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  1. Technically Rangers rather than myself But in all seriousness this is not a topic to joke about - if it goes through it will change the match-day dynamic completely and with unpredictable consequences
  2. Rangers Football Club is opposing the proposed Ibrox Stadium event day parking restriction proposals We believe the proposals are flawed and completely unworkable in their current format for a number of reasons including the absence of a comprehensive transport infrastructure review and lack of provision for additional sustainable transport methods within the proposal. The majority of supporters will be affected - approx. 32,500 travel into Ibrox from out with the Glasgow area with approx. 35,000 traveling by Private Motor Vehicle. Given both of these figures, it is clear to the club that there is not enough current public transport infrastructure to cope with an increase in demand resulting from this proposed order. Additionally it is believed that alternatives methods of transport do not have the capacity at this time to cope with current demand. The Subway network currently is utilised by an average of 4,500 supporters per game and there is no provision within the proposal to ensure a large increase in capacity. Further Supporters’ coaches take approx. 8,500 supporters per game. It is believed that under the current proposal there is a lack of sufficient coach parking spaces to cope with the potential increase in demand resulting from the proposal. The Club believes that it would be prudent to ensure there is additional public transport such as improved rail links available for use prior to the consideration of additional parking controls. We also believe that the permit distributional model is flawed. We believe the proposed parking permit zone boundary will result in a detrimental effect to other local communities out with the proposed parking zone. The Club have been contacted by numerous supporters and supporters groups extremely concerned about the proposals and are keen to represent their feelings on the matter. We encourage our supporters to object to the proposed Order. Any person wishing to object to the proposed Order must submit this in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or email saferparking-ibroxstadium@glasgow.gov.uk and it must be received by Friday 25 May 2018.
  3. Following Friday evening’s match there were a number of complaints, largely around turnstile waiting times and queueing. Rangers have held extensive talks with Partick Thistle and Police Scotland to address these issues. As a result, the ticketing access procedure has been changed for tomorrow evening’s match with additional staff on duty to facilitate gaining entry to the stadium. Please note that the scanners used on Friday evening will not be in use for this match. Instead Supporters should present their tickets with the Betfred Cup mark clearly visible to the turnstile operator as they enter the turnstile. It is hoped that this should significantly reduce waiting times. In addition, we encourage all supporters to arrive as early as possible in order to aid in ensuring all Supporters gain access to the stadium for kick off. Turnstiles are open from 18:15. Rangers Football Club would like to thank our Supporters for their patience over this issue.
  4. Sports direct are operating the Megastore and the Rangers Online Megastore - but we get the best deal from buying from these two outlets.
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