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  1. Emma Thomson? What would we do without the blessing of Hollywood?
  2. More power to anyone promoting a sustainable future for humanity and those we share this planet with. Just do it like grown ups. Climate change is one of the challenges we face but it’s far from the only one and it might not even be the most important. Nothing changes just because some dickhead screams “change” at a tv camera. It changes because an army of technical, financial and governmental people define what’s possible, plan how it could be implemented and create the systems and technologies to affect those changes. Without people with practical skills and knowledge we would have run out of food and succumbed to disease long ago. Politicians do need a good kick up the arse to do more, especially those in China, India and much of the developing world. Is disrupting traffic and closing airports the way to do it? From what I’ve seen, these protestors are alienating far more than they’re bringing on board, despite the best efforts of the BBC and others, who clearly see this in the same left-right context as a CND or Brexit protest.
  3. Jonathan Pie is such a funny guy, you might think of him as a poor man's Pat Condell. See what you think...
  4. I honestly think members from Glasgow would better serve their grievance by simply ignoring those whose questions are clearly presented with the sole intention of undermining the proposition and without a morsel of counter-argument. Pandering to nonsense like this by complying with it is an encouragement that serves no one except the enemies of impartiality. Meanwhile, here something to cheer you up...
  5. Thank you, I aim to meet my public's expectations 😁
  6. My Goodness, is it really that time of year again? 🧐
  7. Malky, Malky, Malky, Malky, Malky, Malky, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. Seriously, surely it has to be Paul Lambert, now that he's finished masterminding yet another relegation campaign.
  8. Bill

    ST waiting list

    I suspect any return on further development of the existing stadium would be a diminishing one. The stadium is a product of its time and seems not to have been built with a view to future extension or fundamental improvement. Any significant uptick in capacity is going to require near-total redevelopment, which will be entirely possible when Scotland wins the World Cup and Bill Gates' Rangers wins the Champions League. Until then maybe we'll have to settle for the stadium we have and focus on fixing the holes in the roof.
  9. I see this time and time again, people with an agenda saying they need lists of evidence before they can deign to grant their agreement ... when in reality their approval or otherwise is about as worthless as their own condescension. I can understand if people who live in and have first hand experience of a sectarian council want to disagree and put up some sort of reason for doing so. What I can't accept are people who don't even live in the same country, let alone Glasgow, calling out Glaswegians for having an opinion, without even the courtesy of an explanation. I don't live in Glasgow, I'll listen to people who do.
  10. Why don’t you feel able to just take the word of people who live there? Is there a reason why you need to check if they’re telling the truth? Do you not trust them?
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