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  1. You could read your programme or check your emails while muttering objections about constant herding.
  2. I don’t think grief comes into it. It’s an annual remembrance tribute. A mark of respect.
  3. Watching Burnley v Leicester on SkyTV I was intrigued to see Burnley‘s 8th “In Memoriam“ ceremony, held prior to the first home game of the new year, where they have a minute of silence while the names of members of the “Burnley family” who have passed away over the last year are displayed on the big screens. On the whole I thought this was a worthwhile and tangible expression of respect by the club. There again, as one of the small number of what I still think of as a “proper football club”, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see this from Burnley. Something for Rangers to think about?
  4. From the outset I’ve struggled to see the point of Club1872 but more so since Dave King took over. From what I can see it is a vehicle for collecting members’ money and buying club shares, although I’m not sure for what purpose. It doesn’t seem to have a representative agenda that doesn’t involve acquiring large sums of money. Who sits on theClub1872 board is probably an irrelevance to most fans. We could seriously do with a vocal supporters’ presence but I can’t see one appearing any time soon.
  5. What I think is this rebuild is a process that takes time, resources and good judgement. We are nowhere near the end of that process so to expect perfection or to complain about the lack of it is a bit pointless. I still find myself doing it of course 😂
  6. I don’t think so ever saw a title-winning Rangers team that’s didn’t occasionally turn in the sort of display we saw yesterday. I think we’re in danger of over-analysing our situation and reaching too many final conclusions about certain players - the same sort of conclusions we were only recently reaching about Barisic and Katic.
  7. But far the best exponent of the 30 yard thunderbolt I ever saw was actually John Greig, who I must have seen bury a dozen or more.
  8. Paid. I use CyberGhost more or less permanently.
  9. For what its worth I had no problems with RTV tonight
  10. I confidently predict Halliday won’t let anyone down
  11. Are you sure it’s the same email address you used to register?
  12. Did you notice they're asking for your email address and NOT your username. Apart from a required password reset I've had no problems logging in.
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