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  1. Every time we've got cocky since the 2016 cup semi, it has come back to bite us on the arse. That's a fact, nothing to do with superstition. As for the away form table, that is genuinely embarrassing. I hope Gerrard is looking at that and is shaking his head.
  2. Gonzo79

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    The UN is only credible if you want it to be. 14 million? Has anyone gone a bit more in-depth on this statistic?
  3. I would be wary about mocking the Leith tramps' league position just now. Give it seven days...
  4. Gonzo79

    Hibs vs Rangers - Hibs at Christmas Road?

    The only ugly scenes at recent Glasgow derbies were the hanging effigies, Celtc fans being crushed due to their own stadium being a bit of a safety hazard and of course, the personal hygiene problems the creeps in green and an off-white always seem to proudly display. And Scott Brown's head.
  5. Gonzo79

    Hibs vs Rangers - Hibs at Christmas Road?

    No way should we ever fear going to that dump. Get stuck into them from the word go.
  6. I've had people at my work pulled into meetings because they tweeted, jokingly, about smoking dope - with no reference to the employer on their Twitter page. Laughing about discrimination, publicly, would get you in trouble in quite a lot of jobs these days.
  7. Gonzo79

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    There's a difference between suggesting Corbyn isn't fit to lead a country and suggesting the government should consist only of posh people. The way things are going with schooling (including public schools), there'll be very few fit to lead a country in the future. We're being taught that a benevolent discourse, full of jargon the civil service adores, is far superior to pointing fingers and telling the truth. As for Macron, if you admire his style of politics, you're already way down the globalist sinkhole.
  8. Interesting. Have I been compartmentalised now?
  9. I quoted her word for word but altered the subject of her amusement. Toleration of her views will only see them become more ingrained in our society.
  10. Gonzo79

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Although changes are needed, a Socialist British government would be severely limited in the changes it could make due to globalism (which a lot of modern Labour people don't seem averse to). Add to that that a) Voters have long memories. The last two Labour governments oversaw the 70s, not exactly a time of renowned economic success and then the financial crash of 2008. b) Voters must be quite happy with 'shite' because the Tories keep getting voted in. Not that I'd vote for either of them. They're both full of chancers and self-serving mouthpieces.
  11. Gonzo79

    What's Happened to the Jukebox Thread?

    This is enough to wake a dead man up!
  12. Isn't Glasgow University publicly funded? Imagine this... Journalist: "Jeannette, do you think there is institutional Islamopohobia apparent in Scotland?". Jeanette: "You can say I laughed, wheezed and spluttered my tea. You can say I nearly died. Individual Muslims may well suffer prejudice but there is no systemic bias against them." Grist to the mill?
  13. Gonzo79


    Whenever I see Eddie Izzard in the Unicef adverts asking us to give money to Yemen or Burma, I wonder why he doesn't visit those in need ...fully made up,like he is in the adverts, of course.
  14. It's this sort of attitude they rely on to continue their assault. I don't really disagree with it, on principle but turning a blind eye hasn't done us much good.
  15. Gonzo79

    Portrait Exhibition

    In one exhibition they have justified some of my misgivings. As I said, an MP's background, sex or ethnicity should be irrelevant. It's what they do that counts. You can celebrate this, along with the BBC and feminists. I will continue to question this sort of hollow exhibitionism.

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