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  1. Highlights on Rangers TV. Some superb goals.
  2. The highlights of the 5-0 thrashing is now on Rangers TV.
  3. This is from FF Rangers response to Mark Daly's Gordon Neely article ‘BBC Scotland’s reporting on these horrific incidents and, in particular, its sensationalist and unfair accusation of a cover up by Rangers is disgraceful. 'Rangers based its prior description as to what occurred on trusted first-hand accounts from those with personal knowledge of what took place and the appropriate steps taken at that time. To suggest, as BBC Scotland’s Mark Daly has done, that these are invalidated by a short, filler piece in the Rangers News written almost 30 years ago by someone who clearly had no knowledge of the events, or the reasons for Neely’s sacking is nonsense. Indeed, it is shameful. 'BBC Scotland has a history of inaccurate reporting when commenting on Rangers and a string of apologies given to Rangers by BBC Scotland in recent times is clear evidence of this. However, on a matter of such gravity we do not think it is unreasonable to expect better than Mr Daly’s report. 'The important people here are the victims of abuse and we owe it to them to deal sensitively and supportively with the issues they raise. 'Rangers will do all it can to assist in offering support and counselling to anyone affected. Their wellbeing should be at the centre of every right thinking person’s concern. 'Ridiculous claims of a cover up against those seeking to deal with such matters in a sensitive manner suggests sensationalism and in this instance point to a desire to attack Rangers as being more important to those reporting these horrific incidents than looking after the victims of abuse.’ Last edited: 3 minutes ago
  4. I would hope the truth will come out.
  5. I hope Rangers ask for a public enquiry.
  6. I stopped my contributions about a year ago, not what I envisaged at all. Very disappointing.
  7. One of our best prospects was suspended for this match, the rightback Nathan(?) Patterson. By all accounts a superb young player.
  8. Very enjoyable watching the lads, the whole team played well. Encouraging to see the Academy produce good technical players. Now the hard bit begins, can we see them progress to first team football.
  9. Excellent work by Rangers TV, well worth a fiver.
  10. Better squad with a Youth Coach in charge.
  11. Rangers actually pulling BBC Scotland up, good on them about time.
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