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  1. Clubs like Liverpool don't become rich / maintain finances by selling 'cheap' just because they're not in dire need of the cash... At the end of the day, they're a business and a successful business will not let assets go on the cheap unless it makes business sense to do so.
  2. One thing someone said to me that always resonates.... If nobody told you when your birthday was, then you wouldn't know your age, so live like that..... or words to the effect of
  3. Clearly i'm a continental player and only show up in Europe On feedback, i actually really like it the way it is and have no complaints
  4. Think Andy Scoulding is the head of scouting, so second to Mark Allen on player aquisition.
  5. I may be wrong, but isn't it the stewards job to watch the crowd, not the pitch? Every single one of those stewards is watching the pitch..... and this is seconds after the lighter has already been thrown so they're aware stuff is being chucked
  6. Kirk Broadfoot, a medical marvel, bruises faster than medically possible.....
  7. Rangers 4 - 1 Celtic fgs McCrorie (similar to Jamie Ness's goal a while back 😉)
  8. I think this will be the iine-up but swap Worral for McAuley
  9. Just to add to the above, if you don't pay the £7.49, you can watch it on-demand from midnight with a regular RangersTV account...
  10. I messaged one of the Rangers team about this, check the thread, should hopefully answer your question...
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