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  1. We already help them all financially, without us the tv revenue would be non existent.
  2. A wise man awaiteth until the lines be know, lest he choose his champion in haste.
  3. But they were the wrong type of socialists, that's the beauty of having a fantasy ideology, Can never be wrong.
  4. Was she not exposed as a bheast fan?
  5. It is, and nice to see the colonies appear to belatedly accepting the metric system.
  6. I've a cracking Shetland millionaire story to tell you next week - remind me Anyway isn't it impossible for Shetland to declare independence from Scotland, they would need to separate from the UK not a geographical area surely?
  7. Herd immunity is the only solution, it constantly amazes me the amount of folks who think the virus will just disappear if they stay out of their offices for a bit longer. I work offshore and since the outset of this debacle we have protected the vulnerable (those with serious medical problems were shielded) and the rest of us have, more or less got on with it. My platform has about 170 personnel onboard, 2 choppers a day bringing guys from all over the uk, to work, live and eat together in close confine. Zero know cases no suspected cases, businesses usual. If the cou
  8. I think they are enjoying a bit of a honeymoon period, due to our desire to support our club and belief that the Castore venture will return much missed revenue . Personally I don't buy the 3 months to prepare fib, the agreement was made a lot longer ago than that but secretly for contractual reasons, sales and demand numbers were available from last season's launch so they should have had little surprises in terms of stock requirements. They obviously lied regarding the 2 shirt quality issues and the school sweatshirt was scandalous. The leisure range is way overpriced cotton pr
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