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  1. It baffles me why the OF game has not been moved to help Scottish teams do better in Europe that said I don't want them to do well, but the league should want this more money to teams in the league the better I would of thought
  2. No recognised striker is a good idea in a league like Scotland as the defences are mostly park the bus so more movement is what you need to pull defenders out of position.
  3. We were rumoured with him when he was at Oxford and we were getting promoted he has come on a lot since then.
  4. Thats a relief i was thinking why would gerrard say he is the future for club and country and sell him he is only 21 give me a better under 21 DM in Scotland and he has got years to develo p
  5. https://www.rangersnews.uk/transfer-news/rangers-fan-linked-with-ibrox-agrees-dundee-united-transfer-report/ Shankland to the Arabs that's good business from them
  6. Hopefully he keeps fit and is consistent and we will get him and Docherty back for next season with a few more matches under their belts
  7. At least after the cup we have St Johnstone at home, Hamilton away, and Dundee at home.
  8. I would swap Jack for McCrorie and keep the diamond shape swapping Kent for Arfield and push Davis up to CAM keep Candeias on the right of the diamond
  9. What competitive game would be better for trying out a new system as we need to have a tried and tested back up ? But I do agree in the long run a consistent team is the way to go.
  10. They really are an odd lot
  11. But if he is to tinker this is the match at home against a team who is going to sit in just as long as the defence does it job we will break st mirren down eventually, so play two up top and no wingers if that is a system he wants to develop just get the win.
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