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  1. There no way we will go to Easter Road and not play two defensive midfielders. I expect ... McGregor Tavernier Worral Goldson Barisic Jack McRorie Candeias Arfield Grezda Morelos
  2. Bill

    Today’s MotM

    Barisic seems to be one of the few players we have who are capable of putting in a decent cross.
  3. Bill

    Today’s MotM

    It was noticeable the amount of forward possession that Hamilton had on their left wing after Candeias went off. Jack has the ability to play whatever role the manager asks of him - he played at least three different roles on Saturday and acquitted himself well in each of them. It's clear some people just don't fancy him and won't rate him however well he plays, which is OK but hardly helpful.
  4. Bill

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    Hibs 1 Rangers 2 Goldson
  5. Bill

    Today’s MotM

    Motm had to be between Jack and Candeias. Why is Tavernier still taking corners?
  6. Each of the last seven seasons has seen us begin reasonably well then fall away badly. This season is on the cusp of repeating the trend. I never expected us to win the title yet but I would love to see us get to the stage where we gather pace as the season progresses and at least finish more strongly that we started. I hope I'm wrong but the current squad doesn't look any more capable of sustaining a serious challenge than their predecessors and changing that would be the primary focus of my recruitment strategy. If it wasn't already clear that this is going to be a long road then the last few weeks should have helped to show it.
  7. Bill


    I don't understand why people want to ban begging on the street. Many of the same people are awash with moral justification when they happily hand their money over to beggars in government, who often spend it a lot less wisely. "I'd happily pay more tax if it it helps provide better public services." Yeah, like that'll come true.
  8. Bill

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    How is the weather in the Glasgow-Edinburgh corridor this evening - is the snow and freezing rain that was forecast turning into a reality? I'm asking because like many others I'm wondering if there's any point spending several hours in the car trying to get to Ibrox ... and how early I'll need to set off?
  9. Bill

    Brexit Shame

    I always try to be objective ... and I hope you're not too offended by me making such a personal observation. 😂
  10. Bill

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    And who decided a few weeks ago that the long ball to a lone front man was worth another try? Even McCoist wouldn't go there again.
  11. Bill

    SNP Minister “Shaking With Rage”

    No one will be able to see them. They'll be invisible as last winter's snow in July. No one will admit to voting for the Hoodwink Party. It will be as if they never existed.
  12. Bill

    Prisoners voting

    Not only should you forfeit your vote when you commit a serious crime but it should be forfeit for a minimum of ten years after release from detention. This is not a matter of democracy or personal "rights" but of the rights of a society to conducts its political affairs free from the influence of those known to have flaunted its laws.
  13. Bill

    SNP Minister “Shaking With Rage”

    The other things that will leave in droves will be SNP memberships and votes.

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