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  1. Did anyone watch the Following? Started off well, but turned out to be utter gash. Between that and the EE ads, I've kinda gone off him.
  2. Long term progress, yes. But, as with every football manager, he'll be judged game by game. He's made an encouraging start but I don't think anyone is getting too carried away just yet.
  3. The thing about WGS in comparison to the two previous incumbents is that he at least seems to understand the basics of football and transmit that to the players.
  4. Nah, he had a big fall out with the coach or the Danish fa or something. I actually think it might have been a political thing where he objected to Yugoslavia being kicked out.
  5. Good wee read there Danny, ordered my tickets today and I'm really looking forward to it. The only little comment I would have is that by Euro '92 Michael Laudrup was a world renowned player who had won Serie A and la Liga twice and that he didn't actually play in the tournament. Other than that, aye, a very nice appetiser for next friday.
  6. Not touching it - never bet on Rangers, sure-fire jinx, that's me.
  7. The thing about this alleged racist abuse is that it's a criminal offence - the right thing to do would've been to release it at the time to the authorities. Anything other than that is petty and small minded. Bitter would actually be the word I would use and we don't want to be going down that road.
  8. He wasn't the greatest left winger we've ever had and I was pretty critical of him, but I genuinely think he left because he felt that A) it would potentially save peoples jobs and B) he would get signed up with another club pretty quickly. It maybe wasn't a purely selfless act, but to be fair, the boy took a bit of a risk, he could've been left hanging about for a while without a club.
  9. Liked the book, but couldn't stand the film actually. Reading Band of Brothers just now, but never seem to get much of a chance to sit down with it at the moment.
  10. Well, if JB is himself stating that his involvement in Rangers would be 'full-time' then I think it would be a step too far from his other full-time role.
  11. And there is the crux of the matter - the ref can only give a penalty if he sees the proof of a foul. He can't give it because he thinks that a player won't go down in a situation. That's speculation and you can guarantee that the first time a ref does that and admits to it against septic, lennon will be all over him. I've looked closely several times and can't see definitive contact and I'm trying to objective when looking, so how much more difficult must it be for the ref.
  12. And I think BH made that clear from the outset. What this has done has given us clarity in his involvement with Murray's Blue Knights - or lack thereof. To me, it shows up what I had feared about PM, that he appears to be as much of a chancer as CW. If he was bandying my name about as a potential investor when I had made no commitment then I would not be impressed and i don't think that this is a particularly good way to be doing business.
  13. Knock Knock who's there? Interupting cow Interrupting cow wh...MOOOOOOOOOOO
  14. Have to say, I'm one of them. There are ways of going about defending our club but I don't see this being one of them. It's unnecessary and yes, it would lower us to their level.
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