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  1. The SNP has always adopted a lazy approach to independence. They've no appetite for presenting the facts and appear totally unwilling to offer a coherent economic plan for life post-independence. That being the case, we have a situation where the SNP cannot explain themselves properly without holing themselves below the waterline. No one should be so dogmatic as to dismiss independence as a general proposition but there's good independence, bad independence and the independence of deceit implicit in the SNP's leap in the dark. Every nationalist with an ounce of integrity and who genuinely cares about Scotland should be hounding this SNP regime out the door.
  2. 😂😂😂 Jack was doing it in the second half of last season. You just weren't quite ready to change your mind 😂😂😂
  3. They’d have to raise an awful lot more than prescription charges. There’s a dark side of me that almost wishes the SNP could get its way - just I could enjoy the howls of outrage from the Nats being confronted with the reality they do readily deny today.
  4. How did Frankie phrase it again? ”Now, for the last time I'm going to ask people to consider the way they post on this forum when it comes to the ongoing political crap. It really is tiresome to log in to continuous trolling (on both sides) and if the standard of debate doesn't improve then some users will have their posting rights removed. I'd much prefer not to use such censorship on important subjects but if you act like children, then you'll be sent to the naughty step.” 🤔
  5. I think we should be happy with our centre backs ... and those waiting in the wings for their chance. A couple of seasons ago we couldn’t defend a corner, now we look relatively solid and getting better all the time. I think be far the best thing we can do is to get off their backs and stop the needless criticism.
  6. That’s really good. It should make choosing a POTY less prone to assessing only performances immediately before voting. The only thing missing is maybe to split the season into four quarters or two halves to see if certain players improve, get worse or maintain consistency. Although a bit of subjective fun, I’m sure some interesting trends will emerge in time. Thanks for making the effort - perhaps you should invite bids for the privilege of doing this after every game. 😉
  7. Having finally watched the whole game ... Ryan Jack for me. Davis, Flanagan, Katic and Greegs deserve a mention though and while our Captain isn't yet nearly back to his best he's finally showing some signs of getting there.
  8. At this level everyone is capable of turning in a great performance but if I was the manager I'd be looking for players I can trust to do it on a routine basis and in my opinion that is what's marking out Jack at the moment.
  9. That's a very good point and might have much to do with his emergence as a key player. I think when he first arrived he was trying (having) to do too much. The arrival of Kamara and Davis clearly allowed him to play his own game more.
  10. Sadly, someone else will quickly be found to fill that role. Jack isn't the only success in our team but I felt it was evident from half way through last season that he was the real deal. Let's just hope he can keep up this level of performance.
  11. Is this really necessary? Cant we just back both players? The stats tell us they are an effective centre back pairing and they'll only get better the more they play together. The presumption of perfection is such a pointless position to take - almost as bad as trying to play one of them off against the other. Tempted to say "get a life".
  12. Agreed. Against much expectation Ryan Jack has turned out to be the jewel in our crown so far. Looking back, he was head and shoulders the best player at Aberdeen and I don't doubt he could hold his place pretty much anywhere he chooses to go in future. Thankfully someone saw what he had to offer and brought him to Rangers. The fact the Kittybrewster Kid is a Rangers fan doesn't do any harm either.
  13. I have an unlimited subscription that is supposed to allow me universal access to watch live games. I pay good money for it, in advance. What I expect, not unreasonably, is to be able to access that service when I want. Also, as I've said in an email to RTV, if there is a delay to my flight the airline sends me a text to tell me so - why can't Rangers do the same, instead of hoping I happen to be looking at Twitter at the time. In any case, the problem wasn't just logging in to RTV. I couldn't access the Rangers.co.uk website until three quarters of the way through the match. This isn't a customer problem. It's a problem for RTV to sort out once and for all. Either crawl cap in hand to the BBC or make the investment necessary to deliver the service they offer and accept money for.
  14. Michael Stewart is clearly from the post-education generation. The stupidity is staggering. Only his anger and bigotry keep him upright.
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