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  1. Lundstram or Aribo or Balogun .............. Leon Balogun, who is fast becoming our best central defender.
  2. Bill

    heat pumps

    Russia, China, India, etc will continue to use fossil fuels to generate electricity, fuel transport and heat homes. Even Germany will continue using coal in many of its power stations. As long as they do, things like electric cars and heat pumps are merely expressions of elite western guilt and fantasy. If we genuinely want to make changes, they have to be ones that improve our quality of life, not destroy it. Govt could signal some common sense by pursuing nuclear power and massive hydrogen generation on a national scale. For as long as grandstanding and virtue signalling continue to be the main preoccupation of politicians, there is little hope of common sense taking root any time soon.
  3. Sorry, that was the point I was making. In terms of exclusivity the CL and ESL are essentially the same thing, distinguished only by the subtlety of de facto versus de jure.
  4. Does it matter what it's called?
  5. Does that explain why Walter Smith was a more successful manager than Souness?
  6. Is this really all Rangers means in the current football world, a place to park your arse while waiting for the manager's job at Liverpool?
  7. Buying a TV licence is an anti-social activity. Stop doing it. Now.
  8. Random guess, no idea whether we'll turn up to play or not ........ Rangers 4 Brondby 1 FGS - Morelos
  9. Setting aside the issue of whether or not Gerrard is in contention for the NUFC job, unless directors have good reason for thinking Gerrard is still going to be at Ibrox in 5 years time then they already need to be compiling a list of possible successors. We can't afford this to be only an issue of Gerrard's ambitions with Rangers waiting passively for him to decide his priorities.
  10. I've broken convention and voted for McGregor, without whose talents we wouldn't have had to worry about conceding a last minute share of the points - because the game would already have been toast.
  11. As far as I know, no purchase is forcibly imposed on anyone so sympathy may not actually be appropriate.
  12. Bill


    It's a pity we can't get a preview of the script to see who's turn it is to win.
  13. We wouldn't want anyone getting ahead of themselves, just because they're talented, so we'll keep on bringing them back to Earth 😂
  14. I think we can say that Iannis Hagi has arrived. His valuation just went through the roof.
  15. I've always viewed Hearts as a far superior club to Hibs, on the park and off.
  16. Pretty sure it won't be anyone on that list. They're clearly going to aim a lot higher.
  17. Absolutely right. I remember standing on the terraces at Pittodrie in the 1960's, with no segregation, and there being no animosity at all. It went all to shit at some point in the 1970's when bottle-chucking and hardhats became the norm but it wasn't until after Ferguson gave them a modicum of success that their current sense of thwarted entitlement arose. They've fostered their grievance as a substitute for trophies ever since.
  18. When it comes to Rangers, the chip carried on the shoulders of Aberdeen fans has acquired enormous proportions. It's hard to know exactly why this is since it must be more than 25 years since their club offered any real challenge to anyone, let alone Rangers. I believe it takes its durability from the association with nationalism that afflicts a large element of their support, conveniently expressed as hatred for Rangers. Whatever causes it, they are the absolute dregs. Horrible fans of a horrible club.
  19. Fuel shortage: Chart shows petrol station deliveries barely fell as panic-buying caused crisis https://inews.co.uk/news/fuel-shortage-figures-petrol-station-deliveries-panic-buying-crisis-explained-1237349
  20. They weren't missing. It was clear exactly where they were. It just wasn't where Scott Nisbet was when he scored that uncontested header.
  21. Porteous is going to be under rather close scrutiny in the LC semifinal
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