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  1. This young woman is the face of a massive scam.
  2. I heard Corbyn saying Labour had "won all the arguments". It shows an arrogance that gives me great hope for the future. Corbyn must stay.
  3. If the price is right
  4. After what Morelos has given this club this season I won’t be saying a word against him, regardless of whether he should have gestured to the opposition fans or not. Without him nothing we’ve achieved so far would have been possible so I’ll cut him all the slack he wants. This time.
  5. Now that McDonnell has ruled himself out, I really think it's down to Diane Abbott or Angela Rayner to carry on Jeremy's work.
  6. The way to get entitled lefties to accept their medicine is clear.
  7. Motherwell 1 Rangers 4 Fgs - Morelos To go top of the league
  8. I think schools need to start teaching “How to Lose with Dignity”.
  9. The red wave will break on the rocks of time, as it always has done. Everyone believes to some extent in socialist fantasies, right up until they have something of their own to lose.
  10. The longer the Labour Party refuses to acknowledge the truth, the better I like it.
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