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  1. I don't usually like to blame refs, and I don't think it's a conspiracy or anything, but a few fucking awful decisions have made this game what it is and probably cost us any points.
  2. Sure i'm the same as everyone in not being able to believe that pish. If Stokes was a yellow, Jack's was a yellow at MOST. Stokes should have been off in my opinion. Killed the rest of the half. If Rangers can get back in to it though, it will really show something of the team though. Interested - who would take a draw at this stage?
  3. Cracking game. That's the best i've seen Vardy play. Really smart touches and decisive finishing. I think Lacazette and Giroud are Arsenal's best bets. Lacazette is like a duck to water, but Giroud still has something to offer. I think they'd be a really interesting partnership. Always the same from Arsenal though - brilliant at times, but not sustainable. You could see tonight why they won't win the league.
  4. This is practically all true. Going back to a former point, while I think they have it at least as hard as anyone here, it just bothers me that they are the people that some people want to cast adrift first. They have more in common with you than many other better off people, as you kinda alluded to. It's divide and conquer, as ever. To be clear, i'm not saying I know you're opinion at all, and referring to some people's opinions in general.
  5. That's fine, for you. But why not keep your own stiff upper lip and let the club and fans talk about the stuff? I can't see how it negatively affects you, so what's the problem?
  6. I know this is off topic, but you've just ignored my reply from earlier. I won't go on and on about it, but think about the law, think about people's knowledge of the law, think about the reality of the situation, and think about how governments can respond to it. Many people give up their life savings to be smuggled because it's the only way. In those cases, they go where the smuggler says and that's it. Every European -including especially Britain - are hostile to asylum seekers and make it very hard for them to settle. They easily find reasons to move them on to other areas or countries and so people end up in camps. They don't fucking know about the welfare state in most cases, and they certainly benefit from it less than native Brits when they get here. I'm not the authority on this, but as stated before, I work in integration so I am something of an expert. I see and talk to people who have lost everything, lost friends and family and have had nowhere to call home in months. Some of them end up in Britain. This is why my original post here called on Rangers to work with asylum seekers actually. When they arrive in Glasgow, they live in Govan in the first instance. Imagine a whole part new wave of Rangers fans who love the club and feel welcome.
  7. To answer your first question - yes we can. For you that might be it, for me, it is that and more. A football club is part of a community and so, in my view, should have high standards. As for the other thread - I don't really post unless I have something specific to add. Yes the memorial being vandalised is terrible.
  8. I agree almost totally with that. A player's sexuality doesn't matter, and I do only care about their performance. Saying that, there is clearly an issue with people feeling comfortable being themselves within football, and so any efforts to reduce that are very welcome. If a player decides to make the brave decision to come out, and empower others, it could really help people.
  9. I mentioned earlier here that Spurs are one of my favourite English teams and White Hart Lane is one of the few non-Ibrox stadiums i've seen club football at. I understand why this happens, stadiums are status assets and money machines. I think in Britain is started when City got their new stadium. That acquisition attracted silly money investment and essentially won them the league. While I obviously want Spurs to do well, and this will help, but this stadium seems a bit soul-less to me.
  10. Great performance. Dunfermline looked really bad at times, but you can only beat how you play. Fantastic resul and a good warm up for games to come.
  11. I can agree that there may be a money aspect here - i.e. more people buying shirts/tickets etc, but it's just the decent thing to do in my opinion. We've already discussed here how it is near certain that their are professional players in Scotland who haven't been able to come out, and how similarly, football grounds may not seem that welcoming to LGBT fans without us reaching out to them.
  12. Ach Pete, now I've seen the film you meant to post i'm afraid I have to disagree quite strongly with you again, though I know your concerns are sincere. When you say "it may also cause some to chase people who do not have these feelings and cause problems" isn't that just as likely between a boy and a girl? The kids in this film are obviously crushed by not being able to share their feelings/facing the reaction from their school-mates, and this seems a fair reflection of being 'closeted'. The part about 'promoting' kids to have these feelings? I'm afraid that's a really strange concern for a few reasons. One, why would they do that? But most importantly, you can't 'promote' sexuality intentionally or not - I know some people disagree with this, but you don't 'choose' your sexuality and you can't help who you fancy or like. The film is pretty chintzy, but I thought it was beautifully done.
  13. Regarding your first point, fair enough. I disagree in the sense that I think if we had a fairer society, we could help everyone who needs it more, but that's a political opinion. As to your second point, I wrote about it elsewhere, but I think it's important to show the reality. 1) People very rarely 'choose' Britain. In some cases, such as 'family reunion' cases, I suppose they do, but mostly, it's where they end up - maybe their smuggler has arranged it that way, or they have been moved from govt to govt in Europe and eventually ended up here, and so on and so on. European govts have an agreement to take certain numbers of asylum seekers/refugees, but they will do whatever they can to refuse them so they don't take many more than promised. Essentially bureaucratic reasons like incorrect paperwork, that sort of thing. There are infinite different routes to safety, they are all hard, and some of them end in Britain. As for Britain being a soft touch - I can tell you with confidence that intimidation is practically UK policy when it comes to asylum seekers. The Home Office try to confuse and trick claimants so they can refuse their claim, and somewhere between 30-40% of denials are found to be wrong decisions. Asylum seekers get a pittance and live under very strict rules, and when they become a refugee, the system dictates that most automatically become homeless for a time because they are kicked off home office support and have to apply for everything again. For both asylum seekers and refugees, there is very little support to integrate and succeed here, and the bulk of support comes from charities. I won't go on about this anymore because I know I might sound a bit preachy, and also it's off topic, but I just think the facts of the matter are so much worse than what you'll read in a paper or hear your mate say etc etc.
  14. I don't want to get too in to this because it's off topic for the thread, but it is another truth that immigrants of all types overall contribute more than they take. The NHS is a great example of what they contribute. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but overall, I think it's a positive. As for the UK being a destination, it is for some I suppose, but it's not because of the welfare state - people from so far away generally aren't aware of it, at least in any detail. When you're being bombed or persecuted, the last thing you're worrying about is how much you can get from the Home Office/DWP. Europe treats people fleeing like problems, and it isn't uncommon for people to be moved around from country to country without much say in it. Yes, you are supposed to register as soon as you arrive, but this isn't always easy to do, and govts will find any excuse to pass you on to another country or back to your own. There are lots of factors that push people around Europe, and it's important to remember that. Countries like France will find any excuse not to take people, and there are very complex rules which make it easy for them to justify refusing people. The UK is much the same (I could go in to more detail about the Home Office makes the UK a literally hostile place to asylum seekers), so people find themselves in makeshift camps, between countries, and looking for anywhere to go that's safe and secure. It's not a case of fleeing France, or any other European country, it's just finding somewhere safe. I absolutely won't entertain the idea that these people aren't genuinely fleeing seriously dangerous situations. I've spoken to too many people through my work have lost everything and have the scars to prove it to know the reality. You're right about Brexit though and it not helping the refugee issue as it is a totally separate issue.
  15. That's partly true. The vote on Sunday trading was a disappointment, but it is unsual. SNP generally abstain from English-only issues. The problem is deciding which is an English-only issue. With Sunday trading, I think they got it wrong. Scotland can make a lot of decisions for themselves, and i'm certainly not against an English Parliament (i'm pro-indy after all), but I certainly don't think the English are the ones with the less power here. England has the majority of seats out of the whole UK, so English MP's carry the most weight. If English MP's want something introduced or changed, they can do it even if every Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish MP opposed it. A lot of this is down to personal beliefs, though, and I respect yours.
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