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  1. I'll enrol in sensitivity and age-awareness courses, prior to posting on a football forum again.
  2. I want what's best for Rangers and think our club would be better off with a good PR firm on board.
  3. I don't want Jim Traynor to be associated with Rangers FC. I thinks that's fairly reasonable given his track record. I don't anyone to be assaulted whilst going about their daily business. I tend not to jump to conclusions on the basis of tweets, which I think is sensible.
  4. I don't hate Jim Traynor. Do you have evidence the attack was motivated by sectarianism?
  5. Is this a statement of fact and what does his age have to do with it? "They surged in several times clubbing everyone within reach. Although the fans who were spewing their sectarian bile probably deserve a good hiding, innocents would also have been taken out." Jim Traynor on Rangers fans in Pamplona, Spain
  6. I care about Rangers. I don't care about Jim Traynor.
  7. City have breached FFP rules. Juventus were caught cheating due to involvement in the appointment of certain match officials. Rangers were done for a tax avoidance scheme and for not fulfilling tax obligations. The three things aren't comparable.
  8. What a shame. Maybe now he can be put out to pasture and we can bring in a good PR firm who have never made disparaging remarks about Rangers supporters (like he has).
  9. Men of good stock don't celebrate Patron Saints. 😉 As for Bears wanting Gerrard binned, I'd say the percentage who do make it barely worth discussing.
  10. The SNP have had some interesting leaders. A Nazi sympathiser, a sex pest and an adulterer. Makes you wonder what kind of slime would vote for them...🤔
  11. I agree. But isn't that one of the most basic aspects of attacking football? Are the players being coached correctly and if so, are they choosing to ignore it?
  12. Our primary focus, as a club, is winning the league. Always has been, always will be.
  13. It will hit home when it's repeatedly mentioned by the yahoos and the press (if they manage it). I think Celtc are likely to win 12 major trophies in a row now. That is embarrassing for everyone in Scottish football.
  14. If we don't give Livi a thumping, I expect Ibrox will be flat next Thursday. It was all about the league this season and we've blown it.
  15. Gerrard is attempting to play the way Klopp's Liverpool side does. An off-form Morelos, Kent doing naff all and a 21 year old loanee aren't exactly Firmino, Salah and Mane. Warburton's "Plan B is doing Plan A better" nonsense seems quite popular with Gerrard, who rarely reacts to opposition tactics. He's going to have to be a bit more flexible if he wants to be a successful manager.
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