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  1. I would hope someone in their 30s or older could muster something more worthwhile than "Lol", whatever the circumstances. Okay, if you say so.
  2. I'm sure you said on another thread you're nearly 40. Can't you answer a few questions like an adult male?
  3. Okay, thanks. Are you a Scottish nationalist (it's okay to be honest, it's an anonymous forum)? And if so, do you want an independent Scotland to be a member of the European Union? Do you consider countries the size of Scotland who are EU members (RoI, Greece, Slovakia) to be independent nations?
  4. Hopefully the Braveheart fanbhoys are the first to suffer if the unthinkable ever happens. At least their former hero, the overweight sex pest, has failed miserably.
  5. This post seems contradictory, given your previous pro-EU stance.
  6. The main problem we have is the never-ending divide that nationalism is causing. It'd be nice to get back to party politics.
  7. Salmond and Sturgeon are probably thinking the exact same thing. When the problems start mounting up, they'll be long gone.
  8. The SNP vote share suggests it isn't 'more and more'. Not much has changed in the last generation*. *7 years for normal people
  9. Any party that stays in power too long becomes stale and corrupt. It's the lack of fight from the opposition (in Scotland and the UK) that is really disappointing, albeit not as disappointing as how thick around 45% of Scots are.
  10. I just heard a snippet of the new Coldplay single and can't decide whether to chop off my ears or just go on a killing spree.
  11. High turnout in Glasgow, according to reports. I'm hoping Unionists there have realised the importance of this election but I suspect Channel 5 showing Braveheart a couple of weeks ago might be the real reason.
  12. Thanks for this post and the work done to remember and commemorate our founders.
  13. That wouldn't be very diverse and inclusive now, would it.
  14. In the current climate, it doesn't even need to be the subject of a comment that gets upset for it to be considered offensive. The SNP would have someone done for a hate crime for telling a relative, in a private property, that sex is based on biology. Oddly, the Scottish Nationalists despise individual independence and independent thought, even if it is based on facts and figures (actually, maybe that's why they hate it).
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if the fat sex pest and wobbly heid have both had their mitts all over that sexbot.
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