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  1. I predicted the correct number of Rangers goals as well Rousseau don't drag me down with you
  2. For me the only way to improve Scottish football is to have mergers, there is to many small towns with football teams near each other. Mergers would increase the fan base improve income and competition in the premiership, I know the owners would not want it but would the fans not be open to it challenging instead of just going season to season survival.
  3. World XI Oliver Kahn Lahm Vidic Maldini Roberto Carlos Keane Vieira Gerrard Ronaldo Ronaldinho Tevez
  4. Shay Given (Newcastle) Zabaleta (city) Terry (Chelsea) Vidic (utd) Baines (Eve) Mahrez (Leicester) Gerrard (Liv) Vieira (Ars) Bale (Saints) Tevez (West ham) Defoe (Tottenham)
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