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  1. To clarify, most thought probably yes but that it would be a poisoned chalice for an individual.
  2. Did any of you guys look at her face or were your eyes diverted slightly south?
  3. This was a useful meeting in terms of letting fans ask questions and comment on all aspects of the Club. The number was small enough to enable everyone to have their say. This was the last in a day of meetings that Greg had with supporters groups, mainly RSCs. The main topic of conversations with them was regarding away tickets and their allocation. It’s always difficult when demand far exceeds supply. There were some comments on whether we should be giving some of these clubs money and some concerns about the pricing of away games. There were also concerns raised re the Compliance Officer and her apparent Celtic bias. The lack of transparency of the process was also mentioned. The Club also shares these concerns. Greg was unable to comment on Rangers Retail due to the ongoing court case. Greg was asked about Project 2022. An internal group has been formed to help with ideas and potential fundraising. An individual is helping the Club to forge relationships with external groups that could be involved with major infrastructure projects in the future. Greg was asked if there would be a further share issue this year. It was pointed out that a motion was passed at the AGM to enable this to happen. A discussion ensued about whether Club 1872 should have a seat on the Board as the second highest shareholder. The feelings amongst the group were mixed. A survey has taken place re stadium improvements. Some of this will be funded by the Rangers Pools. someone suggested having solar panels on the roof. There was doubt about being able the do anything to the Main Stand but Greg said he would ask the question. The Elinor contract still has 3-4 years to run. The Club still makes money from it but there are thoughts that we can do better. The new Commercial Director has an excellent CV and will control all commercial activity, including PR. The Club is looking to erect a 4G mast to enable fans to use their phones during matches. The meeting lasted about one and a quarter hours. Greg did say that things wouldn’t dramatically change as a result of the meetings but it would give management and directors a flavour of fans views. As a final note, Greg is a great guy and listens to the Gersnet podcast?
  4. I’m going along to this so will feed back if anyone is interested.
  5. But he did win a medal in Seville?
  6. Lol. I was afraid to do that in case I ended up on the programme?
  7. I was going to listen then realised I didn’t know how?
  8. I’d like to reiterate everything that’s been said. A really difficult time for everyone involved.
  9. You’re right. There must have been a joke with Joe Worrall and Barcelona in the same sentence.
  10. Thanks. I hope the guy never has to fight in a war and finds out the real meaning of torture.?
  11. A bad man on Twitter said I was torture to listen to.?
  12. Actually Bluedell, I should have clarified this on here. After my e-mail to the Board I was invited to the office to discuss my concerns. I brought that up and apparently a Donating Member does include life members, it’s just a badly worded term that appears in the constitution.
  13. I have sent them an email voicing my concerns. I may put it up later.
  14. How many ordinary fans would know 15 donating members? Apart from the current board that is.
  15. It seems reasonable on a rotating basis but not if there are only going to be elections every three years. Maybe one day there will be an AGM?
  16. Excessive, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m also assuming that if you are a life member you can’t stand unless you are also contributing monthly.
  17. I made a comment on Twitter that it was wrong to ask for money without giving the names of who was involved. I got told to go and shove a straw up James Blair’s a*se from someone who turned out to be one of the ‘committee’.?
  18. I entirely agree with you. I’m not sure why this survey was even done. Stewart said at the AGM that the Club would be carrying out a consultation with supporters and that still seems to be the case so what was the purpose of this?
  19. They only asked for expressions of interest, no agreement to fund it has been reached. I for one don’t think they should.
  20. Pete, there is no such thing as ‘Special’ Projects, it’s just projects and all are subject to Member approval. Also, members can choose where they want their money to do.
  21. I would be willing to come over to Bermuda to interview you, all expenses paid of course ?
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