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  1. Lennon is off apparently, with Kennedy taking over. What an uninspiring person to take over in the interim, anyone think he'll do better than Lennon?
  2. I don't expect a guard of honour at all... but I think we should ask for it!
  3. I'd say last night alleviated a lot of nerves that people may have had. 7 points required from 24 available (and it's really only 6 we need). What a weekend!
  4. Has Boyd been told not to smile? 🤣
  5. The analysis is brilliant, they don't shy away from being honest too. I much prefer watching RTV over sky when it's the full fat program like today.
  6. In a strange way the large lead almost makes the nerves greater, the worry that we could still throw the league away. I can't see it happening at all but the last 2 seasons post new year collapse still weigh on the mind. But thinking logically, I think our record in all competitions this season (including Europe) is 37 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. It's an absolutely incredible record, there is no doubt that this is a different team mentally to the ones we had in previous seasons.
  7. Fairly bossed it in the end there, 3 more wins... Kent looked pretty lively I thought, lovely wee run towards the end there, just didn't manage to finish it. Well done to Balogan too, not a very enviable task having to replace Tavernier.
  8. Best goal ever! And to be fair to him it was only because he worked hard that he got that goal, without chasing it there would be nothing.
  9. Some points in the last handful of matches have really shown how important McGregor can be for us. I'm presuming he's a stick on for signing an extension, he'd be hard to replace.
  10. Hehe, brilliant stuff. What a couple of minutes to change a game.
  11. Unbelievable weather here today, in the garden just now in a t-shirt for the first time this year. What a difference it makes to my mood. I have to watch the game in a wee room with no sun, I have real mixed feeling about watching this one (although I know I will)!
  12. Mental game, I'm absolutely shattered after that. Briliant result, well done to the guys. I really hope for good news on the injuries.
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