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  1. Im not going tonight but if I was I doubt I'd care too much who Madrid fielded and I wouldn't recognise their top players more than their reserves anyway. I mostly only see one team anyway.
  2. All sorts of thing float around in the ether but I'm not aware of any serious proposals like that. Maybe others can help.
  3. Thank you but it needs more than just an open mind although that's a good and necessary starting point. It also requires practised observation and a discerning ability to sniff out bullshit, although in the case of socialists and ScotNats, that bar isn't set particularly high. 😉 Are you seriously trying to validate your often bizarre views by condemning Richard Branson, a fellow you'd be hard pressed to find support for at either end of the political spectrum? What a world we live in.
  4. Edmundson is nowhere near the player that Jack Simpson will be.
  5. There are no independent enquiries in Scotland. That's the whole point.
  6. A very touching defence and I tend to agree. Wilful dishonesty is only possible when someone is entirely free to choose lies from truth. When someone spends a lifetime in thrall to leftist dogma, a more generous appraisal might be to recognise the fantasist haverings of a closed mind.
  7. All in all, the House of Lords is a very good thing. How well it works at any given time is another matter altogether but the institution itself and the role it plays in parliament is far better than any alternative I've heard of. If the only argument anyone can come up with against the House of Lords is "I don't like the look of these posh blokes" then God help us. Frankly, it would be better to restrict any criticism to a description of the proposed alternative but be warned, the best minds in the country have tried for many years to find a better form of upper house - and failed. So unless you're very special.....
  8. Signs in the second half that we're getting some of the knots out. Bring on the Spaniards
  9. When it comes to political self-interest, Rangers fans must be the most negligent people on the planet.
  10. The new home strip is brilliant but all that really matters is that it's the Rangers' strip.
  11. I don't think Rangers can afford not to have a shirt sponsor.
  12. A much more orderly withdrawal. 🙂
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