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  1. ffs why the hell should we have to create a new badge and ident, just pay the bastard his 5 million problem solved
  2. i hope tonight was a one off, the fact we tok apart hearts, hibs in the space of a few weeks tells us we can do it, however looking at tonights game and i have to say, that was stinking to watch. i can't see it
  3. now he can pour his money into the club and get it back to where it belongs........spose time will tell
  4. if king and pm can some how make this happen, then i'll give my full backing to the new board.
  5. i know i already read it earlier on, when he asked what it meant, i meant to put the reply with a jest pic, never seem to get images to show up on the mobile version of the site.
  6. your shares are pretty much worthless
  7. all the best kenny and well done for doing the right thing, as for that other guy still happy to take a wage, disgusting
  8. hey simplythebest, you better make sure your using a proxy and some other good private browsing software, i mean you don't want your details all over FF do you? ................... re the news, could be worse we could drop points again
  9. i can't see the board forking out more cash for a coach when we have folk sitting on their arse collecting a pay packet, or players on the park stealing a wage while doing very little. if kenny is still in charge by the end of next week then you can kiss good bye to any hope of league promotion through playoffs.
  10. all the best, just hope it all goes smoothly all the best king
  11. who's beeling? i couldn't give a crap who runs it as long as its run right and over paid pricks are told to fuck off, kenny, durie, durrant ally and the rest of the over paid guys stealing a wage while wearing the blue jersey included.
  12. well everybody backing king said they can trump ashley, well guess what ashley just played a massive blinder. its a case of king, stump up or go to admin 2
  13. Acts of defiance do not work that and the fact he goes on about "doing damage to the club" whats he and his cohorts been doing since they didn't like the folk on the board? calling for boycotts, no more money for the club, whipping the fans into a bad tempered frenzy etc etc, yet he's worried about the implications because some fan behavior issues.
  14. the cunt is obsessed with us, he's losing it big time on twitter, making up shit.
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