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  1. Hehe what a smasher of a header. Absolutely hilarious defending! Well in Helander.
  2. 😬 another bad pen from Tav. Surprised there was no card for that challenge on Morelos.
  3. I just want to thank Celtic for making this the best pandemic I've ever lived through. 😆😆🤣🤣🤣 😂 😅
  4. His press conference today was an absolute joke! ”I think the isolation rules are way over the top and are political, 13 isolating for 1 positive case” ”Neil, another has tested positive.” “Only 2 cases, that’s remarkable” what a fud
  5. The thing I hate the most is when we pass the ball around from side to side outside the opposition box. I get it, we're looking for the opening, but sometimes no ones moving and no one seems willing to take a risk.
  6. Shame not to capitalise on their slip up but the gap remains large with one less game to play.
  7. Thank feck for that!! Now let's win this!
  8. All our final passes seem too heavy, or just heavy touches in and around the box. Not just that one from Aribo.
  9. Have we actually tested their keeper yet? I can't remember.
  10. Feels bad man, our energy levels definitely decrease as a season goes on.
  11. "I'm bitterly disappointed. We were the better team and I think the referee has made the wrong decision which has changed the course of the game. "It's not a sending off. It's a foul. We've got Kristoffer Ajer coming across on the cover. Morelos is in a wide position. It's not a clear and obvious scoring opportunity. "He might get a shot off but he's certainly not clean through on goal and I thought (Bobby) was too quick to get the red card out. "I'm really proud of the performance. We were outstanding up until the red card, which changed the course of th
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