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  1. Nationalist are surprisingly like children, even those who pretend to be something else, which is probably why the SNP lowered the voting age. SNP: Stronger for votes for kids, prisoners, foreigners and dreamers
  2. Where does "should" come from? Did you mean "could"? Because it's all conjecture until or unless independence actually happens - and then it will be impossible to turn back if/when it becomes apparent just haw big a mistake it was. Independence is just a gamble some people are willing to take with other people's lives. Imagine for a moment how ridiculous it is for political party, with access to every shred of evidence, to propose independence without presenting coherent economic consequences of implementing its own policy. The deceit is almost beyond belief.
  3. Ireland hasn’t been able to get over itself after 100 years. So there’s little hope the SNP’s damage will be repaired anytime soon.
  4. Talking about Sheep FC, there's much talk about abandoning their proposed new stadium west of Aberdeen and building a new home a stone's throw from their existing dump.
  5. Yes, that sounds about right. Holyrood is judged by what Westminster does. Sturgeon is judged on what Johnson does. Scotland forms its views on what happens in England. I'm clearly out of my time, thinking that Sturgeon and the SNP should be judged on what they do in Scotland. It just feels sad seeing our identity as Scots reduced to a reflection of someone else's politics and not our own. Thankfully, I'll be one of the lucky few that won't actually be disadvantaged by independence and there's growing thought that it will be enormously satisfying to see the day when it's no longer
  6. You have to ask yourself, what exactly is it that the SNP has done well that convinces so many people it's the best party to lead the country for another term? All I've seen is an endless catalogue of failure but, fair enough, if that's what people want then that's what they should get.
  7. A good example of the difference between SNP winning a multiple choice election but not a binary choice referendum on independence.
  8. For a large number of people the state pension is only a minor part of overall pension income.
  9. Wasn't that grave found and improved as an initiative by Vanguardbears?
  10. Indeed we are but the point is the French are making this a Brexit - UK issue, which as far as I can see is bollocks.
  11. You must mean state pension because I can't see how you would be aware of individual private pension incomes.
  12. I believe clubs like Rangers have to be involved in two different and largely discreet processes. The first is to assemble a trophy-winning first team squad, almost all of whom have to be capable of fulfilling a first team role whenever called upon - no passengers. The second is to assemble a shadow squad of players, the vast majority of whom are a not expected to be first team players but who can benefit from good coaching, good club practice, etc and who can be improved with a view to trading - primarily for money but also as makeweights for inbound transfers. Not all of these will generate
  13. As far as I'm aware ..... The Channel Islands are not part of the UK. The Channel Islands were never in the EU. The Channel Islands had no part in Brexit. The Channel Islands have never been part of the Common Fisheries Policy. The Channel Islands are not part of the Withdrawal Agreement.
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