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  1. I've never found Craigan that bad a pundit, I know most don't like him. But he is fucking howling tonight. So wrong on the VAR call and then hwne he finally realises that it was the right call he says "either way..". No, it's not "either way" it was a legal goal. He also said that Brondy were more than a match for Rangers tonight after we've been running the show. Seems sad man.
  2. What a goal! It was so good it blasted my connection offline!
  3. Noticed this tweet from Sky. If you go into the story it claims in no uncertain terms that CBC was not connected to Celtic officially. Won’t that be a rather large part of any case brought against Celtic? Seems a bit like they might be jumping the gun in their statement? “A number of senior figures at Celtic Boys Club, which was not officially connected to Celtic FC”…
  4. Can't remember the last time I was happy for an international break. A complete change of attitude is required on return. Yes, we are winning games, but it's by the skin of our teeth.
  5. I don't understand what VAR is meant to do if it can't pick out that was never a sending off?
  6. Decent point for them today, keeping them just in touch of a top 6 place.
  7. Pretty brutal this, thank fuck we saved that. What was Goldson doing? He's quite often guitly of letting the ball bounce in these situations rather than taking a safety first approach.
  8. Wow, that pass from Bacuna to Tav was *mwah*
  9. Patterson appears to be a first team player all day long. Gerrard has a seriously excellent problem to solve here because Patterson is one that seems to drive the team at the moment. He needs to play more, a lot more.
  10. Really disappointing, especially after 60 minutes of good football.
  11. Very frustrating. If Celtic lose today then we've thrown away a chance to put huge pressure on them so early in the season.
  12. It's both to be honest. Defense has unmistakenly become leakier, and our attacks just seem to peter out a lot of the time.
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