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  1. Saints don't shag trannies. The Tims have been lording it over us for years now. It's up to us to put them in their place (as in, our board, manager, players and our supporters).
  2. Hopefully we tank Motherwell and Hibs and Celtic injure and few of each other's players in the other semi.
  3. In today's climate, that is pretty racist. England's women's team fans had a banner covered up which said SUPER WHITE ARMY by the FA a few days ago. That's where we are, so Jackson should be dragged over the coals* for that poor attempt at journalism. *Hopefully in a literal sense.
  4. When has Miller ever looked a midfielder? I'd play Barjonas before him. Or Pena. Or Holt.
  5. I can see why you'd think that about Pena but he was probably our most creative player on Tuesday and has scored a couple, despite only starting once. I know Miller is a certainty to start and that's a reason I expect another defeat.
  6. Miller shouldn't be in the starting 11. He's too slow to play up front and not a good enough footballer to play in midfield. Play 5 in midfield - Candeias, Dorrans, Jack, Pena and anyone but Windass out left.
  7. Tims on the articles online are now going on about a judicial review. Sad, lonely, obsessed bastards.
  8. They'll probably haul the Dundee player up before the beaks for having the audacity to tackle a yahoo.
  9. More excellent work. I had no idea about the term "The Moonlighters" - always good to learn wee snippets like this.
  10. I could see them taking points off Anderlecht. I'd think Bavaria Munchen and PSG will beat them home and away (hopefully very heavy defeats).
  11. Alnwick made some very good saves, although he had a rather dodgy kick-out at one point (I think it was not long before Thistle equalised). I still worry about our defence and think we don't have enough presence in midfield. Morelos and Pena both impressed me - Pena plays some great passes and gets into good positions and the header was class. One thing I noted was we've had five goalscorers in the two matches at Firhill - Morelos, Dorrans, Pena, Caneias and Herrera (all PC signings). Not often we've been able to say that in recent years. Hopefully a sign of things to come, where a number of players chip in with goals.
  12. Can Nemane (sp?) or Atakiye (sp?) not play on the left? Anyone but Windass on Saturday.
  13. Dorrans, Herrera and Pena are the three we really need to prove themselves and we need our full-backs in full on defensive mode.
  14. Scott Brown gets away with whatever he wants in pretty much every match.
  15. I think Pena might still come good. There are positive signs and he has Herrera here, so isn't the only Mexican. Some players just take a bit longer to settle.
  16. Hopefully his last league match involving us and that lot is a good omen.
  17. I'd like to see the number of Hibs fans convicted for what they got up to at Hampden and also the number of our fans. I was personally told, "Go any further forward and you'll be arrested!" as I walked down the North stand towards a group of Hibs fans who were giving 'come ahead' gestures to Bears around me. Any Rangers fans who got onto the pitch should've known better but given the considerable provocation, which lasted quite some time, I wouldn't blame them If the Hibs fans had done that 30 or 40 years ago, there'd have been a full scale riot.
  18. I think I lasted about 5 seconds of marriage before the trouble started. ?
  19. The vid didn't work on my phone, so I apologise for my incorrect assumption about the incident. I prefer to let the Nats inhabit their own wee echo chamber. They are best ignored. And the incident in question pretty much backs that up (was the guy expecting to have a reasoned rational debate about independence with them - surely not?).
  20. I didn't say that. I said running around city centres with them is daft (and I say that as someone eho has run through Glasgow city centre with a RHoU flag aloft). Marches should be in large parks, rather than on main streets. We're all entitled to an opinion though (for the time being anyway).
  21. The Scotsman is hardly a friend of Rangers. If he keeps scoring, bids will come in. Best to enjoy his goals and hope he continues to do well.
  22. British Presbyterian men should behave in a dignified, hard-working way. Running about with flags in city centres is daft. Let the daft Nats get on with their cringeworthy flag waving and dancing around in skirts and we can get on with being decent people.
  23. Hopefully Rossiter's injury is minor. I had high hopes when we signed him but it's not looking good.
  24. I'd go 4-5-1. Not sure who I'd play but Miller would be benched. Let's face it, a 0-0 draw would be far better than another hiding, so let's set out to stop them.
  25. Hopefully DC is capable of taking Wallace's place. He looked fairly steady on Friday night. I'm not too concerned about Niko's injury or Miller needing a day off, as I'd have them both benched anyway.
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