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  1. It 'seems' appropriate that you should include a deniability clause in all your posts.
  2. Are they world class central defenders? No but on the whole I think they both do a pretty good job. Are they the best pairing we have at the moment? Probably.
  3. I'd say there is no longer a shred of doubt about that.
  4. I agree with you completely. I'd have not the slightest issue if there was anything about it that suggested free and personal choice. However, the fact that it is clearly orchestrated, almost ritualistic, and that every single player across the UK complies, is hardly reflecting the diversity of opinion you'd find here and anywhere else that people gather. I've often wondered who is driving this .... and why. One thing's for sure, it has nothing to do with football or black people's interests. Surely someone will put a stop to this demeaning madness before long.
  5. It's amazing how coincidences ...... well, coincide. Clearing out a cupboard in the office this morning, I came across three complimentary copies of the Copenhagen Post that they sent me after printing the Laudrup article. I noticed two particular sports articles in the same paper - one about Copenhagen Celtic FC, resplendent in green and white hoops, and another about the flourishing Danish rugby union scene. Who'd have thunk it?
  6. Yes we do. It’s the main priority and I think two top midfielders are needed. We probably need the Morelos money if we’re to really improve this team.
  7. There's a significant difference between Sweden and the UK that few seem prepared to acknowledge. Sweden has, in general, exercised far better transmission control through social distancing, personal hygiene, etc. It's one thing having rules in place but if the grunts are intent on ignoring them then there are only two options left - chaos or lockdowns. If there is another lockdown then the main cause of it won't be misguided government policy. It will be the failure or refusal of a large section of society to conduct themselves with a modicum of discipline and social responsibility. We don't
  8. Ryan Jack is essential in a well-functioning midfield. Not only does he have the engine that Davis increasingly finds elusive but he's also the most disciplined and positionally-aware defensive midfielder we have.
  9. The last nine years have left deep and lasting wounds among a significant section of the Rangers support, who show all the symptoms of fractured confidence. It’s not that having confidence guarantees trophies but it does tend to prevent embarrassing flights of panic and depression .... the sort of anxiety that thinks a manager screaming at his players from the touch line is the solution to any setback.
  10. You'd think if we're to sustain economic recovery and maintain the max number of jobs possible then it would make sense if people exercised all reasonable caution against viral transmission, instead of conducting what can only be described as collective denial. It's now clear that defences against transmission have been effectively abandoned by a large swathe of society, with the situation predictable spiralling out of control. What a surprise! This is more or less the same group who will howl loudest about infringement of freedom when restrictions are re-imposed, as they surely will be. We do
  11. It's perhaps a bit harsh to criticise Helander considering his overall good performance. If anything, it was our other central defender who found it hard to repeat his early season form.
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