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  1. It's 4.30 in the morning. I'm finishing preps for a thesis presentation on Monday while fighting off Covid. What's your excuse?
  2. The only thing that matters to most is that Rangers will run on to the park wearing it.
  3. I couldn’t remember. In Diallo’s case, half a season, mostly unused, is no basis for anything but another look as a loaner
  4. How many seasons did we have Ryan Kent on loan before he signed a permanent contract - was it one or two?
  5. Maybe ten Hag has bigger issues to hold his attention than a 19 year old youth player
  6. I love the vulnerability expressed in the need to qualify everything you've written by endorsing orthodoxy 😁. You wouldn't want to risk being misunderstood after half a page of indecipherable spluttering 🤣 "It's language Jim, but not as we know it"
  7. The Diallo rumour is an interesting one. It seemed to take him months to understand where he was when he signed. Suddenly, when he was about to leave, he appeared to switch on a little. If this is a serious option then at least Wilson and GvB go in with their eyes fully open in terms of his ability and character. He could be can absolute star in the making but only time will ever tell that story.
  8. Bunter is an utter scumbag. The feigned reasonableness, the pained innocence, the "it wisnae me, it wis the parliamentary group". Everything that characterises the SNP and the nationalist cause.
  9. There is. He's been in it all his life.
  10. I hope it's better. It could hardly be worse. I don't expect gourmet at a football match but it would be a big improvement if it was well cooked, well presented and plentiful.
  11. I’d love to hear Geoffrey’s current assessment of England’s captain.
  12. NZ showed how to play yourself out of a hole. England have abandoned all sense and have kept digging. Six down.
  13. Commentators describing “entertaining batting” from Stokes and Bairstow. I’m seeing reckless batting threatening no to throw away the game
  14. England 16-3 after less than 7 overs. Stunning start.
  15. One of the reasons NZ have held sway in world rankings has been their long batting line up. These are all batsmen down to Bracewell and only the last three can be considered tai lenders although as @Stewarty rightly says even guys like Tim Southee can hit shots and has a high test score of 77 and a test average of 16. NZ are now batting into a fifth session and appear to have given themselves at least the possibility of a result. England can't leave themselves depending on a final day wicket so really need to assert their first innings.
  16. If only her wretched party would practise in Scotland what she preaches at Westminster.
  17. With respect, you're complaining about something that was neither said nor, I'm sure, intended. No one has disrespected those men in any way at all, or their achievements. Quite the reverse. The comment was about endlessly repeating a merchandising exercise that has already been conducted on so many previous occasions for anyone to see, when there are so many other ways to keep their memories alive. That said, I was at the game in Barcelona and you do have a point about the age and inevitable passing of these heroes.
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