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  1. Of course, if part of his remit was to sell players then he didn’t do so well. Or maybe he would have got a cut of any fees for eg Morelos, & wasn’t happy we never sold him. Its all pointless speculation, but be interesting to see where he goes next..
  2. When you think about it, its incredible he knocked that back to play for us in the Europa league. He must love it up here!
  3. I understand why we are pursuing this, however the best way to deal with these idiots is and always has been to ignore them. They are attention seekers. Guaranteed there will be loads more neds copying this now. And personally I would just rather not see these retweets on my timeline. It certainly wouldn’t do Fernando any favours if he sees this.
  4. Not all his signings were great, but overall this is a blow. The statement seems to confirm there are no ill wishes. Still, there was a time when managers used to sign players themselves..
  5. We see continually that public bodies are no longer interested in appearing impartial. These institutions now let (usually left wing) political bias affect their decision making at every level. This is not a conspiracy, it is happening today at every level across all UK public bodies.
  6. That’s what a good manager & realistic expectations can lead to. Having said that, Scotland still have a much better chance of getting to the finals than NI..
  7. It is becoming clear that ‘strict liability’ will only be applied to Rangers fans (maybe the occasional Hearts game as well so it doesn’t look too obvious). Pro terrorist chanting at other clubs will be excused as being ‘political’ and using the word Hun won’t count as it’s not officially racist. The club must be pro-active this time, not flapping about at the last minute banning fan groups. When this comes in, we must be clear that Rangers FC will not take any tickets for any away league matches at all. Furthermore, away fans visiting Ibrox must be filmed & recorded to the extent that if any one of them so much as farts in the direction of a black player then this is made front page news on the Monday morning. It would be useful if the club employed decent lawyers for a change as well..
  8. A new GK should be priority then, even if McGregor signs a new contract. Can’t see Fod wanting to continue as back up, albeit he is a top class back up.
  9. They changed it 2 years ago, now only 4 national champions can get through the qualifiers - outside of the top 10 leagues. Celtic were knocked out by the Greek & Romanian champions, both are better leagues than the SPFL. And they were seeded, Rangers wouldn’t be. So we could have drawn Ajax in the last round. Maybe not impossible, but certainly 50/50 at best.
  10. Europa League is a better competition, certainly at the group stage. Who really wants to pay £50 odd quid to watch their team against the likes of PSG & Barcelona, when its game over after 10 minutes?? CL is 100% only about the money now.
  11. If either Rangers or celtic are relying on Champions League qualification these days, then they are in trouble. I think both target the Europa League groups. It is a better competition for the fans anyway.
  12. Note they are shutting BR4 & BF4 for the Feyenoord game. There will just be a big gap between us & the Feyenoord fans. So the UBs are back in, then..
  13. On current form my first XI would be: McGregor Tavernier Katic Helander Barisic Davis Jack Aribo Ojo Morelos Kent Second XI looks quite string too: Foderingham Flangn Goldson Edmson Halliday Arfield King Kamara Murphy Defoe Jones
  14. People writing off Ojo - he was Candeias replacement, never a replacement for Kent. Ojo is strong physically & a better finisher than either. Jones was probably replacement for Kent. Sunday proved we needed Kent, not just as the performance showed we needed someone to hold the ball in that position but also because of Jones injury. Jones has impressed me, his cross for Morelos last Thursday almost paid for Kent’s transfer fee alone! Arfield was playing in Kent’s position on Sunday.. It was also important for the board to back the manager, as they did Caixinha (though not Warburton). Nobody can blame the board now if it doesn’t work out for SG. We only have one player on loan now, we had 3 last season & celtic have about 5 this year. Although these can be top players & the cheap option, it does mean you can’t sell them on. Our squad probably has a bigger net value than theirs now, and that probably counts for collateral with the likes of Close brothers. If needed, we could bring in about 50million from Tavernier, Kent, Morelos, Katic, Goldson, Aribo, Ryan Jack.. It seems odd considering neither us or celtic would pay £4.5million for John McGinn last year, however I actually think the Tierney transfer has raised the value (or perceived value) of both clubs players. People scoffed at the idea we had received an £8million bid from China for Morelos last year. Now the starting bid would be 3 times that amount. So it wasn’t a case of why sign Ryan Kent, the question was why not..?
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