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  1. Snelders ? not sure if that's to early
  2. agree, the price for hibs is 2 mill, if hearts want him its 750k
  3. Any truth in the rumour about the Croatian boy, could see it if we were punting lafferty and using Grezda as a makeweight
  4. Would be very interested in Armstrong if he was available, good player, although fitness seems to have been a problem for him recently, doesn't bother me that he used to play with them as well, he doesn't really come across as one of them. I just don't see how we would be able to afford it, definitely the type of player we should be after though.
  5. Yeah there is no chance we should be selling anyone to hibs, if he was going I agree I think an English team, top of league one, mid to lower championship would definitely go after him, he has done well for Shrewsbury but he is obviously better than the level he is playing at. Hope he stays though, I think he could be very useful, he won't start every week though, we need to go up a level again, hopefully he can develop as well
  6. Supposedly it is meant to mirror the pinstripe effect of the kit in the 1983 season, and that is rangers crests up the stripes, definitely one to see in the flesh
  7. From the Copland Rd org on Twitter, that looks more official
  8. Yeah I think this is the last year of 32 Red, I hope we get a decent sponsor next year, can make a good strip look great. Scottish football seems to be betting companies or alcohol though
  9. Yeah I really like the home one, the away one is nice as well, could take or leave the third one
  10. Guys, not sure if you have read the new kit thread on FF, one of the posters supposedly had a bit of knowledge about next years kits and ibrox kits on twitter has mocked them up. Look pretty good, especially he home shirt
  11. Always watch these threads with interest, hopefully we can get most of our business done early. I'm glad the Hastie deal is still on, I think he has the attributes to be a good footballer. Stewart I'm still not really convinced about Souttar is one I have always liked but he is prone to a howler every now and again, although he is still very young. Is there any substance in the Skertel rumours or is he just going to be one of these guys we are linked to every transfer window. Would really like to see us go all out, push the boundaries a wee bit to see who we can get in, I realise we have to fill the squad out as well though
  12. We do need to start filling the squad out Davis, Wallace, McCauley, Kent, Coulibally, Hodson and Worrall are all out of contract with us in the summer, I would be hopeful we could get Kent back, maybe Davis, i'm still not sure about him. I'd imagine Wallace will still be on a hefty contract so that will be a lot of wages freed up, I would imagine the contracts of Jones and Stewart will come nowhere near the amount of money Wallace is on a week, it makes sense to have guys that are tried and tested at this level. I imagine we will try and move on Foderingham, Holt, Dodoo, Herrera and Alnwick. and I expect bids to come in for Tav and Morelos. When you look at it like that I think we need a few players but I do agree with DMAA, I would rather we spent decent money on 3/4 players rather than spreading it out. only thing with this is doing this makes it more likely we are going for someone like Graham Shinnie . This thread is digressing a bit so just some random names that came from FF from posters following Gerrard and Beale and guys that they have recently followed on social media. Florian Aye - Claremont Foot Adam Lewis - Liverpool Marko Grujic - Liverpool ( No way we are getting this guy, but it's Friday so hay ho)
  13. Yeah I quite liked Cardoso, think he would have been good in a 3, I just don't think he was cut out for the physical side of the game up here and never got any protection, he was still young as well.
  14. Definitely sounds worth a watch, will try and catch it, he's an interesting guy, very knowledgeable about the game. if it goes like the last two transfer windows, we will do all our business relatively quickly, I'm looking forward to pre season already to see who we get in and if there will be a change in style. hopefully next year will be an improvement again, I never realised we had conceded half the goals at this time last year, that's a massive improvement.
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