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  1. Och man, I'm with you. Technology is just awful. I re-oriented my whole career to get away from it. Change for changes sake, I say. This technology is just a fad - I'm looking forward to gersnet-pencil-paper-and-post (gppp if you will) when it comes out
  2. Thanks Zaps. For the styles, it may be possible to 'revert' to the style to earlier version features. I'm not entirely sure, but if it's feggucked beyond fixing it's something I'm happy to give a go.
  3. They're still there Gribz. One of the things that changes is the style templates - here is the background colour is the same as the word (ie, mouseover shows what's what). It's not usually me that does style things but I'll try and get it done if it continues to be a problem.
  4. Heya Gribz! To you and Gazza, there are a few changes, but mostly behind the scenes. It's not a Windows 7 to Windows 8 type change, just the application of important patches. I'm about now though, so if there are changes people would like to see, I will try my best to get them done.
  5. They went terribly actually Pete. Difficult exams. If you start a petition for classic I'll sign it, but with my tech hat on, we are now secure and uptodate.
  6. We lost someone at this time of year a few years ago. It's impossibly hard. Thoughts are with you.
  7. I'm incidentally not saying it's good or bad to sing TBB. What is bad is when things that can be debated in an adult manner are turned into moral crusades with absolute rights and wrongs: there are a million sensible opinions between the two extremes of 'it's fine, there's nothing to explain' and 'censorship is fine, ban it'. Once you indulge people's hypersensitivity (and even indulge the impression that their hypersensitivity is a noble fight against bigotry/cheats/oppression/racism/tax avoiders/evilness), the possibility of sensible debate about anything suffers from the law of diminishing
  8. I'm not sure if there have been any moral crusades that haven't masked power grabs. It started with TBB, and once you allow that sort of logic, this is where it ends up.
  9. OK, that's the basic upgrade done, and in broadest strokes, things seem to be working. I had to do it a bit earlier than planned as I have a meeting tomorrow that I entirely forgot about. Please use this topic to point out the things as yet awry. If it's matters of styling, I'll probably leave that in that infinitely safe hands of Zaps and Frankie. But if there are technical things, please let me know. Apologies for the interference. I did see there were still quite a few people on, but I knew it would take a few hours.
  10. So near Christmas there's no reason beer and work have to be an either-or! :cheers:
  11. 1. Thanks muchly 2. Where specifically is that? I'll do what I can. 3. For ye of little faith http://gersnet.proboards.com/
  12. Evil genius - muhahaha! That beer looks nice!
  13. Hey Ian - bloody great to 'see' you!!!
  14. Good day to you sir, too. I've missed Frankie loads too but I'd never say it in public on an open forum. It's a bit bad that I'm Barry McKay The Lesser now we have an aspiring superstar playing for the Rangers.
  15. Haw you, I won't be hearing any factually true bad words said about Ian!
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