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  1. Hopefully he keeps fit and is consistent and we will get him and Docherty back for next season with a few more matches under their belts
  2. At least after the cup we have St Johnstone at home, Hamilton away, and Dundee at home.
  3. I would swap Jack for McCrorie and keep the diamond shape swapping Kent for Arfield and push Davis up to CAM keep Candeias on the right of the diamond
  4. What competitive game would be better for trying out a new system as we need to have a tried and tested back up ? But I do agree in the long run a consistent team is the way to go.
  5. They really are an odd lot
  6. But if he is to tinker this is the match at home against a team who is going to sit in just as long as the defence does it job we will break st mirren down eventually, so play two up top and no wingers if that is a system he wants to develop just get the win.
  7. Unless someone spends over 25 million he is should be going nowhere Morelos is essential to us, Dembele who left for 20 million played when in the Spl when it was at its weakest and just getting of it's knees with a lot of the bigger clubs coming back up to the top flight, Dembele scored 32 in 49 in his first season then an average season with 16 in 39 the next season where as Morelos is already on 20 in 35 and he is the same age as Dembele at 22.
  8. Always good to see the youngsters going out on loan rather than staying in their comfort zones playing pointless youth games.
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