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  1. So the self proclaimed daily record Rangers Blogger is a staunch spoon burner? Fill yer boots laddie
  2. As do I. Not going to debate here though, Transfer thread so think we've deviated from the topic
  3. He's a scotch nationalist so cannot possibly be a Rangers fan. He pretends to be for his own mercenary reasons just like every other seditious attention seeking imposter claiming to be a bear whilst championing the jock republicans and their IRA comrades.
  4. Lost me there, not sure what I commented on that wasn't relevant to the quoted post. With respect, I think you may be reacting to your own interpretation of my post and back pedaling somewhat. You say there are many other ways to keep memories alive, well we have a movie, a dinner, a book and another few bits and bobs available to those who wish to purchase. That’s got your knickers in a twist apparently, so what do you suggest would be appropriate for the 50th anniversary? Please bear in mind the players are getting a cut from all the merch and the dinner. I would suggest that the folk buying the items are older bears who can afford to do so. The relentless release of overpriced Castore tops and training gear, that hard pushed parents feel compelled to buy, is, for me a greater moral issue if we are discussing merchandise bombardment.
  5. If you don't like something don't participate, did you buy any of the merchandise that annoys you so much? The team that triumphed 50 years ago have already lost players, how many will still be around for the 60th anniversary? We should be honoured to join them and commemorate our only Euro achievement, future bears will not have that opportunity. Or maybe we should just celebrate games you can remember.
  6. Interesting, I thought the govan upper rear would lose standard seats
  7. Not sure how you get that figure, the new lounge is a refurb of an existing hospitality area. To calculate additional revenue we would need to take that into account. They have probably increased the capacity and price of the govan top deck and by removing the table service have reduced opex But I can't see where 2M benefit comes from
  8. This census nothing but another nationalist divisive manoeuvre. The census was 2021 The other 3 UK territories managed to complete the skull count last year. The Snatzis, using the bat flu as a diversion have succeeded in separating the North British count. They should have been forced to undertake the census last year. I've binned my paperwork, got a doorstep a few days ago asking if I needed help completing the census, I asked why it wasn't done last year and if it will realign in 2031. No answers, so told the guy it was an illegitimate data gathering charade and I will be sending my household data to Westminster, asked him not to darken my door again unless he was representing a credible regulatory organisation
  9. Have to take others word about the interview , wouldn't give that rancid organisation a click never mind content. Each to their own
  10. Surprised actually, not that we are withdrawing but that Child Abuse FC didn't anticipate and get their scratch in first. Guess DG and team could consider this a rare victory Sordid episode, but we move on
  11. Fair, enough, tbh I didn't engage because I don’t understand these things, take it, it wasn’t successful.
  12. Internet pish, until any credible source reports otherwise . I couldn't care less what the deal is, the Sydney cup is an embarrassing howler, that the board aught to have foreseen. My question was, that aside, what are the other "lousy" deals that Bisgrove has brokered? Perhaps, RR was just referring to the Rolf Harris and using a plural, if so then fair enough, I just wondered if I had missed something.
  13. Assume you don't mean the Sydney cup? As that sounds like a good commercial deal (ethical issues aside) If so, what deals do you refer to? Genuine question, cheers
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