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  1. Trust me, the major players wanted in, Adidas in particular but the timing of the termination of the existing deal meant it was not possible. PS I find your comments on religion and race are the kind of comments you would find on message boards from the other side of the city.
  2. We have a few weeks to go before the start of the season and i would sack the manager today and use that time to get an experienced manager in .
  3. Interesting comments Anchorman and it ties in with that many of us suspect that the original leak ref the big tax case came from within HMRC
  4. Frankie, so sad to read about this and thoughts go out to Gordons family. RIP Bluebear54
  5. Filled it in- i don't think they will be happy to take my advice somehow….
  6. King should have offered an interest free loan and played Irvine at his own game and leaked his offer. In this long running game of poker it would have given him an edge within the wider support in his attempts to take control of the club.
  7. Couple of points following last nights news. I am told that the board turned against Ian due to his continuing arguing for the removal of McCoist as manager and in addition , there is also concern of the details of his acquisition of shares in the club. I suspect that the Mather led board( or should that be Easdales?) feel ditching him before the AGM is one of a number of sacrifices they are prepared to make if it saves their own positions.
  8. It was good to see this month joint statements by the RST, Assembly and Association. We often despair at the rivalry of the online Rangers community, but these three groups have shown supporters can come together, albeit in a time of crisis, and find a common voice. I was concerned that Charles Green and some on the current board would, to suit their own ends, try and cause a split amongst these main supporters bodies . The supporters groups responses to the departure of Walter and the proposed board changes/EGM have given me hope and fingers crossed this co operation can continue well into the future .
  9. Lets hope Media House take it in good grace. Wouldn't want Jack to take the hump and target Traynor and others at the club.
  10. Good news. I hope the club consider doing the bulk of the PR work in house.
  11. Tennents paid both old firm clubs upfront and they are working on a full stadium rebranding as we speak- confused? i am
  12. The figures exclude season ticket holders- a back of the fag packet calculation would add another say 4 million to the figure published
  13. The Joint Administrators have a statutory obligation to file a report with the IS regarding the conduct of the directors that held office in the three years prior to the Administration. This report must be filed within six months from the Appointment Date and the content of this report is confidential. The Joint Administrators also have a duty to investigate antecedent transactions which include: Transactions at an undervalue, Section 238 of the Act; Preferences, Section 239 of the Act; and Transactions to defraud creditors, Section 423 of the Act. We can only hope this will uncover wrongdoing on Whytes part that will allow us to nul and void his floating charge
  14. 5.8 MCR BC provided HMRC with a formal update on 13 June 2011, which included an overview of the Company‟s projected working capital shortfall in the following 3 months (as identified by the short term cash flow forecast review), an overview of the Company‟s financial position and an assessment that the Company would be unable to continue to trade in the medium term without the introduction of third party funds or shareholder support. Given this position, an offer of an immediate payment on account of £200,000 was proposed to HMRC and a request made for further time to assess possible new sources of income for the Company to allow time to formulate a proposal to HMRC relating to the balance of the Company‟s Small Tax Case liability. June 11 Whyte knew we did not have the money- He should be in prison for what he has done
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