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  1. The impression I'm getting from most fans is that we have this final in the bag. That actually worries me. I'm sure the squad aren't thinking that, but complacency is a killer. It's going to be an extremely tough game, Frankfurt have had some very decent results on the way to this final. I just hope we aren't underestimating them.
  2. Tav might seal himself as one of our best ever this season surely?
  3. These last 5 minutes are taking as long as the first 30
  4. Wow, what a save. Need to get our act together, we are in front let's not be stupid.
  5. The missus just popped her head in to ask how it's going because she heard my squeal. Told her we were 2-0 up and it's only 15 mins in. Just seen now we've actually played 33 mins, damn this match is going at lightening speed!!!
  6. Oh my god, how didn't that go in???? This is incredible
  7. I think I would have started with Ramsey regardless of how much game time he's allowed today. This is the absolute biggest game of the season for us, the only bigger one will be if we win this.
  8. 🙄 He isn't good enough for our starting 11. I like the boy and I'm very happy he scored, he's still not good enough for the starting 11.
  9. Hmm. Not sure how our squad got to this state that we are playing a centre midfielder upfront and a left back as a centre half. Sakala is quite basic and can't be in our starting line up, he's not good enough. How many more seasons do Davis and McGregor have? Why is Barasic so crap now? Kent has all the ability in the world but why can't he ever seem to penetrate defences? Or why doesn't he do it often enough? We have some tremendous players too of course, Lundstrum fast becoming one against all odds. Tav, Jack, Morelos, Aribo... but it feels like we are at a crossroads and need a serious rebuild. Amazing that we are in the Europa League semi, if we can go all the way it would be a fantastic opportunity to rebuild.
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