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  1. lenny3k

    Hibs vs Rangers - Hibs at Christmas Road?

    I think this will be the iine-up but swap Worral for McAuley
  2. lenny3k

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    Hibs 0 Rangers 2 Jack
  3. lenny3k

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton FGS Grezda
  4. lenny3k

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hearts

    Rangers 3 - 1 Hearts FGS Candeias
  5. lenny3k

    Ufa Away Live On RTV In UK

    Just to add to the above, if you don't pay the £7.49, you can watch it on-demand from midnight with a regular RangersTV account...
  6. lenny3k

    Ufa Away Live On RTV In UK

    I messaged one of the Rangers team about this, check the thread, should hopefully answer your question...
  7. lenny3k

    The sack race

    Kenny Miller....somehow
  8. lenny3k

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Aberdeen vs Rangers

    Aberdeen 1 Rangers 2. FGS : Morelos.
  9. Is the match going to be on RangersTV does anybody know? To be fair, I'm not going to be able to watch it live anyway, but if its on RangersTV, I can watch it on 'catch up'
  10. lenny3k

    Gersnet World Cup Prediction League: Final

    Belgium 3-1 England France 4-1 Croatia
  11. lenny3k

    The Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals

    I think so... I also think we are waiting until the transfer window down south shuts as then we will know what players are available, to get another striker in that will be more of a 'first choice' striker, if you know what i mean?
  12. lenny3k

    The Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals

    For me, this signing is a young player that they want to have a look at with a view to potentially signing in 12 months time if they see promise. He won't be a starter, but he may have potential to eventually become one, which if he does, we will sign him

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