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  1. I counted two Israeli flags in amongst the Spurs fans, at CoMS, on Wednesday night and one Israeli flag in amongst the Ajax fans, in Turin. I'm sure a poster on here has vexiphobia and an aversion to Israel. I was a wee bit worried about him
  2. Emma Thompson flew from LA to join the protest, apparently. Is it only lower income people they want to stop leaving a carbon footprint?
  3. I think you must have broken some kind of record with that post, 26th. Never before have I seen so many rats mentioned on a single forum post. I need another shower after reading it.
  4. I take it Mr Pie wants Gove to impose sanctions on the countries responsible for the majority of the pollution? Becuse the UK isn't one of them. We can be like an environmental Team America, putting the world to rights (and putting millions of people in Third World countries out of work). If we all stop eating meat, how long will it take for the additional cow farts to destroy the Ozone layer?
  5. Having now seen a picture of the Wings Over Bath guy, I definitely wouldn't leave him unsupervised around children.
  6. Isn't it commonly known that GCC is a hive of yahooism?
  7. Gonzo79

    The A to Z

    Q has to be Quinton Young.
  8. Looks like we'll remain in competition with Aberdeen next season. Shinnie, Souttar and Hastie aren't the level required to obtain our 55th title. The yahoos will strengthen. We need to too.
  9. A proper player too. I actually sang, 'Parlane is the king of Ibrox Park' to myself a few weeks ago. I think I must have heard the hymn on TV or something. Not that I ever saw him play in the flesh.
  10. Gonzo79

    The A to Z

    J. Johnston, as in Willie.
  11. From what I can see, they are getting more of a negative reaction from the public and the press and that suggests the businessmen and politicians won't be inclined to assist them in their aims. I was reading about sea pollution recently and over 80% of it comes from rivers in Asia and Africa. We had our industrial revolution over 100 years ago and now other places are having theirs. Unless you want Western governments to impose sanctions and trade embargos on the countries responsible, which will have a negative affect on our economy, as well as theirs, I'm not sure what else we can do. It's a bit of a no-win situation. We didn't give a shit about the environment when our mills were being flung up, so why should the Chinese, Indians or Nigerians give a shit about it now theirs are being flung up? I thought most progressive Europeans preferred less 'Western intervention' into far flung places? As an aside, isn't it odd how these protests are occurring during the working week. Don't Quentin and Trixie have jobs to go to?
  12. GMP are hardly representative of Mancunians. As for City, I've been to see them on several occasions and always wanted them to do well. In recent years, I've lost all interest in English football and the Oil money and half and half scarves are both contributing factors. I also can't stand Pep Guardiola - when will someone tell him his hood is inside out!? I hope Ajax win it.
  13. The home top looks class. The red shirt is alright and the black shirt is decidedly average. I'd prefer blue, red and white home, away and third shirts.
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