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  1. Question authority. The likes of Lawwell and Powar will be rubbing their hands, with glee, today. And they won't ever stop coming after us.
  2. Fair point. But it is moronic to sing songs you know will harm the club and it is also the very definition of 'lickspittle' to do as you're told without ever questioning the reason.
  3. JFK is basically a fifth generation news source when it comes to Kent. It's like the "a taxi driver told me..", level of information.
  4. Banning all songs and goal celebrations will appease the yahoos. Let's go.
  5. Goldson is a good, solid defender at the level(s) we're playing at. The main drawback to his game is his (lack of) pace. The defence really isn't an area we should be debating at such length because our back line is quite dependable, considering the sums we paid for them. Our inability to break teams down should be the real area of focus.
  6. It's great to see so many among us wishing to be so wilfully compliant with Piara Powar's completely impartial FARE organisation.
  7. Aye, my pal in BF1 has received an email telling him he'll get a refund.
  8. If we spend £6m on Kent, I would question Gerrard's sanity.
  9. If you say so. What song was sung vs St Joseph's that has resulted in this punishment?
  10. We share a border with England and are a major trading partner.
  11. Where's that list of songs then? And did FARE/UEFA see the yahoos' "****** Army" banner?
  12. The work is quite vague. Can you, FARE or UEFA tell us exactly what we can and can't sing, for future reference?
  13. If Piara Powar and FARE had their way, Rangers wouldn't exist. And Celtc fans are offended by everything we do.
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