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  1. Gonzo79

    Hong Kong

    Chinese people are quite a long, long way off taking over the UK in demographics.
  2. There are limitations to our merchandising reach due to the tin pot league we play in.
  3. Good to see the English back out socialising. It's a shame we have to wait another ten days to do the same.
  4. As a Borderer myself, I hope they get run over. By a juggernaut.
  5. "We're really laying it on thick.". You said it, pal.
  6. Gonzo79


    I'm supposed to be meeting some pals outdoors this afternoon but the clouds are getting darker every time I look out the window. ☹️ Have Scottish Summers always been this wet? Perhaps it's the old rose-tinted spectacles but there seems to be more rain in June, July and August nowadays than there was in the 80s and 90s.
  7. Given the declining education standards in Scotland, I can only see the ScotNat vote share increasing. More morons = more ScotNats.
  8. He used some of his ill-gotten gains to benefit others.
  9. The statue of Colston and others similar to it are not celebrating slavery. Colston used his wealth to build schools and for other philanthropic endeavours in his hometown, hence the erection of the statue(s).
  10. What, you mean they're going to manufacture more strips during the month of July!? What kind of sorcery is this? 🤯
  11. Sporting integrity is more important to the SPFL/SFA than a few million quid. 2012.
  12. I suspect accommodations will be made to Hearts and Thistle and things will continue, with the same greasy fingers stuck up the same behinds.
  13. I think you need to calm down and have a deep breath before continuing to rant away, TB. More kits will be manufactured before they're physically available.
  14. Shop owners don't have to enforce the face mask rule. The Police will be doing on the spot fines, apparently. Either way, I'm not wearing one.
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