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  1. 100% Buffalo, some of his hold up play was ridiculous, but as mentioned by a few, not many passengers.
  2. Does anybody know how he actually did in Germany? I saw he was playing quite a bit and he had a few injuries, but how did he do performance wise?
  3. I noticed this, so much so I heard less of what he was saying and was subconsiciouly counting the word nice instead
  4. I believe Tom (RTV commentator) said that Murphy wan't playing as they don't want to rush him back from last seasons injury and the friendly against Oxford wasn't deemed as a neccessary risk
  5. Are you sure? I vaguely remember last year there was a few matches that were available on RangersTV but only from midnight even for 'outside the UK/VPN' users........
  6. Clubs like Liverpool don't become rich / maintain finances by selling 'cheap' just because they're not in dire need of the cash... At the end of the day, they're a business and a successful business will not let assets go on the cheap unless it makes business sense to do so.
  7. One thing someone said to me that always resonates.... If nobody told you when your birthday was, then you wouldn't know your age, so live like that..... or words to the effect of
  8. Clearly i'm a continental player and only show up in Europe On feedback, i actually really like it the way it is and have no complaints
  9. Think Andy Scoulding is the head of scouting, so second to Mark Allen on player aquisition.
  10. I may be wrong, but isn't it the stewards job to watch the crowd, not the pitch? Every single one of those stewards is watching the pitch..... and this is seconds after the lighter has already been thrown so they're aware stuff is being chucked
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