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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-man-arrested-suspicion-manslaughter-16544058
  2. 917

    New Ibrox

    I often think about this. I think we would have to follow Liverpool or Newcastle, ie. add another tier to the Copland, Govan or Broomloan stands. When we win the league & start playing in CL, we could afford to start reconstruction, but not financially feasible atm. We don’t have spare money to invest, yet it would pay off long term. But possibly not for decades. Look at Arsenal..
  3. Rangers were blackmailed into signing that agreement. But if CAS decide it is void, that really would open up a monumental can of worms. Could we (“newco”) then sue the other parties for kicking us out of the league, as they had no power to do that with a continuing member club of the SFA??
  4. I had to double check the date of that article there. I suppose it is a good thing, the silent majority continue to go despite abuse from others. Can’t be much in it though, yet in the 70s it would have been at least 50% Rangers. The real surprise is that less Celtic fans follow Scotland than Aberdeen, considering they run the SFA & its mostly their players. Also St Mirren surprisingly high up there!
  5. He has done well fighting a disease for 6 years which has an average life expectancy of 14 months. He isn’t in pain, yet in some ways MND is a living death. Frightening stuff as anybody could develop this untreatable illness.
  6. I voted, but isn’t the Nou Camp already in FIFA..?
  7. Brian Laudrup is comfortably the best player I have ever seen play in Scottish football, and the best years of his club career were with us (though he did win Euro 92 with Denmark, unlike his brother). Define world class. If you picked the best 22 players at France 98, Euro 96 or Euro 92, Brian was one of them. Maybe he took the easy option at club level, playing in Scotland, but there weren’t many better on the planet in the 90s. Gazza was undoubtedly world class in 1990, but may have been in decline & therefore a gamble in 95. The gamble paid off, on the park at least, as he was Scottish POTY in his first season & arguably player of the tournament in Euro 96. In 1996 if you had to pick the best XI in the world, Gazza, Goram & Laudrup would have been in mine. We didn’t excel in Europe, a bit like PSG nowadays, but we had the players to do so.
  8. 917

    Matchday programmes

    Ok thanks. Think I’ve got the full collection now!
  9. Does anybody on here collect, or sell matchday programmes? I am looking for Rangers v Bury from pre-season, and can’t find a copy anywhere. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Huge 2 games for Stevie G. He needs 10 pts to match Murty's pts tally from 2018, but I don't see us getting 10 from the post split fixtures. I can't see us getting less than 4 either though, so 6 from Motherwell & Hearts are a must!
  11. A good move. The OO are a religious minority & genuinely persecuted in Scotland, yet their members I know seem to still think it’s the 19th century when they may or may not have been influential. They need to start playing the game & getting minority rights. Why anybody would join an organisation that tells you what to do & where you can (or can’t) go is beyond me, though I don’t know how strictly they ever enforced these rules.
  12. How can anybody take this rag seriously, linking Slaven Bilic, Gus Hiddink & David Moyes to the job.. they do know Michael Oneill knocked it back, right??
  13. Sounds like one of those adverts you see on daytime telly..
  14. Yeah, I well remember watching Laudrup run amok against Brazil in the World Cup quarter final & wondering where he’d been for us most of that season. Not that he ever showed that form for Chelsea either. We probably should have had a clear out in 97, but you don’t just sack legends like McCall, McCoist, Goram etc
  15. This is true, same reason we sold Mark Walters. A lot of fans thought we were downsizing by signing Goram. Bear in mind Chris Woods was England’s 1st choice Keeper in 1991, succeeding Peter Shilton before a young David Seaman usurped him after Woods went to Sheffield Wednesday..
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