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  1. Liverpool 30 points ahead of 5th placed Man U 😮.
  2. On the plus side ,we've got some ready made banners for Ugo Bonnet .
  3. I think the difference between Negri and Sebo ,was that Negri scored for fun ,but looked like he wanted to be anywhere else ,..whereas Sebo absolutely loved being at Rangers , but couldn't score.
  4. Seems like like the back four could consist of Flanagan Edmundson Goldson Barisic Flanagan is a naturally right sided player, so makes sense to use him there.
  5. Sorted that for you , you used a thoughtful emoji ,so i changed it to the far more suitable frowning one 😀.
  6. Franc Ergs


    Doing a few festivals this year ,looking forward to Glastonbury 50th in particular, first time seeing a Beatle live .
  7. As far as i am aware, the content from Rangers official ,and other media outlets, is fair game for all to use, as long as the original source is credited. Bit like posting on here really.
  8. Then create sensationalist headlines from off the cuff remarks.
  9. Think that lot are already looking at him, and they're welcome to him imo ,of course he can score for fun against Partick , but i think he'd be found wanting against serious opposition.
  10. The whole perimeter seats 600, so an extra 10 rows seems to already have been discussed as a possibility.
  11. I can confirm that it is the fag butt tossers that are to blame. Seems very much open to abuse this one. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/cigarette-form
  12. Arabian Missile Supplies 👍
  13. “I always said we had the best two teams on Merseyside… Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves.” - Bill Shankly .
  14. Rapid up to all the dirty tricks ,.. Just like another team we know that play in green and white 😉.
  15. Mostafa Mohamed certainly seems to have that gallusness about him that i think a top striker needs. McCoist had it, and so does Morelos.
  16. Thanks, i was trying to find this, but you've saved me the hassle. Interesting reading 👍
  17. The more i look at that incident ,the more i see it as just a really soft penalty, bearing in mind how viciously Aribo was hurled to the ground. My own perception at the time was that two yellow's were issued , but i wasn't sure who the second one was for , so when broon was yellowed later on, i just presumed it wasn't him that got the first.
  18. Just finished a shift,.. and now enjoying my first of 2020, so i raise my glass to you all ,and wish you a Happy New year.
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