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  1. I think Arsenal would pay a fair bit more than that for Odegaard. Real Madrid's reserve side should be spanking us, in all honesty. Even if we had lost today, I really enjoyed our confidence and general play. Just think where we were 3 or 4 years ago - we were awful. Today, I'm not surprised we beat a team full of bloody expensive/good players in a friendly. That's how quickly things have changed and I'm absolutely loving it. I can't wait for the season to start.
  2. Can you provide us with any examples?
  3. I only watched the second half but thought we looked decent enough. Great to see Katic back in the team and Kelly, again, looked impressive. Wee bit worried about our striking options for the CL qualifiers, with Roofe suspended and Alfie unlikely to be up to speed.
  4. Have they (that's a genuine question btw)?
  5. West Ham have a shirt sponsor, they're just providing supporters the option to buy a sponsorless version of their shirt. The yahoos are doing the same thing.
  6. I think it would take some time to consider and then state how I think the second chamber, if it is to remain, should be made up. Quite honestly, I can't be arsed (no one would be interested and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference).
  7. That's transfer windows for you. Given the improvement in our squad since SG took charge and the inevitability of comings and goings, I prefer to just sit back and enjoy it.
  8. We won't. Maybe we should add another layer, to keep check on the HoL. 'The House of Overlords'?
  9. Suits me. And trainers (anyone who wears Nike or Reebok is a no-no).
  10. It's available now. The gold and white bit on the collar reminds me of a certain flag...🤔
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