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  1. Listened to the interview on the radio on way home from work,..sounds like a man that knows he's lost his job, and just doesn't give a shit anymore. On the subject of their game yesterday, i believe they did a socially distanced huddle,..surely it should now just be renamed 'Eleven guys standing in a circle looking intently at each other'.
  2. Aye ok smart arse, i might not be able to do basic tasks like find a password, but at least i know how to upload an mp3 šŸ˜„ .
  3. Cursing my mobile phone there, but it seems it saved my password..far too clever imo šŸ˜€
  4. If it's non copywritten audio then soundcloud is a relatively easy way to do it.
  5. My iMac has packed in so Iā€™m typing this on my phone which logs me in automatically . So trying to access the site from a laptop, unfortunately the password I thought it was is not being recognised, and also now transpires that I have no password for the email address that I registered with. Would it be easier just to re register ?
  6. Don't know too much about King Crimson, just had a listen to that track. Sounds like some heavy Beatles influences going on there.
  7. Not buying this 'Depleted' bullshit that PQ are spouting either, there were 9 players that played in the cup final in their team last night. Hardly depleted. All official sources within their club are still defending the Dubai trip to the death too, even though their own support thought it was a bad idea.šŸ˜† .
  8. Supposedly took a test prior to re-entering their bubble , or in other words ,Peter said it was ok.
  9. My only concern for their game v Hibs tonight , is that they'll have a decent manager in place (Whoever that may be).
  10. Bit of a disservice to drug users there.
  11. Couple of players that have been a bit off the boil recently, but both Morelos and Kent performing well today. Morelos gets my vote.
  12. "All other members of our squad, management team and backroom squad are negative.". If there's one case , then it's highly likely that more will follow.
  13. Just like to add March 20th being the date when all supporters are allowed back in to stadiums ,and pubs are open (But just for the day ) to that scenario.
  14. Far from our best in the first half, but still kept a clean sheet ,definite improvement in the second half though. Who gets your vote ? McGregor for me .
  15. How many games in recent seasons have we outplayed them and came away with nothing ? It's all about the points. Brilliant win
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