I agree they need to do that at some point but it can wait. Just prior to the piggery game is the time to do it.
  9. Can I throw food and drink at opposing players at Ibrox? Can we all? Point is gonzo we need zero tolerance. Rangers players have been attacked several times now and it barely gets a mention in the media. If someone threw food at you in a pub what would you do? If I was Tav I’d be questioning why my club wasn’t taking this further.
  10. I don’t think it would work and I’d rather not take the chance. If it’s true and FARE are reporting us we need to get on the phone to UEFA and tell them we’re not taking away tickets. The away support are brilliant in terms of noise and passion but now can’t be trusted and anyone singing add ons at these matches is not a true Rangers supporter. We’ve seen Dave King this very week talking about how much personal money he and others £30m have put into the club and £1.5m could be wiped out by a stadium closure.
  11. Well overdue a goal against them. Might be a hat trick on its way.
  12. True Bill for ongoing Bill. But the platform of bias will help.
  13. I agree Bill. I think it’s well worth taking all of the work from that thread, consolidating it to a readable compelling format and consider the best way to publish it within and beyond the converted. The observations in that thread are too important to lose and point to shocking impartiality. The issues to be overcome are that the info doesn’t fall neatly within FOI although it’s possible to be creative and claims of impartiality is easily batted off with the stock response of editorial privileges. If someone could consolidate into one long text document with the actual dates of incidents I’d be happy to do further work in terms of creating a more readable document which could then be used more powerfully.
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