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  1. Don't worry, if the resolution falls, they'll be back with an even worse one tomorrow.
  2. It's an omnishambles from start to finish. Classic fukkwittery in the best traditions of Scottish football. Even when they fukk up, they fukk that up too. Impressive really.
  3. The left is still reeling from the defeats on Brexit and losing the general election - well, not just losing the general election but having their arses handed to them by the very people they told us they represented. Their pain is almost tangible and seems to be getting expressed in wild lashing out at any target, with an anything-goes mentality. I honestly don't think they'll ever really get over such a crushing humiliation. I haven't seen such a visceral reaction to losing since Helicopter Sunday. Mind you, we're more or less talking here about the same element of society.
  4. Scotland is a place where hordes of really thick bastards are balanced by a small number of exceptionally bright people. By far the most dangerous are the thick bastards who think they're bright.
  5. Bill


    I recently read "Patton: A Genius for War" by Carlo D'Este, which I'd recommend for anyone with an interest in WW2 or leadership. Patton was a truly great General
  6. I don't think they ever thought it would. The delay is simply to establish the narrative that Celtic get the title and to make sure UEFA don't put obstacles in the way. The SFA and SPFL are such utter bastards.
  7. Looks like BoJo is on the mend. Out of intensive care anyway. Thank God for that. Maybe now the vultures will stop circling.
  8. How much is it worth to see the comeback completed by winning the next league title? That's not a rhetorical question, it's something I've been asking myself? It remains to be seen what the increase will be but I'd find it painful to give up the seat. i imagine that would be the same for most supporters.
  9. Would it be possible to post some photographs of the grave and the plaque you mention please?
  10. I think you'd have to categorise the tories as occupying the centre ground of politics rather than the right. like the SNP, the British left has to create a sense of oppression in order to justify itself, hence the demonisation of "tories". The reality of course is that the tories have moved sharply left in its policies and is led by someone who is more libertarian than any PM in memory, including Labour ones.
  11. They're Scotland's original virus.
  12. The best way to undermine the CCP would be to find a way to bring the truth to the Chinese public, who have suffered at least as much from their government's corruption as the rest of the world. The truth terrifies all socialist regimes.
  13. All day I've seen some truly vile posts across social media, some openly wishing the PM's death. I must come from a different planet because I would find it impossible to wish anyone's death. I prefer to believe these cretin's wouldn't say the same thing if forced from behind their keyboards but the fact they could even suggest such a thing and live with themselves suggests I'm probably wrong.
  14. Yes, definitely. Without hesitation. I'm surprised you even ask.
  15. Any former Rangers player unwilling to tug their forelocks to BBC Celtic will find it hard to get anywhere near a microphone. Those who do are either thick as shit like the Fergusons or desperate for drinking money
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