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  1. Funnily enough I’ve achieved everything in life I ever set out to. Two daughters, a wife & a decent job. Own house & car. I earned every penny I ever spent. Never conned anybody or ripped them off either..
  2. Murray didn’t put a penny into Rangers, as I’m sure you well know, apart from maybe the 6million he paid up front in 1988. He got the bank & various individuals (including Dave King) to loan us the money, which even then I doubt amounted to £160million. If it was his own money, he’d have been bankrupted in 2012 & we’d have continued to thrive, not the other way round. David Murray and Craig Whyte are the worst examples of ‘entrepreneurs’ (the French word for crook) buying football clubs, but that isn’t the only disgrace this Labour policy seeks to redress. Considering the t
  3. We would probably be exactly where we are, as we wouldn’t have needed King & co to bail us out in the first place! There would have been no Craig Whyte, Charles Green & Mike Ashley, and no liquidation. Only difference is we wouldn’t have been waiting 8 years for a major trophy. In any case Dave King doesn’t own Rangers, yet is prepared to put money in. We are actually not far from the community ownership model already.
  4. Sorry but you’re all wrong (well most of you). Football clubs are vital public assets & should be owned by nobody except the community they serve. If you don’t like it then go and live in Monaco..
  5. Has everybody forgotten Craig Whyte now then??
  6. One wonders exactly what representing Glasgow involves, if she requires to dress up like a hooker..
  7. Only clubs seen as ‘right-wing’ get stands closed by Uefa.
  8. Well I was born in the 70s..
  9. That’s a bit optimistic! Get 10 points and we’d still be well in contention. 15 and we’d have it won before Xmas!
  10. In 10 years time you won’t be able to send them to their room or take priveliges off them either. After all, if you locked your wife in the room or stopped her going to the bingo or something, it would be ‘domestic abuse’ so if kids now have the same protection as adults.. Anyway, in 100 years you probably won’t be allowed to raise children at all. They will all be born in labs & raised in state nurseries, divided into social class..
  11. Ok. Good luck if you did back us at 5/1 though! So far it is similar to Liverpool/Man City down south, ie the difference is we have been picking up points when we played bad, but celtic seem to drop them. I reckon they might pip us at the post this year, but we will use the disappointment to win it next year. Just a hunch..
  12. Anybody willing to admit that London Dykes might genuinely be a good player yet..?
  13. Unless we play them in the League Cup final..
  14. Sorry mate but I don’t know where you got those odds from. Rangers were round about evens with most bookies when the league started. Dunno where you got 5/1 from, was that maybe a boost on Skybet??
  15. To be totally honest, neither squad has more than one or 2 genuine legends. Not like the AC Milan game a few years ago. They brought a proper legends squad!
  16. Seeing a lot of complaints about the quality of ‘legend’ playing. I think we want to see a decent game, so would rather not see 57 year old Richard Gough up against a 35 year old Torres tbh. We don’t have any real legends under 50, so Gerrard will pretty much have to play for us to even it up. I’d have rather seen real Gers legends up against the likes of Beardsley, Barnes, Grobelaar etc. But Liverpool seem to take these games seriously & are sending quite a young squad..
  17. Incidentally, I watched ‘the theory of everything’ about Stephen Hawking last night. Quite inspirational, and Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of the scientist was well worthy of his Oscar. Felicity Jones was great as his wife as well. Well worth a watch!
  18. Stephen Daisley, top Tory commentator, is now calling for non-denominational schools to be banned.. http://www.sconews.co.uk/opinion/59610/a-modest-proposal-on-the-issue-of-catholic-schools-to-stop-sectarianism/ but where would all the athiests send their children? It’s almost as if he has some kind of vested interest..
  19. No offence, but this sounds like the sort of mantra the left are often taught to spout, without ever having thought through the consequences. Borrowing an earlier example, as an adult nobody has the right to take my Xbox off me for misbehaviour. If children have the same protection as adults, then there is no discipline available for parents at all. And that would just be silly. Wouldn’t it..?
  20. 917

    Brexit riots

    There won’t be any serious unrest, as the vast majority of Brexiteers are quite well off (ie working) and would have too much to lose. You only really get proper riots from minority communities..
  21. Scotland already has an underclass of ‘unemployment and dependency’ its just that they are white & were born here. Was that not the case in Sweden?
  22. Just watched that. It was tough viewing, and it never even covered the last 3 years of his life when he got even worse. God knows how he kept going. Maybe he never really felt loved until he was in Scotland. There was another story to be told there I feel. Sorry to hear that. Is there any progress at all with this disease? Fernando lasted 6 years, Doddie Weir seems to be fighting it for the moment. It seems to affect a few sports people. Are there new treatments for this diagnosis on the horizon? Let’s hope so.
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