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  1. Anyone, whatever their race, creed or status who exposes themselves on global social media should either accept that they will be subject to abuse or remove themselves from the platform. The world is full of nutters that is undeniable and unchangeable. Nobody in their right mind can condone anonymous abuse but to try and silence every crackpot on the planet is farting against thunder. Death threats always make me laugh, often taken as the most serious, but do credible assassins normally give advance warnings? I think not. If you expose your life to the planet, then
  2. Correct, pubs have been shite since they banned smoking and cock-fighting.
  3. Alex Lecherous Bemasked Anglophobe
  4. I have no confidence that the May election will be free from nationalist corruption, especially given the probable large postal vote. If they were to fiddle the vote in marginal areas and were found out, there would be no accountability nor repercussions. The police, civil service and the law Lords in this pseudo statelet are now hand picked political appointments This OJ Simpsonesque miscarriage can only lead to more power abuse. A sad day for democracy, integrity and national reputation
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