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  1. Jones and Defoe should have been brought on at around 70 minutes. Decent performance but we should have had more of a go at them, in my opinion.
  2. Mine's worked fine. From what I gather, a lot of the problems stemmed from people waiting until after 18:30 to log in.
  3. Classic ScotNattery, from a bitter little man.
  4. The Football Insider and Ryan Kent's 'friends' are, of course, highly reliable sources. I've just ordered the away and third shirts with Kent on the back, on the basis of this irrefutable evidence that he'll be back.
  5. There we have conclusive proof that ScotNats aren't even good at acronyms.
  6. Well done to all involved. In an era where it's seen as trendy to knock our Armed Forces, it's good to see Rangers FC go against the grain.
  7. We can't let a £7m transfer fee or Liverpool's unwillingness to loan him out again stand in the way of young love.
  8. You've certainly convinced me. I've just ordered the new top with Kent on the back and stuck up a Ryan Kent poster in my living room.
  9. They'll have watched our recent matches and will set up to stifle our attacking threat. We have been quite stuffy in Europe too. I'd take a 1-1 draw. I expect the real battles tomorrow won't be on the pitch.
  10. Obviously all the journalists know exactly what's going on with the Kent situation and Gerrard never stops talking the lad up. Jesus wept.
  11. I recall Bavaria Munchen saving Prussia Dortmund a few years ago. You'd hope someone, somewhere could help out with the ridiculous amount of money in English football. I wish the Bury fans all the best.
  12. I can't believe we're still banging on about Kent. He might come, he might not. We have a huge match tomorrow night. How many goals or assists did Kent provide on our EL run last season? Not many!
  13. I'm only counting t-shirts worn to matches, Bill.
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