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  1. Apart from first 20 minutes I thought it was a measured performance we soaked up all they had and waited knowing our chances would eventually come, as everyone keeps saying it's a sign of winners when you keep winning but not playing at your best and I think in the first half Celtic were At their best and we were sluggish. Let's enjoy this moment 19 pts clear and I am sure their fans will be back out calling for Lennons head and all the turmoil that will bring, on to Aberdeen now we just keep this momentum going until the Europa starts again it is a good way to start the new year.
  2. Spot on Davis is not at it today we need quick give and goes in the middle to break the lines Aribo and Hagi will offer that
  3. I would say 20 million minimum with a 30 percent plus sell on clause but only at the end of season and to think we got him for only 50k, it would be very good business if done and after all the years of selling players for nothing it would be welcome change
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