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  1. gaspard

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    Made by multi metals Ltd David Murray was a director until April this year
  2. concur, I would imagine that in the murky business of intelligence the special relationship is alive and well according to Le Carre the MI6 code for USA was Cousins and Israel was Friends IIRC
  3. Bloated Oaf, a suet filled gobshite who just plucked a figure from thin air, just as his party does when formulating economic policy.
  4. Fishermen, offshore workers, armed forces etc? Anyway my point is that the voting age should be increased not lowered, very few 16 yos are in full time work nowadays, most are still in education and by definition still in need of guidance and mentoring. Only when a degree of responsibility and self reliance is achieved can an individual be equipped to make an informed personal political choice. In their reckless and desperate attempt to garner more votes from the gullible the jock shinners have let the genie out of the bottle and nobody in the future will have the bottle to revert to common sense.
  5. I'm sure this woman regrets her early career choice, and her alleged dalliance with Andrew at the age of 17, these liaisons, according to her, took place in London. I assume her legal representatives are aware the age of consent in the UK is 16, if so not sure what his crime is. I'm not a fan of this prince and never have been and his behaviour (if the lassie is correct) leaves a lot to be desired but neither am I a fan of those who seek to gain a financial windfall simply because their own indiscretions interface with a celebrity.
  6. In respect if kit sales that would appear to be the case, however there's much more than strips to be considered when evaluating a retail deal. Visit the club shop and you will see a large range of Rangers/Castore technical sports apparel and a few products with just the castore branding. All high priced and hopefully producing a very good margin for both parties. But where's all the other stuff? The sundry items, fancy goods, jewelry, knitwear, casual clothing and niknacks? You can still buy all these things, in the gers store online, operated by Elite our former partner, but whats the current relationship? I had a look in the official city centre shop last weekend and tbh there was nothing on the shelves at all for somebody my age and bmi. Income lost. Not everyone can afford £50 for a polo or £30 for a tee. The club told us there would be a variety of ranges to suit all budgets and this simply hasn't happened. If Castore can only provide high end, high price, high margin sports kit, then the club should negotiate a separate contract with a provider that can fill the glaring gaps in our retail potential.
  7. Believe town planning was an event in the early days Yes, just checked four Olympic games between 1928 and 1948 (Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Berlin, and London),
  8. Scotland alternative to a second house is the advisory groups, comprised of specialists in the statute subject. Who's advice and recommendations they completely ignore. I'd far rather have the backstop of the Lords than a small group of fanatics destroying democracy
  9. To all those jumping on the FS use by date bandwagon, you should all be aware his tea bags are dated 1992. PG Tips C/W Greenshield Stamps I'm not suggesting they are dangerous just completely tasteless.
  10. Remember to give Bob Cratchet a big fat goose at Christmas
  11. Thought this was a thread about the tartan army.
  12. You sir have a device that produces boiling water instantly, a valved pipework gizmo that was purchased and installed at huge expense, all because you couldn't be arsed waiting 3 minutes for a Chinese kettle to calorify your tea bag bath. Furthermore, last time I was exposed to your Tea Bags, I didn't know whether to phone Environmental Health or the British Museum I'm probably cursed like Howard Carter for disturbing their afterlife.
  13. F, agree with your post , however as far as I view the collectives model, it is not possible for anyone to aquire shares through C1872. As I'm sure you are well aware individuals can contribute to a pot but they can never own any equity, and that for me was the flaw that doomed this enterprise from the outset.
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