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  1. Agreed , these Bears do a fantastic job and will be getting a donation from me .
  2. You would think this guy , if wrongly accused , would seek to defend his reputation in some way .
  3. Hats off to the staff at that care home , nice to hear there are people like that around still .
  4. selling our best player mid-season for £300k doesn't help either
  5. anything that makes the rheptiles spit with fury is like mother's milk to me .
  6. I would have been starting him from the turn of the year when it was perfectly obvious that Miller/Boyd were not fit for purpose .
  7. RAB they'll continually seek to beat us anyway , if not for this then something else . CG delivered a slap in the face to an intolerant islamo-fascist bully - more power to him I say .
  8. and it gave any right-thinking person following CG a bit of a laugh on what was a terrible day for right -thinking people .
  9. Why on earth not ? He wasn't on the board at the time .
  10. I thought it was the best thing he ever did and retweeted it actually . Unfortunately he's made a lot of enemies who don't like being challenged and no doubt are poring over everything he has posted .
  11. silly suggestion or not , I guarantee you this same team coached by Souness would give 100% effort , they'd be too scared not to .
  12. I'd really love Souness coming in and putting the wind up them .
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