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  1. I see Celtc FC employee and Scottish Nationalist Michael Stewart was on Sportscene on Saturday evening. He stated Gerrard's comment about Morelos being the victim of double standards was 'daft' and the Rangers should 'let it go'. Why is a partisan, bitter yahoo mouthpiece, like Stewart, paid to spout shite like this by a publicly funded broadcaster? I'd advise Bears to stop paying the licence fee - we're being charged to fund our haters.
  2. I'd just prefer the lion was red. Like the Lion Rampant and like our club crest. Maybe 'brand' Rangers will benefit from 'fresh' modernisation of this 'complimentary' nature*...time will tell. *pointless jargon apology
  3. Decent performance. Should have scored a few more. Dundee Utd are garbage.
  4. I wasn't sure about changing the Scottish red lion to a white one but if ScotNats like it, I'm dead against it. Nothing wrong with heritage and tradition. 🇬🇧
  5. I can't sign out either.
  6. I have just found out Toots Hibbert has departed this mortal coil. Another great vocalist gone.
  7. Watched it. Toots And The Maytals are unbeatable for feelgood music...
  8. Looks good, although the white lion (instead of red) on the official crest is a bit odd.
  9. From what I gather, Dundee Utd are decent going forward but not great at the back, which is all the more reason to attack them at every opportunity. Winning is all that matters but I really want to thrash this lot.
  10. I say give them independence. Maybe the loss of millionaires and oilfields will snap some ScotNats out of their stupor. Then again, probably not...
  11. I'd imagine Britain has bots, as most countries looking to influence world events will. Strangely, only Russian bots seem capable of driving people round the bend.
  12. It's a Rangers shop in name only. Best advice is to give it a wide berth.
  13. Their response(s) to complaints are just as concerning as the reasons for the complaints.
  14. Sky Sports News reporting that Aribo will be out for 4-6 weeks with an ankle sprain. That's bad news.
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