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  1. Tried to stop what I thought was a direct debit to Premier sports, turns out the payments are called authorised debits (or something) they are not amendable like DD or SO and cannot be cancelled by the payee. Anyway , I didn't bother trying to phone, just cancelled by using the contact page on their own site, then followed this up with another direct mail asking for confirmation, couple of days later I got this back. support@premiersports.com Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. As we value your loyal custom, we’d like to offer you a reduced price offer of £3.99 per month for the next 3 months.* This represents a 60% discount per month for this Summer Offer! If you wish to avail of this great offer please respond to this email giving us your consent that you wish to proceed. However, if you still decide to close your account, please accept this email as confirmation that your subscription to Premier Sports will be switched off prior to your next billing date. No further payment will be processed from your account. We hope to have you back in the future, thanks for your support. Regards, Customer service Premier Sports
  2. Just realised Gersnet censors the word automatically - gobsmacked - I'm out
  3. This is very much a head v heart issue for me. Head says we lost the battle for free use of the word ****** years ago (and I refuse to self-censor that word since they have taken to publically using it to characterise themselves) and that appears to be the offending term at issue whether it be in TBB or Super Rangers. The regulatory authorities at every level have been coerced to believe it is derogatory to Roman Catholics despite the historical evidence to the contrary. So be it. Nobody wants to be continually sanctioned by UEFA and I fully support any measure that helps to eliminate any behaviour that endangers our participation. The club have taken action to discipline some of the offenders, and it is only some, to say BF1 are the only ones to sing “offensively” is clearly drivel, they may be the worst offenders and by sitting collectively are easily identified as a single entity and targeted for punishment but they are not guilty in isolation. But was this the correct path to take? Is this the route Separate Entity FC would have taken? No danger, they would have closed a section up in the Gods, had some serious talks with TGBB and thrown them a few bones in return for a promise of good behaviour for a few weeks. Nevertheless my head says the UB know they have been doing wrong and deserve sanction, but I also believe the club have tackled the issue very clumsily, they should have been making the seriousness of the situation clear to UB some time ago and made the repercussions crystal clear to everyone in that section, then perhaps, we wouldn’t be where we are now. What does my heart say though? Well to be honest is despairs at the tone of some of the comments in this thread, you would almost get the impression that some of the posters on here are only too happy to turn on their own. Good grief we even have some bringing the UVF into this, that’s dangerous territory and something I would expect more from the likes of Speirs than a Rangers supporter, my Great Uncle was in the UVF and was killed at Ypres in 1917, the day his memory becomes taboo will be when hell freezes over. The UB are no angels but without them our match day experience would be much the poorer, sure if you sit near them I’m sure the constant noise could become tedious, but without them Ibrox becomes a library. My heart has some sympathy for the UB, they have done more for the atmosphere at Ibrox in recent years than anyone, and that includes not just the songs but also the displays which they raised funds for themselves and we all enjoyed. They are young lads full of passion for goodness sake, has everyone forgotten what they were like at that age? They need educated not kicked in the balls from fellow bears. IMO the club have, rightly or wrongly, maybe just given them the kick up the backside they need to wise up and that’s enough for me, I won’t be jumping on the sanctimonious bandwagon to berate fellow Rangers fans on a public platform.
  4. Fare, reports are available online, you don't need to be ITK to access them. Rangers were reported by them 3 times in 2018, twice in Europe and the December game against separate entity fc.
  5. And that's why George Young was called Corky
  6. ''White people love playing 'divide & rule'". Guess who said that?
  7. “black mums love their kids more than white mums”. Dianne Abbott (the gift that just keeps giving)
  8. https://unionjackscotlandsc.co.uk/about-us
  9. One sold very recently on Ebay for £22
  10. Sorry BD, that was aimed at numberoneallover, he should know where I'm coming from with that comment.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rangers-v-Bury-2018-19-brand-new-football-programme/113737960911?hash=item1a7b4f8dcf:g:a-AAAOSw2cRcztls
  12. Semantics aside, I'm still at a loss as to what qualifies Iain Ferguson to get employment at the club to do PR/hospitality work every other Saturday Sure he's a perfectly nice bloke, and as I said I've nothing whatsoever against him but surely there are ex players with 10 times more appearances than him who would be more recognisable to the punters. I saw him when he first got the gig at Ibrox, and said to a Gersnet member I was with at the time, "Who's that?" he didn't know either. Sorry to deviate in the Tiny thread guys.
  13. Well done Tiny a well-deserved tribute and fascinating account of her families links to the Rangers The article opens with this (under a photo) A VERY special guest – Mary ‘Tiny’ Gallacher – took in last night’s match and was given a guard of honour by some of the best players to have ever played for the club. Nothing against the man but can someone tell me how Iain Ferguson gets that accolade or how he has found himself employed as a hospitality “legend”? 32 games for Rangers I’m baffled Love Tiny though
  14. maybe so, but what demos have they organised up to now, some decent statements via supporters voice recently I'll grant them that, but haven't seen any direct action requests from them. the bbc demo was a direct response to jim traynors interview and his suggestion that fans take action against the bbc. how many pages does the Pacific quay musings thread have on this site? think that demonstrates the interest in this issue, and tbh my opion is that it really shouldn't matter who organises an event, if you agree with the cause and the demo is lawful and designed to address an issue without bringing any disrepute to rangers or the attendees then it should be supported.
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