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  1. Lennon is on a knife edge here, it will either galvanise the squad or it will be the last straw for a lot of them, man is a twat
  2. That was the link yesterday, SD have since deleted it, wasen't sure if they were just playing funny buggers
  3. Seen a tweet last night about a cup shirt being released by Rangers Thing was it came from Sports Directs website, not sure if there is a cup shirt or if they are just being Sports direct and trying to ruin the release before it happens or if there was one in the first place. Can you change your shirt once you have already played the European qualifiers Was expecting something like this after the release of the blackout shirt last year
  4. I would be happy with Besic, was hoping for someone with a higher profile, but finances might dictate that's not possible. At least it's someone with a bit of aggression in the middle.
  5. If he is out of contract next summer and we can pick him up for nothing in January it makes more sense to do that. He looks a tidy we player but I don't think he takes us up a level in midfield, which is what we really need
  6. Agreed Bill, Jack seems to be out for prolonged periods every year as well, we definitely need more options in there
  7. It was a really disappointing performance, although we did drop points, I am quite happy with the defence, I would say its our strongest area of the team, the area that does worry me is central midfield. We are so light weight and not aggressive enough, hibs went out yesterday to unsettle us, leave a few on our players, in the knowledge they won't be pulled up or booked for it (officiating was part of the problem yesterday). Its so surprising because Gerrard was no shrinking violet as a player, he was all action and really aggressive, and was prone to be a bit nasty. Last week I was looking forward to seeing the likes of Johnson or Zungu sign on and give us some depth, not now, I want two b@stards, aggressive box to box midfielders who will get in teams faces, we are to nice. The job of Davis and Kamara is to drop in to the full back positions when we are attacking, I worry Davis doesn't have the legs to do that week in week out and I don't think that position really suits Kamara either and as injuries start to pile up it will become more of a concern.
  8. I thought we might have seen some movement as well, I thought we had money set aside for a midfielder, but if Alfie goes maybe that means other players coming in. It might also depend on qualifying for the Europa League as well, who knows, might mean we can bring in a player of a higher calibre. We need to get it right though, I really don't think we are far away.
  9. Seen Guus Til's name linked with us only to see he decided to move to Freiberg on loan, what a waste, he would have been some player to get through the door
  10. Really hope that isn't the case, hopefully with Milan and Sevilla interested as well, they can drive up the price a bit and we can get a deal done quickly, didn't want it to have to come to transfer requests etc.
  11. I would be surprised if we sold kent this year unless a daft bid comes in, think with a full pre season under his belt and staying injury free he will be worth more than 20 million. Im guessing the English teams have to have a quota of English players in their squad, which I would say makes kent more valuable than 10 million, they have just bid 25m for ben white from brighton, if they are willing to bid that for him then I would be wanting equal or more than for kent
  12. Whats the fee quoted for Maric, it is difficult to tell from youtube how much of an asset he would be, I did notice he is left footed and can play on the right of a front three, to many times last year teams doubled up on kent and we never really had an outlet, the teams confidence was shot to bits as well, if he can play as a RF and a CF he offers something different that we never had last year. I like the look of Maja I always thought he was a wee guy for some reason, boy looks a unit, only thing is I would expect Alfie to be sold if we bring him in, would be very surprised if we ended up with Maja and Morelos
  13. Maybe give some of the youngsters that were giving it billy big baws a kick up the arse so they realise how far hey have to go to get in to the team.
  14. Yeah I'm hoping we mix it up as well, we became to predictable last season. I would like to see Aribo given more of a chance in CM, although I thought he done pretty well when he moved up to RW last year but I would prefer our players playing the position they were comfortable with rather than shoehorned into a formation, like kent last year I don't think the lack of preseason and injuries helped him but I think he is more effective on the wing rather than being an inside 10. I agree with Rosseau I think we do need another CM on top of this, I hope we have something else in the pipeline but we will see, hopefully some of our existing players will make a step up in their development this year as well, I think Jones has all the attributes to be a great footballer but needs to straighten the nut a bit
  15. Zungu seems a bit of a strange one, by all accounts the obligatory youtube video looks good but he has had a pretty mediocre career, maybe its just the market we are in just now. Whats the deal with Weissmann, is it just they lot that are interested in him.
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