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  1. Oh no. I was going to buy one on Friday when I get paid. Free slot requested Frankie 💙💙💙
  2. The Club asked them last year and they didn’t participate.
  3. I voted Aribo but Hagi was a close second.
  4. Is there an option for none of the above? I don’t think anyone deserves it.
  5. This is an email I sent to the Club 1872 Board members in October 2018. Nothing changed as a result. Dear Board Members, I am sending this to the generic e-mail address and also individual addresses. I don’t have one for Euan so please pass it on to him. I have also heard that Bruce has now resigned. I am writing this as a person who was on the Working Group that set up Club 1872 and heavily involved in the first six months of its operation. I have always tried to be supportive of the organisation although at times I have found it difficult. I am not trying to
  6. Not that I’m trying to suck up to anyone on here but I thought John Bennett was fantastic. As for Club 1872, what little credibility they have left is gone after that statement.
  7. Charlie Mulgrew is comedy gold on BT sports.
  8. I may say something later about the process Frankie and what I have experienced these last few weeks.
  9. To be honest I just see Turnberry rather than Trump.
  10. Thanks R. I might be up against it as the Board and their ‘Working Group Member’ are all on Facebook backing the other candidate. I might be up against it.
  11. Looks like the entire thing has been taken off now.
  12. Thanks for the vote Bearger. Although if you look the voting closes on Monday 3rd January 2020 🤐
  13. Could anyone wanting to propose me please PM me your name and the email address you use for Club 1872?
  14. In order to stand you have to be a life member and/ or a monthly contributor . I think that rules out Forlanssister as he has said he has let his membership lapse. I believe Gersnet is a life member but can propose as many people as it wants.
  15. Thanks guys, as I said I’m still thinking about it.
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