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  1. 'Scotland have the players to hurt Belgium" - Steve Clarke. Might have been a good idea to put them in the starting line up then Steve.
  2. Pete, I'd appreciate it if you didn't post pictures of my wife on this forum.
  3. We'll never get rid of Halliday, he's had more comebacks than Rocky 😀.
  4. I'd start questioning him about the items in his trolley "Why are buying that wine ? and how are you managing to fund it". before accidentally emptying the contents of a bottle of chilli sauce all over his stupid f***in face.
  5. Yes, just noticed that the bodies on the banner version are wearing green and white. Eddie's obviously up to his knees in it 😉
  6. 'Tis "Eddie" the Iron Maiden mascot as depicted on the cover of the Trooper. The Union Jack flag may part of the reasoning behind it.
  7. Thought it was Goldson that gave the ball away for their first.
  8. Ah well , that's that then, too many below par performances from players that you thought might have done better, some poor passing and decision making, and a general lack of sharpness and urgency have all contributed to todays defeat.
  9. Way too casual from Goldson there.
  10. Wouldn't put it past the Roly-poly holy goalie being involved .
  11. Fans of Stuart Hall obviously . Didn't know they got "it's a knockout ' over there.
  12. Dempster joined Hibernian as chief executive in 2014 after holding a similar role at Motherwell FC. But she revealed that she grew up in the east end of Glasgow in a Rangers supporting family — although her mother was Catholic and her late father a Protestant. She said: “My family were Rangers supporters and the vast majority of my family still are Rangers supporters. “I went to my first game when I was 16. My brother had a season ticket and he wasn’t going to a match and I went, and I really enjoyed it.
  13. Tav may well have made some great crosses ,though they're really not that great unless there is a teammate on the other end of them ,but from what i saw, he was dispossessed a fair bit, and in general ,looked well off his best. The Barisic goal was the 'One moment" that won us the game.
  14. Fairly uninspiring first half, but just had a look at the free kick, so based on that ,..Barisic .
  15. I missed the second half ,but Tav was pretty ineffective up to that point. He had a better second half then ?
  16. Yes, sounds a bit like a preemptive strike from Gerrard, and as much as i like Kent, he wouldn't soften the blow of losing a player like Morelos.
  17. Flanagan put in some immense tackles last night ,proper old school defending.
  18. In case you hadn't noticed , we haven't actually been winning too much of anything these past few years. It was a great achievement for Ryan ,and for the club.
  19. He didn't win the PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year for nothing.
  20. i can see where they got the "MASSIVE club" thing from. Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes teeing off at Hazlehead.
  21. I think a player that can still shine in the worst conditions , is indeed a player.
  22. A lot made of the conditions ,..didn't stop Aribo though.
  23. Tommy Sheridan anagram = My Random Shite. Coincidence ?
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