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  1. I am absolutely confused by whatever it is you are trying to say.
  2. I find it ironic that there is some offence being taken in a thread where some are saying it would be easier if people didn’t take offence so easily. I didn’t judge anyone, I merely pointed out that not all insults are equal and there is good reason for people being offended by certain words or actions, there is a weight of history behind them. Feel free to point out where I did judge someone though.
  3. I'm aware that meanings change, and I didn't judge you. However, my opinion doesn't change.
  4. I mean, it wasn't offensive to you perhaps.
  5. Being called the n word is a little more than just an offensive term. If a white person uses it against a black person it's symbolic of the hundreds of years of oppression that black people have had to deal with, it's a continuation of that. It's not like calling someone a wee wank or something.
  6. It’s an absolute farce if there are no ramifications for Celtics players and there are for ours.
  7. If you legitimately want to improve the standard of the Scottish football league then the biggest thing would be for more money to be shared out. More European money to all clubs, a more even split of prize and tv money - amongst other things.
  8. Would like to see McGregor sign a new contract in the coming weeks, alongside Tavernier he has been our best player this season. I can't imagine how we could replace him at the moment.
  9. A draw at Celtic Park seems a good result to me, and keeping our unbeaten record is brilliant so I'm happy enough. We do look tired though and it's been a long, tough and weird season, I think we've really missed Jack this second half of the season.
  10. That was briliant anticipation from Morelos. Come on lads, only one winner in this and that's us.
  11. He's been great this season, still thinking of when we signed him the second time and he looked seriously out his depth for a few months. What a change getting him fit and a run of games has been, completely turned back the clock.
  12. Is there not a conflict there though? I can't see how we can say it was reckless but also he should go for it? I don't think anyone thinks Roofe did it intentionally so we can leave that, we all agree.
  13. In my opinion self-reflection is always worthwhile for these things. In this very thread you tried to correct me for using outdated terminology and pushed me to use other terms that I believe are actually now deemed offensive in themselves. I'm not bothered by that by the way, but it shows that reflection isn't a punishment, it's just an attempt to try and understand why those terms may be now be offensive. Most of us have been there and unintentionally said something offensive, but if you're willing to reflect on why or how that's the most important thing.
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