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  1. Oh no. I was going to buy one on Friday when I get paid. Free slot requested Frankie ???
  2. The Club asked them last year and they didn’t participate.
  3. I voted Aribo but Hagi was a close second.
  4. Is there an option for none of the above? I don’t think anyone deserves it.
  5. This is an email I sent to the Club 1872 Board members in October 2018. Nothing changed as a result. Dear Board Members, I am sending this to the generic e-mail address and also individual addresses. I don’t have one for Euan so please pass it on to him. I have also heard that Bruce has now resigned. I am writing this as a person who was on the Working Group that set up Club 1872 and heavily involved in the first six months of its operation. I have always tried to be supportive of the organisation although at times I have found it difficult. I am not trying to harm the organisation or any individual involved but I have grave concerns about the election proposals plus more general ones that I will go into later. Election proposal – what is the rationale behind moving from requiring a proposer and seconder to suddenly requiring 15 donating members to nominate an individual to the Board? This would preclude the vast number of members from putting themselves forward. The only people that would know for sure who is and isn’t donating are people with access to your database. From the outside it appears that you are limiting the number of people standing and making it more of a closed shop, which is the last thing that you should be doing. Three year term for directors – I have no objections to this in principle but you have failed to explain how this would work. If the plan is at the next election for five people to be elected for three years then that is very wrong. This has to be rotated so that there are still annual elections with a proportion stepping down each year. This enables continuity but also allows people with new ideas to be elected on an annual basis. Perhaps this is the plan but the proposal does not make this clear. You also need a method to appoint directors after resignations either by co-option or a one-off election. Maximum of five directors – I strongly oppose this and would make it a minimum of five directors required. Given the history of resignations from the Board and with the amount of members money that is being put at your disposal then I think it is necessary for the Board number to increase rather than decrease. Other – Communication with members has been awful. We used to get summaries of Board meetings and information on meetings with the club plus the occasional members meeting but that has all but disappeared. I know there was a ‘quarterly’ newsletter but out a few weeks ago which smacked of there are elections coming up so we better put something out. Failure to address comments made about the organisation is also a concern, particularly when these are made by an ex-director. In addition, the organisation has never held an AGM or given members an opportunity to ask questions on the accounts. The last two sets of accounts posted have been unaudited and only signed off by one director, who is not an accountant. I realise the CIC regulations state somewhere that independently audited accounts are not required for a CIC but given the vast amount of money involved I believe it would be prudent to have an proper audit, regardless of there being a cost. There are two different companies listed on the last two sets of accounts and people will wonder exactly what their role is. As I said, I want the organisation to thrive but membership numbers have, at best, remained stagnant. I think this is mainly due to the fact that the Club is now more stable and the number of different ways that supporters can put money into the Club. I wish you well but I‘m now considering whether it is worthwhile to keep my donation going as it isn’t the organisation that I had envisaged. I may share this with others. Regards Christine Sommerville
  6. Not that I’m trying to suck up to anyone on here but I thought John Bennett was fantastic. As for Club 1872, what little credibility they have left is gone after that statement.
  7. Charlie Mulgrew is comedy gold on BT sports.
  8. I may say something later about the process Frankie and what I have experienced these last few weeks.
  9. To be honest I just see Turnberry rather than Trump.
  10. Thanks R. I might be up against it as the Board and their ‘Working Group Member’ are all on Facebook backing the other candidate. I might be up against it.
  11. Looks like the entire thing has been taken off now.
  12. Thanks for the vote Bearger. Although if you look the voting closes on Monday 3rd January 2020 ?
  13. Could anyone wanting to propose me please PM me your name and the email address you use for Club 1872?
  14. In order to stand you have to be a life member and/ or a monthly contributor . I think that rules out Forlanssister as he has said he has let his membership lapse. I believe Gersnet is a life member but can propose as many people as it wants.
  15. Thanks guys, as I said I’m still thinking about it.
  16. I am thinking about standing but to find 15 proposers if you aren’t in the inner circle is problematic.
  17. Sorry, that was supposed to take you to the site. Could we get a Gersnet table going for this?
  18. Next March will see the 25th anniversary of the passing of Davie Cooper. I am helping to organise a tribute dinner in the Thornton Suite on 28th March (international break weekend) Information is available on www.daviecooperdinner.co.uk Proceeds will be split between the Former Players Benevolent Fund and Rangers Youth Development Company. I hope my Gersnet colleagues will help support the event.
  19. This is a small amount of money but it seems to me that Club 1872 members are being asked to fund something that would be happening anyway. This is not the type of project that I had envisaged when I was on the Club 1872 Working Group.
  20. I agree, maybe it’s multi-tasking and the guy can’t cope.
  21. I used to help Iain and Gordon with the Founders Trail way back in 2009/10 and after talking to them recently they kindly invited my sister and me back to see how much it had evolved since the early days. Apart from the rain, it was a great day and the tour is much slicker and much more professional than it used to be. We both really enjoyed it until it came to the stadium tour. We were handed over to the tour guides, one of them being Tiny’s son. The group was split into two and we got taken round by the other guy, whose name I can’t remember. During the tour he came away with the following. 1) Graeme Souness won the league in his first two seasons with us. 2) Derek Johnstone got the call about playing in the League Cup Final in 1970 because Colin Stein was going through a bad spell and was dropped. 3) John Greig scored 120 goal for Rangers while playing at left back. 4) The commentator just before Nacho’s penalty at Fiorentina said ‘Manchester prepare yourself’. I found that unbelievable.
  22. I think the Steaua Bucharest one was what I mentioned last night. I honestly remember thinking we would win every game we played that season and look what happened. I am really happy with the performances so far but won’t get carried away like last time.
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