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  1. Squad players have done little to boost their credentials when picked or brought on as subs. Agreed. The grace period gained with 55 has gone, after the two home draws against two mediocre teams. Time to sort it out.
  2. Substitutions have always been a bit of an issue with Gerrard. It all seems a bit formulaic, similar to Warburton. It's usually like for like and doesn't change how we're playing. Bringing Wright, Sakala and Arfield on certainly won't strike fear into the opposition.
  3. Poor recruitment and a lack of invention from the players and management are going to cost the club millions, if things don't change soon. Sakala - I just don't see anything there. Bacuna looks like he can pick a pass but is not a hard worker, which is why (presumably) he isn't playing much. I recall people saying how strong our bench looked earlier this season...seems bonkers now. Our midfield is powderpuff and that's no use in Scotland.
  4. I couldn't get near the gates this evening. There was a bit of congestion before kick off. Sometimes you don't need to do something physical when you care about something or someone. I know what Walter Smith means to me and he knows what he means to us. Memories that will last forever.
  5. I briefly spoke to a drunk/stoned Albion Rovers fan on the train into Glasgow tonight. He told me him and a few of his pals used to love Nicola but now hate her (he saw my scarf and I think he was maybe just trying to be friendly). I told him I've always hated her. Hopefully his lot are finally waking up to their stupidity.
  6. That was embarrassing tonight. I have nothing else to say about it.
  7. Awful news. Walter Smith gave us all some great memories - his legacy will last forever.
  8. Just checked and the rail strikes will commence on Monday (1st Nov).
  9. Thankfully, I'm getting the train through tomorrow. I take it the Subway won't be hugely impacted by it (I'm assuming it'll be beneath* those in attendance)? *literally and metaphorically.
  10. Have Rangers always had this 'take the foot off the gas' mentality? I recall being a kid, in the 80s and early 90s and noting it. Games where we could easily win 6 or 7-0 but have instead slackened off after 3 or 4. We're currently as bad as ever for it -very frustrating ...sorry to go off on a tangent on such a great thread.
  11. Gonzo79


    There was. I suspect COP26 will result in cost of living increases which will impact those in lower income brackets mostly. Greta being in attendance whilst Putin isn't tells us a lot about the event.
  12. I haven't dealt with them personally but from what I've read they just seem like a more state authorised version of Call It Out. In other words, a bunch of yahoos who see sectarianism as a one way street.
  13. After a poor first 25 minutes or so, I thought we played okay today. As usual, we didn't go and try to get more goals and that resulted in a nervy last part of the match. To be fair to them, I thought St Mirren played very well to begin with. They looked very confident and passed the ball around in a manner unexpected of a Scottish diddy side - sometimes you have to acknowledge the opposition when they're good. How many RoI players did they have? Unsurprising that they tried so hard.
  14. He'd charge a few grand to tell you at an after-dinner speech, probably. That's his preferred method of communicating his social(ist) conscience. I love it when Man Utd are suffering. Horrible club.
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