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  1. Not that fans criticising players has ever resulted in better performances anyway. I see tonight’s win as a massive achievement- previously we wouldn’t have won that, which for me confirms our progress.
  2. I suspect there will be no shortage of fools to encourage this nonsense, each believing that helping Club1872 is the same as helping Rangers. That’s the power of storytelling
  3. If I'd been allowed to ring fence and invest my state pension contributions over the years in the same way I invested my company pension contributions, at a (very) rough estimate i reckon I'd have doubled my state pension payments if I live to be 80 years. It would be interesting to do some accurate calculations but the effort involved would far exceed the value of the knowledge, since it's too bloody late now and there was no choice anyway.
  4. The poison permeates everything in this shithole of a country.
  5. Talking about "fairness" in pensions, it's quite a thought that many of us spend out working lives paying for the state pensions we each receive, as well as a private company pension scheme, as well as funding gilded pensions for public sector workers that we will never benefit from.
  6. To be fair, the middle of a global pandemic and economic collapse is hardly the best time to launch a share issue.
  7. 1. That seems clear but didn't require him to step down as chairman - that role is the gift of the shareholders. 2. Agreed. 3. It might have been a rhetorical question 😉
  8. It's not up to the board to make the offer, merely to decide whether or not to accept it and any refusal would likely not go down too well. In any case, you're right, Club1872 seems so far from achieving this sort of money that you begin to wonder exactly why Dave King is going down this road.
  9. There are three huge mysteries in all of this. 1. Why did King step down as chairman when he did, with what seemed like undue haste and without a ready successor in the wings? 2. Why is Dave King only willing to sell to Club1872 in what looks like an attempt to deny those shares to other current shareholders and what does that say about the crucial matter of board cohesion? 3. Why is Club1872 such an opaque organisation and why does it have so little to say about how it will use a controlling shareholding?
  10. It's not my show. If you don't know why you're going to talk to him there's little point asking other people.
  11. Shifting the focus. I just hope this is ignored rather than drawn attention to.
  12. It doesn't matter, it's just process to avoid false payments going to people who have passed away, etc. You claim ("here I am") and you get the money.
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