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  1. You could put Gonzo from the Muppets or Thomas Sowell in the role of US President and it wouldn't have much impact on the political direction of the country (inwardly or outwardly). Whole thing is a sham.
  2. Well, that's work done and dusted. Just need to see if I can manage some shut-eye then it's off to Portugal tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing many Bears all over the South of the Iberian peninsula.
  3. I've seen a few a bit annoyed by this but in Scotland, a player gets to visit Fir Park, Tannadice and Easter Road (as well as the fantastic surfaces at Livingston and Kilmarnock), whereas in Germany, every stadium is a belter and it's a much better quality of football. We're in a shit league. If I was a foreigner, the only thing that would entice me here is money and I think Union will be able to offer him more than Rangers.
  4. I'm slightly more nervous about the travel issues (security, connecting flights and heavily relying on a taxi) than the match just now. Can't wait until Wednesday afternoon, when I arrive in Seville.
  5. That actually happened before we got married. Another ex referred to me as a 'musical fascist'...a term I gladly accepted. 😀
  6. I like to think I'm a bit more realistic than most when it comes to transfer fees but I'd be astounded (and annoyed) if we accepted any less than £12m for Aribo..
  7. I'm working Monday and Friday (could only get three days off). I suspect I'll be useless tomorrow and worse than useless on Friday - I can't think about anything but Seville.
  8. I'll tell you what, it's a disgrace we've lost the league to that lot. They're a shit football team and their fans are vermin. Poor show on the domestic front that needs fixed pronto.
  9. Looks like I'm getting a ticket but I don't know where yet - should find out on Monday. When you say 'other end', is that not in with the Frankfurters?
  10. My ex had a signed Joe Strummer gig ticket. I ripped that up and put it straight in the toilet.
  11. I can't wait to getting back to normal sleeping problems. Ever since we qualified, I've barely managed four hours. Next week - bring it on. The nerves, the excitement, the culmination of a very strange, roller-coaster of a season.
  12. I attended an HSV vs Eintracht Frankfurt league match about 7 or 8 years ago and supporter relations were quite convivial (like most German matches, the Ultras are very exclusive but in other parts of the ground, opposition fans sit together). With regards to Wednesday, I have absolutely no doubt their Ultras will cause some bother. They're not far off St Pauli, in terms of political leanings and they like a bit of bother. Their normal fans will be no problem at all.
  13. Great to see so many of the young players get a game and play well. It's worth bearing in mind that the Hearts players weren't exactly busting a gut today. Certainly not the usual fast paced rough and tumble we tend to face in Gorgie. And now for the big time!
  14. Don't get into a fret, old chap. We'll know the formation in a few minutes.
  15. Hopefully a few second stringers take their chance and put on a good show. Mon The Rangers! 🟥⬜🟦
  16. Metal Guru by T-Rex was No. 1 when Colin Stein Scored one and Willie Johnston two...
  17. I'd want £60m for Bassey! In the real world, we'd probably be more likely to get around £10-15m.
  18. Nationalists stuck in the house while Unionists are partying in the sun. Just the way it should be. 🇬🇧
  19. The bigger stadium didn't apply to hold the final though. If Braga and Atalanta were in the final, a 42k seater would be big enough.
  20. The UEFA tickets are all sold out. Took me seven attempts to actually get in. Not that I'm too bothered. 😜
  21. I tried five times, via browser and email but nothing happening.
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