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  1. 917

    Champions League

    Not champions league, but I can’t believe the deluded tims I have been hearing from today. They actually expected to beat Valencia last night!! Apparently it’s all still to play for in the 2nd leg as well 😂
  2. 917

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Dorrans?? If he plays 1 game a season he’d be an improvement on him!! Is he any less a player than Greg Docherty? One for the future maybe, but as for dressing room leaks, think I’d have a player like his uncle, or even his dad every day of the week in my dressing room, gossip or not! Of course, surely we can still sign Aberdeens top players & leave them on the bench anyway, like we used to do with Stephen Wright, Theo Snelders, Ricky Foster..
  3. Yes, this sort of thing is mind boggling. However it is also possible to jump to conclusions. Did Dundee Utd complain about this incident? How many witnesses were there?? However, you certainly do see & hear behaviour at the football which is worse than sectarianism/racism, in my opinion.
  4. 917

    Brexit - the big vote

    I just can’t believe the Tories never took some representative from the DUP along when they negotiated this ‘deal.’ Do they think the DUP can be bought off, like the Lib Dem’s when they were in coalition? I can sympathise with May as she has a literally impossible job. You can’t strike a deal that satisfies parliament, the referendum, the good Friday agreement, the Tory party and also the EU. Personally I think the Tory party nutters are the problem, but it is looking more like the whole thing will just get cancelled, like when Ireland rejected some Euro treaty - twice - but somehow it still ended up getting implemented. Interesting times ahead though..
  5. 917

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    Personally I think you have to be a mentalist to want to drive in to the city at rush hour every morning. But then I’m lucky my job has flex time, so I can afford to wait an hour for the next train when Scotrail cancels the one I am waiting on, several times a week. Or maybe I’m not so lucky, as I then have to work later, and the train back is usually cancelled by then as well..
  6. 917

    Liam Neeson, with a cosh

    For me, the reality is that individual racism (indeed hatred in general) is a mental illness, closely linked to fear and anxiety. Everyone has probably felt it. But the media prefer to demonise those who suffer from it, rather than seek to treat its cause.
  7. 917

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Seems to me a clear conflict of interest though, and one the wider non-Rangers supporting public won’t be aware of. People in positions of authority have to not just be clean, but be seen to be clean, ie. there should be no question of any conflict of interest. Now if I was in that position, I would be wary of penalising Celtic because if Lawwell pulled the plug on their contract, well I wouldn’t be too popular with my bosses..
  8. 917

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    I don’t understand why Club 1872, and indeed RFC, aren’t highlighting that the CO works for Harper Macleod, who are celtics solicitors. It seems to me the CO is the problem here, not who is on the review panel. Do Harper Macleod do some work for us as well??
  9. 917

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Must be the first time Shagger has ever plead his case in front of a burd & got knocked back, right enough..
  10. 917

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    This is 100% down to media pressure, after Morelos was seen to have ‘got off’ with a few challenges against Celtic & we successfully appealed a few bans before. Every keeper in the land has came out for a ball on the edge of the box like that, as much to stop them sliding out & giving away a free kick. Lewis Ferguson should have got a red for retaliation, so the debt was paid on the pitch. Authorities should not be getting involved in incidents like this!
  11. 917

    [FT] Kilmarnock 0 - 0 Rangers

    That sort of thing is systematic in the English Premier league, where Defoe has been playing for 15 years. Sky pundits like Thierry Henry would say it was a penalty cos the defender lunged in, whether there was contact or not. I don’t like to see it either though. On another moan, £27 seems a bit steep for the replay..
  12. 917

    Carlos Pena leaves Rangers

    I wonder what the grounds were for this ‘dismissal’?? Cos if it was ‘because he’s an alky’ then we are going to get hammered at the tribunal..
  13. 917

    FOI Request: Real Attendance Figures

    15,000 folk paying for their ticket but not bothering to turn up just sums up modern football!
  14. Apologies for the DR link, but I can’t find it anywhere else yet.. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/transfer-deadline-live-celtic-rangers-13928601.amp?__twitter_impression=true Is it just me, or was he a good player? Can see him being a big hit there, left foot like a wand. Hopefully net a couple against Celtic. Mind you I thought Emerson Hyndman and Dominic Ball were good players, but they’re now warming the bench at Easter Road & Pittodrie..
  15. I think when you’re rich you just take for granted you can nip across the channel, like the rest of us nip down to the shops for a pint of milk. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable on a single engine plane, no matter who was flying it. It’s a tragedy though.

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