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  1. You really don't do irony, do you? I'll repeat, what are YOU doing about anything apart from whining online ? Nothing wrong with criticism. But only if it's constructive. I'll leave the stage [again] to you to give an answer.
  2. I note you didn't quote the second part of my post. 'Nuff said.
  3. And yet again you post absolutely nothing constructive. The difference between us is, I may be happy with the RST [maybe not] and you're obviously not. But I don't come onto forums every day crowing about how delighted I am. You seem to take great pleasure in going on and on posting about something you have no active concern with.
  4. Makes more sense than standing at a distance and greeting about it does it not ? How about YOU answering the questions I asked above ?
  5. Yup............and absolutely nobody has a 'go' at the RST. If everybody I've read attacking the RST online joined an alternative group there would be no point in the RST existing. I'll ask you [and anybody else here griping], are you a member of the RST ? When did you last personally attend a meeting ? If you're not happy with them, what are you gonna do apart from sitting in front of a monitor sniping from afar ? I await your answers.
  6. MF............you do nothing BUT moan about the RST. And yes. I see no reason not to support the current Board. If I didn't, rather than go on the internet to whine about it unlike most others [who are the main complainers online] I'd take the time and trouble to attend their meetings, put my view across and try to change things.
  7. I don't know where you implied that from my post bud. Still, the wee fishing smiley is there.
  8. Aye Danny. Maybe Murray will come back and you can bend over and take some more.
  9. Just read through this thread. "The RST speak for only a small percentage of the fanbase." "Edgar is schmoozing with the Press." "Hard to change the RST from within." A wee idea................ rather than constantly gripe about the RST, start your own organisation and see if you can do better ?
  10. Didn't see the previous programme/s in the series but caught this one tonight. As expected, a load of sh!te. Mhank propaganda [sponsored by the Record] at its worst.
  11. Yup. He didn't have much to say. He HOPES Boyd will accept his contract and an offer for the Club [if true] is 'a good thing' as both sides can now sit down and see how far apart they are.
  12. Andy Kerr from the RSA coming up around 7pm on Real Radio to talk about this subject.
  13. http://scotzine.com/2010/01/14/lloyds-bank-reject-18-million-buy-out-plan-for-financially-stricken-rangers/ Apparently, in The Sun too.
  14. Or as my Dad used to put it...........THE @RSE FELL OUT THE CHANTY. :devil:
  15. Sky Sports News. Boyd has been offered a new contract and allowed time to think it over. They hope to have Smith and Bain on the programme later.
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