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  1. I suspect that if we lost 7 and they won 8 the oceans would boil dry and the moon would sprout palm trees.
  2. Can't take seriously this stuff about "just one more point". Today was the day we won the league. The day when we couldn't lose it was over a month ago. We don't need any more points but I'm sure we'll get plenty in the games still to play, starting next weekend.
  3. This is just the warm up. Anyone wetting the bed over these scenes probably needs to take a tranquilliser.
  4. I have great difficulty reading things that haven't been written.
  5. It must be possible to praise one Rangers player without justifying it by criticising another Rangers player. This is clearly a challenge too far for some fans but I'm sure there must be a way.
  6. Since we effectively won the championship about a month ago, is it dignified to stretch out this celebration any further than is reasonably decent? I mean, it's not as if it's even remotely possible to lose it now. Fates, consider yourselves tempted. 😉
  7. I hate these bloody plastic pitches. Only in the Mickey Mouse world of the SPFL would you see top flight football played on pitches like Livingston.
  8. The BBC News Politburo excelled itself tonight, directly attributing child deaths in Yemen to the UK government's decision to reduce overseas aid.
  9. She can no doubt put the barricades up and refuse to resign but if she does she'll be a leader without power or credibility, in which case the wolves will have her. They all go in the end. Even nasty wee neds like Sturgeon.
  10. Bill

    Anas Sarwar

    His Wiki page says he is a supporter of Rangers and Celtic. Clearly a complete fraud right enough.
  11. The new Labour leader's father Ghulam Mohammed arrived in Lossiemouth from Pakistan with a suitcase of things to sell round the doors. Having nowhere to stay he was taken in by a local woman in the Seatown area of Lossie and lived with her family for quite a while before his own family eventually joined him from Pakistan. They opened a corner shop on Clifton Road and the family became an important part of the community. When Ghulam died a while back it was the biggest funeral seen in Lossie in many years. My wife went to school with Anas Sarwar's mother Perveen and I have it on good authority
  12. When overt dishonesty becomes political currency the result is, de facto, a failed state.
  13. Perhaps the most significant aspect of Salmond's submission to the committee was his (apparently confident) assertion that his real dynamite is still in his war chest, confined there by court order in the meantime but nevertheless capable of blowing the govt out of the water. Even the most tightly bound information seems to find ways of making itself available and presumably Madam McMao understands that only too well. Salmond seems to be making every effort to make a distinction between his calm rationality and Sturgeon's manic neddery. So far he's succeeding, which is bound to hav
  14. Pretty good draw for Rangers. Definitely leaves us in with a chance of progressing. Let’s go.
  15. I've never seen a two day test before. To then win it by 10 wickets must be some kind of record.
  16. I admit to being a little surprised at the generosity being shown towards Neil Lennon in these parts. I see no merit in the man at all. He played like an angry adolescent struggling with discipline resistance and as a manager he's lost every dressing room he ever walked into.His leadership qualities don't seem to extend much beyond shouting, bullying and attacking his players. Since he first came to Celtic he's constantly hidden behind his acquired image as an Irish Catholic victim of sectarianism, brawled in the streets, shit himself, threatened women, called us dirty orange bastards and gene
  17. There’s no doubt about it. One of his very best games in a Rangers shirt.
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