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  1. £160 million would be a little less than £7m per year, which hardly seems an earth-shattering achievement.
  2. I've become convinced that ScotNattery is actually a serious mental illness, where the afflicted are trapped in a fantasy world of denial and self-deception.
  3. Bill

    Rugby World Cup

    Townsend took over from Cotter at a time the team was finally showing signs of emerging from years in the shadows. After a couple of years standing still we've started to go backwards again. The sad conclusion has to be that Townsend was a mistake. He's added nothing. I'd have Cotter back in a heartbeat but there are plenty of better coaches out there than the current one.
  4. Open minded about this, just so long as he doesn't undermine our coaching team. We'll know in a couple of years whether he was good value for money.
  5. Last I heard he was declared bankrupt after he couldn't pay the damages awarded against him to Ticketus. Probably running a bordello in Paraguay, where tax regulations are more flexible.
  6. I don't give a shit what flags they fly in Syria. I worry about another few million people marching into Europe and asking to be housed, fed, educated and cared for indefinitely at our expense.
  7. I've said on several occasions that I have no absolute visceral objection to independence but I do have huge objections to this independence, indeed any independence led by the gang of third rate chancers in the SNP. When you look at the mess they make of almost everything they touch, when Westminster is still holding the safety net below them, it makes you shudder to think what abyss awaits us if the SNP was ever allowed to take us over the independence cliff.
  8. Bill

    Rugby World Cup

    When someone gets to you as badly as this, if you can't ignore it at least make some attempt not to advertise it. This is embarrassing. 😂
  9. A few days ago, having just been horsed by Russia, I heard the giant minds at BBC Scotland proclaiming the next match (San marino mind you) would be the start of a new future for Scottish football. That, in a nutshell, is why we're as shite at international sport as we so obviously are.
  10. The way we destroyed San Marino it's hard to understand why anyone doubts this Scotland team.
  11. Bill

    Rugby World Cup

    At least we tried to compete this time. I wonder if Vern Cotter would like his old job back?
  12. Does anyone actually read this stuff?
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