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  1. No need to act the bawbag, I just think that the protocols clearly aren't good enough if a team that has had positives in the previous days then fields a positive player. This could well have a negative outcome for us.
  2. At least one of the Standard Leige players that played on Thursday has tested positive. Seems crazy that this has been allowed to happen.
  3. 😲 what a way to end the match, holy shit that was incredible!
  4. Hope our players stay safe. I know a young guy that had this mildly for 3 days in Feb but still hasn't recovered lung capacity since and suffers from symptoms still. I know someone else in his 50s that had it and didn't get any symptoms, his wife had a cold and his kids lost their sense of smell. Absolutely mental disease. Hope our guys keep clear of it.
  5. Quite surprised people think his link up play is superb at the moment, I feel like a lot of his passes miss the target, far more often then not. That doesn't mean he didn't have some good moments, but I feel quite often the play breaks down when he gets involved. I'm not saying he's poor, but he's certainly playing as a poor reflection of himself.
  6. Funny how confident I felt going into the match, completely borne out by the performance and result. Going by social media it seems a fair few, if not the majority, of us felt overwhelmingly confident going into the game. Just hope we can kick on and show consistency to really grab this opportunity. Don't want to pick on the guy too much, but when is Morelos going to get back up to speed? 12 months ago he was running teams ragged and practically controlling games by himself. He'd make and finish his own chances and was a threat everywhere. At the moment he looks slow and his distri
  7. Wow, that was brilliant! But it was almost like we didn't even get fully up to speed! With a front three a bit more up to speed that could have been a massacre.
  8. This has been a brilliant strange game! Fully expecting us to concede one here towards the end just to make things difficult!
  9. They probably aren't entirely accurate, but you just need to look at the list to realise he's way too fragile. I can't see how we'd afford his wages and also be prepared to take on the risk unless we got him on a pay per play deal, but given our past with those I can't see that happening either.
  10. I can’t believe we would sign him, he’ll end up spending more time with the doctors than on the pitch. https://www.transfermarkt.com/jack-wilshere/verletzungen/spieler/74223
  11. What's with this latest craze in the media of misers telling people not to celebrate? It's the whole point of football ya mopey fuds.
  12. Great draw for us I think, all tough games but all winnable. Saw Celtic's draw, oooffff! Top seeds as well haha!
  13. YES MAN! Gerrard is the man! Brilliant from the team, Tav is godlike.
  14. Could feel them scoring for the last 20 mins. Itten done more than Morelos in 5 mins!
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