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  1. That was my point, therefore one must wonder why the scotch assembly promotes and legislates with so much emphasis on the public health benefits of the covid passports.
  2. There is one massive positive we can take from this omicron outbreak and the snatzi crowd restrictions. We now know beyond any doubt that it is predominantly the vaccinated that spread the virus and not the unjabbed minority. I look forward to the resumption of football without having to display proof of my medical status to gain entry to Ibrox. The myth that the vaccination significantly reduces transmissability (is that a word?) has surely now been exposed, why restrict entry to 500 in a 50.000 capacity outdoor venue that only allows double jabbed admission?
  3. Surface transmission? Heard a few viral experts say there has been very little evidence of touch transmission since the onset of the pandemic, they described the sanitisation and disinfection of public places and vehicles as Covid Theatre. I recently asked my occupational health advisor if there was any evidence at all of surface transmission, they responded "not that I know of, but best to assume it can happen" Perhaps you are better informed than me but I classify the concept of surface/touch transmission as an assumption introduced to the public as part of project fear and maintained as a spread prevention measure to bolster public confidence.
  4. Really? You don't think he'll recover then? So he's finished, such a shame.
  5. Tell truth, I have no idea who plays for villa , I only watch rangers, so I bow to your superior knowledge, I only highlighted those 2 as potential targets as it's well known how highly he rates Jack and Paterson has so much potential. I also assume that it wouldn't only be first team regulars that villa might sign, no places in the squad available for their positions, again I've absolutely no idea.
  6. I think he'll be keeping an eye on Jack's form as he returns to match fitness and I'd be most surprised if they don't try and get Paterson on the cheap.
  7. Very well put sir, I'm sure many will see things a bit more clearly once the Stockholm syndrome wears off.
  8. That statement reads like it was written by one of the nursery pupils. Unfortunately
  9. Increase their salaries by x 5. Few years of agony paying the wages of poor quality representation, but eventually we will get a far higher calibre of politician and much better governance.
  10. ITV adverts celebrating Black History Month demonstrate remarkable foresight. Children who will be Bafta, Booker, Nobel prize winners. Future History, groundbreaking stuff.
  11. Last nights news reported the scotch assemblies latest anxiety in respect of the carbon polluting Scottish Islands air routes. Lots of blah blah blah from interested parties and self back patters, but no remedy was actually specified. Unless they have a fleet of oatmeal powered zeppelins hangered up at Prestwick I fear a reduction in services is inevitable, thus reducing the devolved admins subsidy expenditure.
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