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  1. Oh no! What's next, Crufts cancelled?
  2. At last, clubs and players with the self-respect to stop grovelling to this utterly dishonest premise. When will Rangers players have the good sense to join them?
  3. The sheer idiocy of ScotNats never fails to impress. It can't be easy to simultaneously promote and refute the same idea. Only truly dedicated windbags could aspire to independence while at the same time proposing to give up any possibility of independence. Remarkable really.
  4. There are few certainties in this Covid19 business but one thing seems sure - there will not be another nationwide general lockdown like we saw in March and April. We simply have to allow the economy to recover. However, there are likely to be incessant local restrictions and I think we can expect partial nationwide shutdowns of specific transmission points like pubs. I can also see curfews coming in city centres to address the inability of sub-30's to respect anything other than their next pint. Personally, I'm happy to endorse the culling of arsehole behaviour in any form that presents itsel
  5. I don't think it's that kind of vaccine.
  6. Honestly, what are the chances of so many incompetents finding a berth in the same organisation? Probably close to zero so you'd almost think the SPFL has to be deliberately recruiting people who have neither the skills nor the intellectual equipment do their appointed jobs. Only in Scotland do we treasure failure and reward stupidity.
  7. It’s taken a while but finally it’s not just me and Ben Netanyahu who see through the corruption that infests the entire Palestine farce. Where does this leave the Parkhead Palestinians and the absurd western leftist support for the people that its neighbours don't want to know? "Times change, everything has changed, except for the Palestinian mood that rejects anything and everything." — Saudi writer Amal Abdel Aziz al-Hazany, Asharq al-Awsat, September 15, 2020. "Palestinian leaders are the main cause for the suffering of their people. They have achieved nothing for the Pale
  8. Bill

    Banks eh?

    Who knew that banks are actually a form of social service, part of the care system in fact, and not the callous, money-grabbing, cabal of bastards who knowingly fucked up the entire world economy.. Halifax: "It’s a people thing." BoS: "By your side." Scottish Widows: "Taking on your future - together." Lloyds: "By your side." RBS: "Life better spent."
  9. Yes, you seem to have understood at last.
  10. Here’s the thing. Was her job necessary or productive? If not then the correct action has been taken.
  11. No he hasn’t. That’s only your opinion. And you’re almost always wrong.
  12. No problemo @blueflag. It wasn’t a complaint, just a suggestion. I like this upgrade.
  13. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. I'd be stunned if it changed now.
  14. I'll guarantee there's not a single white footballer taking the knee because he believes it's the right thing to do but every one of them will say it is. Similarly, I firmly believe most black players take a knee because it's much too dangerous to jump off a moving bandwagon. It's shite, they just look like morons and no one believes it's about social justice.
  15. There may have been a brief moment when Black Lives Matter and "taking a knee" was a genuine and admirable quest for fair treatment for all. But that moment evaporated long ago, to be replaced by aggressive and often violent self-interest. Any moral virtue that may have once existed has gone. Informed black commentators and social leaders increasingly recognise this and condemn that which so many woke white people obsess over. We need to stop this madness and sport in particular needs to stop promoting and lending credence to this rotten movement. Stop "taking a knee".
  16. Thank you Frankie, I haven't seen those words since I wrote them. Can hardly believe ten years have passed but thankfully Brian has enjoyed each of them.
  17. Well I never. A medical professional breaking cover and offering an opinion freely. The most interesting comment she makes is about the NHS being closed but she offers no explanation who is responsible or why. She covers a wide range of angles on Covid19 but the only thing anyone can offer a reply about is wearing masks - since they don't like wearing masks they assert their greater knowledge and dismiss her out of hand because "they know". What a global mess of half truths, colossal ignorance, deliberate lies, pontificating pricks and political chicanery. Honestly, I've lost all belief in any
  18. It would be convenient to have the “Mark forum as read” facility At the top of the forum listing rather than at the bottom. (mobile devices)
  19. I'm reading this morning that the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have now been joined by the anti-appers and are currently negotiating a cooperation pact with the League of Flat Earthers, the Society of Alien Abductees and the Greta Thunberg Foundation for the Promotion of Hysteria.
  20. And won't be doing any time soon ... for very good reason.
  21. I thought Iannis Hagi had his best game this season and would have been a good shout for MOTM. Great engine, great attitude, great vision, all the talent in the world. Once he confidence grows I think we're about to see a big contribution from him.
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