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  1. But he did win a medal in Seville😜
  2. Lol. I was afraid to do that in case I ended up on the programme😂
  3. I was going to listen then realised I didn’t know how🙄
  4. I’d like to reiterate everything that’s been said. A really difficult time for everyone involved.
  5. You’re right. There must have been a joke with Joe Worrall and Barcelona in the same sentence.
  6. Thanks. I hope the guy never has to fight in a war and finds out the real meaning of torture.😂
  7. A bad man on Twitter said I was torture to listen to.😢
  8. Actually Bluedell, I should have clarified this on here. After my e-mail to the Board I was invited to the office to discuss my concerns. I brought that up and apparently a Donating Member does include life members, it’s just a badly worded term that appears in the constitution.
  9. I have sent them an email voicing my concerns. I may put it up later.
  10. How many ordinary fans would know 15 donating members? Apart from the current board that is.
  11. It seems reasonable on a rotating basis but not if there are only going to be elections every three years. Maybe one day there will be an AGM🙄
  12. Excessive, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m also assuming that if you are a life member you can’t stand unless you are also contributing monthly.
  13. I made a comment on Twitter that it was wrong to ask for money without giving the names of who was involved. I got told to go and shove a straw up James Blair’s a*se from someone who turned out to be one of the ‘committee’.😟
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