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  1. I'd willingly swap Turkey for Sweden and Finland.
  2. Football in Scotland is just a reflection of the people who run the game. It could be so much better than it is.
  3. Biden is just a pawn. The real "idiots" are the people who vote for these so-called leaders. It's what happens when you give people suffrage in the pretence of democracy and then harvest their opinion in much the same way we farm sheep and cattle. There's no other explanation that could put Biden in the White House.
  4. I’d call it unprincipled cowardice and folding before the bully.
  5. That's certainly the narrative that's being pushed hard by Russia and its apologists. The reality is quite different of course but there's always an attentive audience for self-loathing propaganda.
  6. Can't say the absence of a beam back facility will be a major inconvenience for me. If I had a ticket I'd spend all next week in Spain but I doubt if I'd make a 350 mile round trip to watch a televised game at Ibrox that I could see at home or in the local pub.
  7. So many questions. Perhaps you think of me as your teacher?
  8. I don’t think anyone should underestimate the magnitude of the decision being taken by Sweden and Finland, or the genuine threat they feel from an aggressive and unstable Russia. These countries didn’t easily choose to give up their neutrality, they’re doing so because they want to preserve their way of life. Swedes I speak with believe the beast from the east is out of control and determined to bring war to Europe
  9. If you were half as smart as you think you are, you’d be twice as smart as you appear to be. Tip: plough your own furrow, don’t be someone else’s mouthpiece.
  10. Russia has the moral authority of acquired victimhood and a shed load of nukes to threaten its neighbours, which is quite pathetic when you think about it.
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