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  1. I find it hard to get annoyed with this Rangers side. Which feels weird. Not at our best but could've scored a handful against a decent Belgian side. Not bad.
  2. Bit of an odd performance, overall. Kamara and Arfield played well. We could've scored 5 or 6, if their keeper wasn't so good. Another good night to be a Bear. SG's record in Europe is quite incredible!
  3. It'd be nice to finish top of the group. A continuation of our great defensive record, another good showing by our three man midfield and a Morelos goal would be magic. Congratulations to McGregor too!
  4. If it wasn't for Carlton, I'd be asking the mods to ban you for that!
  5. A cracking tune from a very good but largely forgotten album...
  6. Thanks for the correction. Has that changed recently?
  7. Club1872 need to get themselves sorted out, in terms of making clear their short, medium and long-term strategy, their structure and provide more transparency, if they want to encourage more Bears to sign up (I used to be a member but left about 3 years ago).
  8. State Pension is funded by NI contributions, so isn't free. No one claims it - it is paid out as a matter of course. But I would agree things like that, free bus passes and free prescriptions should be reviewed.
  9. This thread sums up why Rangers supporters might make a mess of fan ownership. Even when we agree questions need to be asked, we start disagreeing about whether those questions are being posed correctly. I'm even arguing with myself about all of this. 😆 King could've given us another couple of months enjoying football before announcing the offer FFS.
  10. These debates are unwinnable. Those who object to free school meals for all tend to refer to things like expensive mobile phones/large plasma TVs/designer sportswear owned by some of the parents demanding it. They have a point. Humans used to be resourceful creatures but that resourcefulness seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate.
  11. I hope Milan absolutely annihilate them. 😀
  12. It'll be interesting to see how this transpires. I doubt Club1872 will be able to raise £13m in the timeframe stated but stranger things have happened. I used to be a supporter of fan ownership but now I'm not so sure. However, I still believe supporters should have some say in certain aspects of how a club is run and as such, a 25% Club1872 shareholding might be a good thing.
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