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  1. Have Rangers always had this 'take the foot off the gas' mentality? I recall being a kid, in the 80s and early 90s and noting it. Games where we could easily win 6 or 7-0 but have instead slackened off after 3 or 4. We're currently as bad as ever for it -very frustrating ...sorry to go off on a tangent on such a great thread.
  2. Gonzo79


    There was. I suspect COP26 will result in cost of living increases which will impact those in lower income brackets mostly. Greta being in attendance whilst Putin isn't tells us a lot about the event.
  3. I haven't dealt with them personally but from what I've read they just seem like a more state authorised version of Call It Out. In other words, a bunch of yahoos who see sectarianism as a one way street.
  4. After a poor first 25 minutes or so, I thought we played okay today. As usual, we didn't go and try to get more goals and that resulted in a nervy last part of the match. To be fair to them, I thought St Mirren played very well to begin with. They looked very confident and passed the ball around in a manner unexpected of a Scottish diddy side - sometimes you have to acknowledge the opposition when they're good. How many RoI players did they have? Unsurprising that they tried so hard.
  5. He'd charge a few grand to tell you at an after-dinner speech, probably. That's his preferred method of communicating his social(ist) conscience. I love it when Man Utd are suffering. Horrible club.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Hibs are a pitiful club with fans from the gutters. Porteous is an accurate personification of that whole club, in fact.
  7. Well it was Lassana Coulibaly he launched himself at previously.
  8. If Hibs don't appeal it, the Hibs support accuse their board of being spineless. If they do appeal it, we call them a disgrace. Hibs are a scummy club but it's a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for their board. I'm still enjoying their pain. 😃
  9. They seemed quite sure the Boys Club was/is a 'separate entity', so why are they anxious?
  10. A big question I have relates to the international nature of the sport - will certain FAs face claims and look into phasing out/banning heading or will it go straight to FIFA and be a global approach? I don't think there's much doubt that 'Western' countries are far more health and safety focused than they are in other parts of the world and the same goes for claim culture (which seems to prompt the h&s obsession). There's a great art to a good header, particularly a goal-scoring one - it would be missed, although I think it'd be beneficial to lessen its usage in Scottish youth football (get rid of hoofing the ball and get kids to play football on the deck).
  11. I wish we won every game with a dodgy penalty and the opposition getting players sent off. I love their whining, toys out the pram routine and most of all, the pain - it's all thoroughly enjoyable.
  12. The last few international breaks haven't really done us any favours.
  13. I certainly don't blame anyone for avoiding taxes but it's just another bit of evidence in the 'Tony Blair should not be given any more exposure' case.
  14. What happened to that ScotNat Mhairi person - she seemed pretty working class? Big things were expected but last I heard she was bored of Westminster.
  15. Why single football out though, when other sports have their own dangers? BTW my grandmother is suffering badly from dementia at the moment and as someone who suffered a serious head injury a few years ago, this isn't a subject I take lightly.
  16. Yet more evidence that Blair and his repulsive partner were always 'at it'... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58780559 "Tony and Cherie Blair did not have to pay £312,000 in stamp duty when buying a £6.45m London townhouse, leaked documents show."
  17. If Bill gets his way, it would've been 0-0 at Ibrox today.
  18. The victory was the main thing. A Jambo neighbour had a right moan at me (last week) about away fans not getting into Ibrox at the moment. I just shrugged - couldn't really care less. We don't owe Scottish football fans anything. Hopefully Gerrard can sort a few things out before we play Hearts - there's no doubt we can improve.
  19. The Scottish electorate...
  20. I read somewhere it was due to Covid travel issues but that wasn't a verified source, so it might well be a knock. We could do with him today.
  21. Goldson didn't travel to Prague due to Covid travel restrictions, as far as I'm aware. He should be available tomorrow.
  22. We've faced Cologne four times: 1967, 1979, 1982 and 1988. They did beat us 5-0 in 1982. John Greig was manager at the time and Jim Denny wasn't involved (Jim Bett was though).
  23. People who vote for him and his pals are madder than Mel Gibson. He's a total joke of a man, before you even consider him representing others.
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