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  1. Funnily enough, I listened to Wayne Shorter's JuJu last night and thought of Rousseau. We have won it.
  2. Ten years they've laughed at us and mocked us. Understandable, given we're the most successful club in football. However, some of the actions, comments and behaviour of many we might expect better of have demonstrated how much we are hated and how much standards in Scotland have fallen (denigrating opponents is more fulfilling than being successful, apparently). In the space of twelve months, we have gone from crisis to a team on the verge of winning a title we thought we might never hold again (and having a terrific run in Europe). The players, management and custodians of Ra
  3. See when the scum win 1-0... it's worse than them winning comfortably. Everything has to be taken into consideration when assessing football. Their suffering brings me great joy.
  4. I put this track on (full volume) at full-time tonight. Felt amazing...
  5. I can't decide if I like winning more when we get dodgy decisions or when we don't get decisions. Either way, I like winning.
  6. Shite match, great result. I've just put up red, white and blue balloons in my window. 🟥⬜🟦
  7. I doubt Livi sit in like this against many other sides. They are very well organised and work really hard - there's no denying it.
  8. We look better when Kamara gets forward more. Second half started off better but now it's more of the same. Just a bit slow and clumsy. This pitch is a joke.
  9. Good to know football fans still physically exist. 😀
  10. I think he said, "Did you f*cking not see it?".
  11. That was an uninspiring half of football. Our tempo is the problem - far too pedestrian. Aribo has played quite well and we probably should have had a penalty. Other than that, watching paint dry would be preferable.
  12. HSV is a club that suffering from poor infrastructure and poor decision making. They were lucky to stay in the top flight as long as they did. I suspect they'll remain in the second division for at least another two seasons (after this one) until they can clear out some of the gutless playing staff and find a coach/manager who knows how to instill some much needed steel into the squad. It's a shame because they have a huge fan base and a terrific stadium. I've been over twice and loved it - it's a great city too.
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