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  1. Think he will db, he has all the attributes to be a good striker, just not what we need the now, he needs to be getting regular games, hopefully he stays fit, I didn't realise he had been injured so much. Any more on our incomings I seen Stevie tweet on the Helander thread the other day that people are going to get a shock with who we bring in, or words to that effect and I'm refreshing twitter on an hourly basis to see if anything has came out, I canny wait till the window is closed and we can concentrate on footy.
  2. He is maybe thinking about Europe as well, I think we did need a center half that was a step above Goldson, Katic. we were the top scorers in the league last year, so the forward positions should technically be ok if we continue like we did last year, biggest problem was losing daft games here and there, and we did take a slump in January, Goldson, Katic and Worral all took a dip. Its good news, and with mcpake signing and now Liverpool saying we have first refusal on kent if he goes out on loan I think it's really positive.
  3. Stevie I like the look of the two of them, always liked Roofe, don't know much about Deli, looks a good from youtube (I know) Are the 2-3 that are coming in dependant on people leaving or European football, are they loans or permanent transfers. I am surprised I thought we would have a few million to spend, but the only outlay is the development fee for Aribo. Are we just biding our time
  4. What the hell is Warburton doing at QPR, Barrie McKay now
  5. I would be amazed if Jones, Hastie, Davis, Stewart, Edmundson and Aribo are on the same as them. Kent is away back to Liverpool and Worrall to Forrest and we have brought Ojo in. I thought Wallace, Herrera, Rossiter and Dorrans were on a hefty wedge. Are we still thinking we are going to be spending a decent amount of money on transfers.
  6. If we are trying to / have got guys like Dorrans, Lafferty, Rossiter, Grezda, Hardie, Holt, Herrera, Dodoo and Wallace off the wage bill that must free up a few quid in wages, if you are talking about brining guys in on a free, you could use the wages from that lot and bring in 2 or 3 players of a level above, like sturridge
  7. I think Halliday and Polster have there own place in the team but no designated position, don't see either as full backs, they can play there CM, DMC FB and as wide midfielders, more like utility men on their respective sides of the park, that's why I think we will go for another LB. Although I think Barasic will be given another chance, I don't think Gerrard will take a chance on him turning out to be a shitebag again. Mind you maybe Grezda was a bad influence and if he goes it might get Barasic focused again
  8. Great to finally get it over the line, looking forward to seeing what he offers. On a side note Lee Bowyer is a fud the way he is going on
  9. Is there no way that these guys could be removed from power, the whole sfa from top to bottom needs ripped up and to start again, do fans not have a say in who runs it, there must be something that could be done. I know any suggestions would fall on deaf ears if it was coming from rangers and it would just be sevco blah blah blah and I think celtic are quite happy to have these two dobbers in place
  10. perhaps Stevie could shed some light on Magennis, seen his name flying around this morning, is there any substance to this, although I think he may offer more than Lafferty in terms of work rate etc, its a really underwhelming signing if there is any truth in it.
  11. by out there do you mean the public domain or the deals are pretty good
  12. For me, tav and morelos should be in the 15-20 M bracket if English teams are coming in for them, we constantly undersell ourselves, these teams have a transfer budget we could only dream of, make them pay the going rate, Tav is English as well, do they not have a quota for a certain number of homegrown players being in their squad
  13. I had heard Motherwell were interested in him, good idea as a makeweight for Turnbull
  14. I have no idea, had never heard of him before, just seen the tweet and had a look at him.
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