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  1. Good question. Maybe Zelensky asked the Germans, Italians and French over to put on a show of strength. Actually, scratch that - they're German, Italian and French.
  2. That won't be available until the transfer window is closed and the accounts are released. As usual, there's the 'Why haven't we spent £50m' brigade and there's the 'We're skint, doom and gloom' brigade and the truth is somewhere in between.
  3. Hopefully someone puts the cretin out of her misery. I know Westminster is far from perfect (it's closer to being a shambles than perfect these days) but it still amazes me that muppets in Scotland continue to vote for Nicola Sturgeon and her rag-tag bunch of incompetent chancers.
  4. The window has only been open for a few days. It's surely a bit early to hit panic mode.
  5. She has lips too.
  6. Wikileaks. The US authorities don't like their unethical practices being made public knowledge.
  7. You missed out Krasnodar paying a significant fee for him and Haaland being first pick for Norway. Time will tell, I suppose...
  8. But buster said he was in Spain?
  9. compo, you make Putin seem like a reasonable fellow. 😀
  10. This might fall under the 'US Foreign Policy' umbrella. Someone must be clued up about that?
  11. This is an interesting take... EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says Ukrainians are "ready to die" for the European perspective. She adds: "We want them to live with us in the European dream."
  12. An article worth a read... https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/david-lammy-george-floyd-and-the-trouble-with-structural-racism- "...remember the most fundamental belief of modern progressives is that evidence of disparities is evidence of prejudice. If one group does poorly and another group does well, there must be something in the very DNA of the state that is oppressing the former. The problem is that this doesn’t leave much room for nuanced explanations. It would be a curious sort of racism which causes Black African children to slightly outperform their White British peers, while Black Caribbean pupils lag far behind. Even this obscures detail; Francophone Africans perform significantly worse than Black Caribbean students. Is 'structural racism' really to blame for this?".
  13. I do like a chuckle at fixture complaints. If we can't have confidence playing the likes of Killie and Aberdeen (home or away), then there's something wrong.
  14. Maybe the CEOs of Utilita, E-On etc. can discuss that on their quarterly trips to Saint Tropez?
  15. Aye, you're right. Think the bitterness hit my brain before common sense did.
  16. They can do what they want. The court cases would only be constantly delayed anyway.
  17. Humble crofts and partner's businesses don't run themselves, do they.
  18. This is why I will be sticking to my 'not giving money to other clubs' guns. We have the power to land a fatal blow on several parties. Not that we'll use it but principles are important.
  19. He's a striker with good stats. Leeds Utd are interested too, according to reports.
  20. Gonzo79


    Every major business, all main political parties and the mainstream media disagree.
  21. I'd like to correct the lawyer. The SNP are attempting to con everyone but are only successfully conning morons.
  22. Gonzo79


    Does Jacinda Ardern have a moustache? She was fairly dismissive of human rights with her Draconian Covid lockdowns.
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