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  1. Still waiting on Lennon being cited by the CO for his interviews regarding the referees decision to send Bitton off in the OF game. I'm not holding my breath...
  2. As a fan this is working out as I'd hoped. I said to my step dad in the weeks leading up to the OF how I'd like it to pan out. I wanted them to go on a mini run and then lose to us at Ibrox because it would hurt them more. In essence, the fact they played really well for 40 odd minutes and still couldn't score, then we go on to win was an extra dagger I wasn't expecting but most welcomed. Now what I want to see is us emptying the tank. The next block of 4 is crucial. If we show we can consolidate the Ibrox win, it will burn them more. It's so much about the mental aspec
  3. Walteresk performance if ever there was one. Tremendous result, let's enjoy and keep it going.
  4. Horrendous half from us. Thank fuck for Shagger. Game absolutely passing Aribo by and Kent can't seem to make a 5 yard square pass. Only positive is the score. I'd put Zungu in. We need someone to put tackles in.
  5. I see us probably going to our European style for this game being happy to hit them on the counter. Midfield is going to be absolutely key, as usually is. My only slight concern is with Jack and Arfield out we have plenty of skill and endeavour but perhaps lack bite in the tackle. If it becomes a cluster fuck in that midfield it may suit them giving that they'll be trying to break our rhythm. We need to play it smart, they need the win so we don't have to hammer and tongs it leaving ourselves open. Hoping we draw them out and pick them off from there. I'm confident that with the front 3'
  6. Fantastic result today. Hibs are a dangerous team and it was head in hand stuff for the last 15 but we got over the line. Results are all that matter in this period of the season. Every win is more pressure on the throat of that lot. I'm delighted.
  7. Slight bit of squeeky bum time at the end and not because they offered anything second half, more incase they got a lucky one. Fantastic result against hammer throwers and a pitch that cut up badly. Poor Alfie had a mare, it just won't drop for him. Great free kick and header from Tav and Goldson, our captain and vice captain stood up for us today. Job done!
  8. We're going to have to dig this out today. Can't see them keeping up this intensity for the 90. Could be a day for our subs.
  9. Cruised it today, good professional performance and it's another game out of the way. Now onto winning the group on Thursday!
  10. Tav for me, the guy just doesn't stop. Another brace, some great deliveries and driving runs. Proving all doubters wrong (I was one once) showing he can captain the side while delivering consistent high quality performances. I always thought at times the armband was too much weight previously for him and it seeped into his form at times. It think he's handling it all now.
  11. Not if he follows guidelines while on Int duty. He's now in the 'Rangers covid bubble' so as long as he doesn't go to any parties or play video games with one of his pals while there he should be fine.
  12. Disappointed not to see that game out. The Kent chance at 3-1 would have absolutely buried it but we should've managed that game out regardless. We learn from it and hopefully win at the weekend and finish this at Ibrox next week.
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