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  1. ''White people love playing 'divide & rule'". Guess who said that?
  2. “black mums love their kids more than white mums”. Dianne Abbott (the gift that just keeps giving)
  3. https://unionjackscotlandsc.co.uk/about-us
  4. One sold very recently on Ebay for £22
  5. Sorry BD, that was aimed at numberoneallover, he should know where I'm coming from with that comment.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rangers-v-Bury-2018-19-brand-new-football-programme/113737960911?hash=item1a7b4f8dcf:g:a-AAAOSw2cRcztls
  7. Semantics aside, I'm still at a loss as to what qualifies Iain Ferguson to get employment at the club to do PR/hospitality work every other Saturday Sure he's a perfectly nice bloke, and as I said I've nothing whatsoever against him but surely there are ex players with 10 times more appearances than him who would be more recognisable to the punters. I saw him when he first got the gig at Ibrox, and said to a Gersnet member I was with at the time, "Who's that?" he didn't know either. Sorry to deviate in the Tiny thread guys.
  8. Well done Tiny a well-deserved tribute and fascinating account of her families links to the Rangers The article opens with this (under a photo) A VERY special guest – Mary ‘Tiny’ Gallacher – took in last night’s match and was given a guard of honour by some of the best players to have ever played for the club. Nothing against the man but can someone tell me how Iain Ferguson gets that accolade or how he has found himself employed as a hospitality “legend”? 32 games for Rangers I’m baffled Love Tiny though
  9. maybe so, but what demos have they organised up to now, some decent statements via supporters voice recently I'll grant them that, but haven't seen any direct action requests from them. the bbc demo was a direct response to jim traynors interview and his suggestion that fans take action against the bbc. how many pages does the Pacific quay musings thread have on this site? think that demonstrates the interest in this issue, and tbh my opion is that it really shouldn't matter who organises an event, if you agree with the cause and the demo is lawful and designed to address an issue without bringing any disrepute to rangers or the attendees then it should be supported.
  10. demo was brought to an end early simply because of the weather, sorry the late arrivals missed it , know of quite a few who turned up a bit too late, the organisers were aware this may have been the case but decided to call it a day for the sake of those who turned up at 12:45 and were soaked through by 1 o'clock. big thanks to those who made the effort whether on time or not, know not everyone could make it for the KO time, so appologies to those who made it as soon as they could but missed the demo.
  11. I'm thick as s**t, you'll have to elaborate and while you're at it explain what a photo of a seal signifies.
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