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  1. There are many issues to be addressed in this team but far and away the most important and urgent is the frequency with which we shoot urselves in the foot in defence. There have been few goals conceded this season that couldn't have been denied by a properly organised defence. Time and again, we're a complete defensive shambles, which is hugely disappointing.
  2. We're almost a third of the way into this season and the complete lack of progress now makes it clear that last season was more of an aberration than a direction of travel. After 11 games the one thing our manager cannot afford to do is to keep on repeating the same mistakes and hoping it will all suddenly come right. We've lost all momentum, the team is clearly stuck in a rut and several of our erstwhile key players look more like deer in the headlights. The league can still be won but not by going about it like this.
  3. I felt it was Hagi and by some considerable distance. So disappointed in Tavernier and Kamara, both of whom should be playing far above the level of performance they served up.
  4. Susan Aitken. The good people of Glasgow must be so proud. Your votes put this monstrous blob in charge of their city, filled her pockets and put rats on your streets. Votes have consequences, this is yours.
  5. What a thing to happen. Such a manager, such a man, such a huge loss. He completely embodied what I think of our club - tough, uncompromising, honest, dignified, loyal. Loved by all. Rest well old warrior.
  6. Lundstram or Aribo or Balogun .............. Leon Balogun, who is fast becoming our best central defender.
  7. Bill

    heat pumps

    Russia, China, India, etc will continue to use fossil fuels to generate electricity, fuel transport and heat homes. Even Germany will continue using coal in many of its power stations. As long as they do, things like electric cars and heat pumps are merely expressions of elite western guilt and fantasy. If we genuinely want to make changes, they have to be ones that improve our quality of life, not destroy it. Govt could signal some common sense by pursuing nuclear power and massive hydrogen generation on a national scale. For as long as grandstanding and virtue signalling continue to be the main preoccupation of politicians, there is little hope of common sense taking root any time soon.
  8. Sorry, that was the point I was making. In terms of exclusivity the CL and ESL are essentially the same thing, distinguished only by the subtlety of de facto versus de jure.
  9. Does it matter what it's called?
  10. Does that explain why Walter Smith was a more successful manager than Souness?
  11. Is this really all Rangers means in the current football world, a place to park your arse while waiting for the manager's job at Liverpool?
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