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  1. I do it for Greece. Non secuitere. Horrible dickstoo.
  2. Nationalist science lol. Truth’s one of the first things they have to attack.
  3. Stop analysing all these fact things and just wave a Saltire and feel how amazing it is to be a fraction. That’s all that matters at the end, enjoy a 10 minute hate at the English. Can even be done concurrently. Get the full buzz.
  4. Thanks very much for this. However, I think King was right in saying people closer to home should have stepped up and there’s no doubt his business dealings in SA would have suffered. He did what no one else was willing to do, in my view. And seemed to do it the right way. I’m sure he won’t be recouping more than he put in. However, there does seem something shady about this. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  5. Let’s get down to brass tacks, how much for the cosh.
  6. As far as I can tell they are advice and guidance, I’m looking for the statutes where the levels are in primary legislation. Rangers still won’t want wrong side of them.
  7. Go proper gonzo and put a wee bit of molly is his whisky night before. He’ll either be so loved filled he’ll offer you his spot or too busy coming down the next day.
  8. BD. Can you explain this to me? My family has been through a lot in the last few years but I’m under the impression DK should have a statue erected to him and that we’re in a bit of a financial hole, and that he has stuck to his word on every major issue. What milk does our cow currently have? Genuine question. Filling in gaps.
  9. Qui Bonos always. If this whole critical race theory thing didn’t have such an express and explicit and overt record in the academic literature I’d jump on the Gribz train off the edge of a cliff and swear the Illuminati was cooking this up so we fought amongst ourselves while they cooked up a master plan. There is no proportionality at all, and there’s virtue signalling and there’s something more sinister and it’s beginning to feel on the verge of more sinister. The true conspiracy is that the Russians are great at bots. And the media abandoned its post, and at started reporting on where the bots live - Twitter.
  10. Wtf are you talking about? You said you would prefer her to your own MP, I said I’d prefer her to most MPs. You’re literally talking at a mirror. If it’s a good use of your time have at it.
  11. I’d gladly swap the rest of the Tory party for her, but for a few exceptions.
  12. We used to have a good legal system. The inevitability of this going nowhere is deeply sad.
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