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  1. I am very concerned Clueless from start to finish Picked the wrong team again. Wallace at left midfield? Edu & McCulloch together when it didn't work on Saturday? Only 1 sub used? 2nd game in a row he has got his tactics wrong. I am not usually one for being over negative but on that display we'll be out of Europe by next week and facing a very tough season
  2. :sw: :mb: :kb: :sd: :lm: :me: :juanma ortiz: :nj: :sn:
  3. Complete madness. There is no place for this in the game. We all hate Lennon and everything that comes with him but he should still be allowed safety at his workplace
  4. Hope tomorrow is finally the day. Celtic lose and we are taken over all in the space of a few days...wonderful stuff
  5. Jelavic better than Laudrup? Utter madness I don't think we'll see Jelavic ever reaching those heights. he'll be off to the EPL as soon as a big offer is in
  6. :sd: was excellent but hard to single anyone out. It was really a fantastic day
  7. http://onlyanexcuse.com/news/?p=1170 Only last week I gave the opinion that some Old Firm fans had degenerated to the level of bickering over who was more offensive to each other to the level of making things up, and this morning my opinions were confirmed. One Celtic fan has begun a campaign to have an old Rangers favourite – Penny Arcade – banned over it’s alleged sectarian overtones. Roy Orbison’s anthem became a favourite among Rangers fans many years ago and was until recently played in pubs and clubs before games until the club adopted it after it’s burgeoning popularity among t
  8. Good on him, shows how much he's enjoying it here
  9. Someone is on the wind up on his wikipedia page "On 21 January 2011, FC Groningen announced Matavž will join Glasgow Rangers on Loan after their weekend game, with a view to permanent transfer at the end of season. He will be joined boyhood Rangers fan Robbie Fowler, desperate to escape the menacing floods in Australia."
  10. You just wonder what might have been had he never got that injury. Fuck you Khan!
  11. The best programme on the telly. Liz is miles hotter than Laura...but I still would
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