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  1. Russia is like some medieval robber kingdom, killing, raping and looting it's neighbour's grain, steel, children, etc. Is it likely Russia hasn't already removed entire football stadiums to some God forsaken shit-kicker town in the Siberian forest.
  2. So are you saying there is a special relationship after all and that’s what drives the decision to extradite. It’s all very confusing and contradictory but no doubt based on solid research for your magnum opus on US foreign policy
  3. You may be right but I think this is largely about managing a successful transition and not just who pulls on the jersey
  4. I’ve no idea. I didn’t mention any special relationship. But since you’re clearly obsessed by it, feel free to fill in the gaps.
  5. You’re back to being hysterical again. It really doesn’t take the debate forward at all.
  6. It’s always the same. Fifty pages so far and what has it told us?
  7. Yes but there’s no actual driver involved. Ultimate productivity 😉
  8. You’re just venting piss and wind there. I doubt even you think otherwise.
  9. Two evenly matched teams have delivered two well-contested matches so far. Looking forward to the same again
  10. I feel very uncomfortable about this extradition. It’s hard to see on what basis it’s being granted ... there must be one but I can’t see it. He published leaked info, yes, but he didn’t steal it. The guy who actually stole it has got off relatively Scot free.
  11. The fact is that his contract has been extended and McGregor will be with us next season. That much is now just pointless debate. The only issue still to be settled is who will be first choice keeper and it really makes no sense for this to be McGregor.
  12. No need to get hysterical. All I said was that bargaining doesn’t mean demanding, it means both give and take, more money in return for more productivity. I’m all for them filling their boots on that basis. Unfortunately the unions want the money but aren’t willing to accept the productivity improvements that go with it. The individual should always be able to earn more but it is impossible for the collective workforce to cost the business more unless the productivity gain is correspondingly high. That’s s a myth that can only exist in the public sector. In the real world it’s not about emotions or “fairness”. In the end it’s simple arithmetic. All this guff about fat cats is just a way of hiding from reality and indulging in tribal politics.
  13. Wow, super snide. I’ll pass and leave you to wallow in it. Cheers. 👋
  14. I recently watched his amazing double save against Leipzig (I think) and find it hard to equate that with the proposition he’s ready to be canned
  15. You could also say he saved a few that no one could be expected to save. Clearly, his time is coming to an end and we need his replacement between the sticks but I just don’t think we can deny his new contract on the basis of last season
  16. Perhaps you missed it. No shame trying again
  17. The only negative is that we might want to change our number one keeper while McGregor is still there as experienced cover in case his replacement doesn’t live up to expectations.
  18. Why suddenly so modest? Perhaps you’ll come back after the event and more willingly share your wisdom.
  19. Funny, I got the impression Russia created a war over Ukraine being in the West’s sphere of influence. Bit of hypocrisy there?
  20. Sorry but if you’re going to judge on rare individual examples then you’re selling the entire first team squad
  21. Ten years ago Allan McGregor was just as poor coming for high balls and his distribution from feet was just as erratic. He remains an outstanding shot stopper. Seems to me the reluctance to extend his contract is a fear of the future rather than based on anything we’ve actually seen.
  22. Just setting him up for a fall 😂 (just joking asil)
  23. It’s clearly not a fairy story. Perhaps it’s just not what you think we believe it to be.
  24. Why would anyone judge Russian decision making by normal international standards. Russia is effectively behaving as a rogue state.
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