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  1. maybe so, but what demos have they organised up to now, some decent statements via supporters voice recently I'll grant them that, but haven't seen any direct action requests from them. the bbc demo was a direct response to jim traynors interview and his suggestion that fans take action against the bbc. how many pages does the Pacific quay musings thread have on this site? think that demonstrates the interest in this issue, and tbh my opion is that it really shouldn't matter who organises an event, if you agree with the cause and the demo is lawful and designed to address an issue without bringing any disrepute to rangers or the attendees then it should be supported.
  2. demo was brought to an end early simply because of the weather, sorry the late arrivals missed it , know of quite a few who turned up a bit too late, the organisers were aware this may have been the case but decided to call it a day for the sake of those who turned up at 12:45 and were soaked through by 1 o'clock. big thanks to those who made the effort whether on time or not, know not everyone could make it for the KO time, so appologies to those who made it as soon as they could but missed the demo.
  3. I'm thick as s**t, you'll have to elaborate and while you're at it explain what a photo of a seal signifies.
  4. The “Working Class” is indeed difficult to define in modern Britain, a fair proportion of those who would claim to be part of this demographic have never worked nor have any real intentions to do so. The term “Underclass” should be utilised more frequently to differentiate. For most of my life I have considered myself “Working Class” However in the mid-eighties I spent a long weekend in Dundee and thereafter have classified myself “Upper Class”
  5. switch that around and I'm in. think winklemans armpit would be most aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Sorry about the thread hijack here Admin, it's that Forlan, thinks he can get away with anything just cos he gets about a bit.
  7. Ah, never mind, pretty soon you will have the gastronomic delights of beetroot soup and Golubtsy courtesy of Aeroflot..............yum, yum
  8. Flew fae Dyce? thought you were in Auld Reekie today? don't tell me you flew from Dyce to Edinburgh for a visa, private jet? (don't laugh folks its not that long ago he was looking at a helicopter charter due to a wedding/Hampden clash)
  9. You manage a bite to eat anywhere nice in Edinburgh? or has all your Michelin kitty gone on roubles?
  10. You sir, are bonkers I'm knackered just thinking about the traveling you've done since the start of the season. Alan Wicker has less air miles than you
  11. "Looking likely it will get thrown out" where do you get that from ? The hearing, which was to have take place today before Lady Wolffe, was postponed at the last moment after what was described as a ‘legal problem’. Lady Wolffe rescheduled the proceedings until October
  12. It has been clearly explained in this thread that the BBC are not banned from Ibrox or the Hummel, one individual has had his press privileges withdrawn. If anybody thinks that some type of truce and reconciliation, without a complete climb-down from us, can be negotiated with the BBC they are deluding themselves. The BBC has many faults but in one aspect of their business they are always consistent. Infallibility Our dear old Auntie Beeb is never wrong, whether at PQ or Broadcasting house. Just look at their recent stance regarding the Cliff Richard disgrace, despite universal condemnation of their actions they never once admitted that they did anything wrong, no contrition, no apologies just unwavering defiance and feeble attempts at justification of their untenable position, all legal expenses paid for with our licence fees of course. Remember their coverage of Her Majesties Jubilee in 2012? They received thousands of complaints, their reaction was to state they were very proud of their coverage and in the face of a barrage of disapproval Mark Thompson said "Our output has been impressive not only in its scale, but in its ambition, quality and outstanding journalism," Ever listen or watch any of the numerous BBC “have your say” shows? Points of View, Newswatch, Radio 4 Feedback etc. I do and despite numerous very valid points and criticisms from the folks who pay their wages, I have never once heard any of the invited producers admit to a mistake, error of judgement or even a scheduling blunder. Infallibility is BBC policy Ever tried writing a complaint? I have, years ago I flicked on to a BBC gardening show, think it was Home front in the Garden, and there they were ripping-up and re-landscaping Declan’s back yard in Dublin. I wrote asking them a few things, how much did it cost to refurbish his garden? How was Declan chosen as a recipient of my licence fee pounds? Was Declan a BBC licence fee payer? And were there no British gardens worthy of a make-over, as I could easily supply the details of numerous pensioners who could do with a help? Wish I’d kept their response instead of ripping it up in a temper tantrum, but it was the epitome of condescension, it was none of my business how much it cost or if Declan was a licence fee payer and anyway the popularity of the program overrides any criticism of performing free garden make-overs for foreigners. (Incidentally the following week the team were in South Africa weeding Nelsons Mandela’s carrots for him) Oldies like myself have fond memories of BBC radio coverage and it would be wonderful to return to the days of Crampsey & Alexander or even Archie Weetabix dropping in random words from his well-thumbed lexicon. But what would a RFC / BBC reunion bring us today? Spence, McLaughlin, Gordon, Idessane and a kind word from Cosgrove and Cowan? All thing considered I think I’ll pass, maybe Declan will tune in from his gazeebo in Dublin.
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