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  1. Rick Roberts

    Heart & Hand podcasts

    I like the tactics shows. Its a level of insight and service above the main stream. Even after a defeat its a worthwhile listen.
  2. Rick Roberts

    Old Firm media embarrassment and VAR control

    Thanks Pete. Tomorrows Daily Record "Death threats for Benton as well now" :-)
  3. Rick Roberts

    Old Firm media embarrassment and VAR control

    I think you're right on referencing Gerrards criticisms. The article was growing by that stage so i never covered it. Likewise, i considered adding in equivalents (or dismissing what Spiers considers to be equivalents) but decided that would be a whole article by itself. Rocksport discussed Refs last night and they mentioned fans and responsibilities, they mentioned players and managers reactions. But they totally missed he medias behaviour and responsibilities. Which is the main factor in everything. They decide what will be news or sensational more than the actual incidents. I predict they'll trumpet in celtic as the saviours of Scottish football when they opt to chip in for VAR. I also predict they'll slaughter VAR when we beat them next.
  4. Rick Roberts

    Old Firm media embarrassment and VAR control

    Thanks Buster. As with a lot of these east-end hysterics the story, opinions and timelines get washed away. If anyone goes back to find out about it they only really have the BBC or daily record articles to go on, which are less than half the story. Unfortunately in months or years people wont remember the truth, only Tom English's version of it.
  5. Rick Roberts

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Bill Young at Rocksport has recently commented on the situation with the BBC. He says he'll discuss it in one of their shows, sometime soon i guess. Give him your opinion on twitter.
  6. Rick Roberts

    Celtic may turn down Ibrox tickets

    I'd like to see us use some of Lawwells soundbites against them. Call their bluff on the away tickets and issue snide statement on the safety of their fans. Sadly,i dont think we have the media influence to drive that home and get a good laugh at them.
  7. Rick Roberts

    Windass On Kenny Miller

    Yeah, its all a bit confusing. Was Miller just too much trouble or a real asset that was badly handled? Doesnt really matter now i guess.
  8. Rick Roberts

    Windass On Kenny Miller

    What was the story with Miller - was it constant under-mining of Murty? Or just the one incident? Seemed strange to see him so close to King then turfed out down the road.
  9. Rick Roberts

    Sticks, stones and fan-zones

    100%. It is a game. We've ended up on the wrong side of it and need to rig it back (and not apologise whilst we're at it).
  10. Rick Roberts

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Caught some of the first half on BBC scotland MW. They had 30 mins to fill before the bheasts kicked off at St Johnstone. In fairness they actually weren't bad on Rangers after Rapid and appeared to be trying to be complimentary. Prehaps theyve finailly realised Gerrards is building something real? One thing that was clear, they didn't have a clue what was happening at Ibrox. Goal reports were from the live feed text. Its an unbelievable situation. No doubt they mobilised dozens of PQ out to Perth or over to Salzburg but they couldn't cover the biggest match of the weekend.
  11. Rick Roberts

    FARE at game tonight!

    David Edgar had said they'd reported negatively on all previous ties this season. Which was why they were accompanied by UEFA delegate this time. I wonder what they were reporting back on specifically? I recall tims making a big fuss about the "tune" of TBB being banned. I'd imagine FARE would try and hear alternative lyrics to some others too. Super Rangers briefly early doors then fairly well behaved. I notice they sung Super Rapid which gave me a chuckle. I thought both home and away support were giving it a good go. Loud and raucous. A proper atmosphere, I couldn't understand a word they were saying, which kind of puts the absurdity of some of these "singing" debates into context i.e. you really need to go looking to be offended - and we know who does.
  12. Rick Roberts

    Jim White slams Rangers fans

    To give him any benefit of doubt that comment sounds like those of someone that doesn't follow football and gets their news through the filter of our terrible tabloid media. I dont believe he's that daft or naive though. This was the guy that done many of Charles Greens puff pieces. No harm in being fooled once but i get the feeling White probably stands by that work and thinks CG is a good guy. Heard him recently interviewing Sullivan at West Ham in a "hard-hitting" interview. It was pathetic. He just did not get the fans concerns at all or dig on any of the questions they put to him. Dont know if he does but I'd guess he's the type of guy that backs Mike Ashley as well.
  13. Rick Roberts

    2008 We knew it, now proof

    Not sure if its got any relevance, but i couldn't see Charles Green making any worthwhile mileage of the suggestion. Only recently club stable enough to act? Possibly hindsight on other issues from Peat?
  14. Rick Roberts

    2008 We knew it, now proof

    SCOTTISH FA CUP Su 20Apr 2008 N St Johnstone 1 - 1 Rangers D* UEFA CUP Th 24Apr 2008 Rangers 0 - 0 Fiorentina D SCOTTISH PREMIER Su 27Apr 2008 Celtic 3 - 2 Rangers L UEFA CUP Th 01May 2008 Fiorentina 0 - 0 Rangers D* SCOTTISH PREMIER Su 04May 2008 Hibernian 0 - 0 Rangers D SCOTTISH PREMIER We 07May 2008 Rangers 1 - 0 Motherwell W SCOTTISH PREMIER Sa 10May 2008 Rangers 3 - 1 Dundee Utd W UEFA CUP We 14May 2008 N Zenit 2 - 0 Rangers L SCOTTISH PREMIER Sa 17May 2008 Motherwell 1 - 1 Rangers D SCOTTISH PREMIER Mo 19May 2008 St Mirren 0 - 3 Rangers W SCOTTISH PREMIER Th 22May 2008 Aberdeen 2 - 0 Rangers L SCOTTISH FA CUP Sa 24May 2008 N Queen of Sth 2 - 3 Rangers For me, an obvious point for the SFA/SPL to pick up and change going forward, would be that a minimum time (say 2 clear days) should be added to any schedule. And that this would drive any fixtures. Not an arbitrary date or a tour of japan etc.
  15. Rick Roberts

    2008 We knew it, now proof

    I'm not sure if any one bar celtic would've acted like before then. Or had reason to. That said, they've certainly used Milne and Thompson (Petrie, Mulraney, that guy at Raith Rovers) at times since. Reid and their board have totally changed the game since their arrival. Part of the reason celtic have had so much traction with their off-field stuff is mostly that no-one expects it. This is why Reid went there and ripped up merry hell. I still think Scottish football is in denial about half of it. Sectarian industry/compliance officer/state aid/the weight they pull across the media - it stems from and is driven from the same place. Most write it off as "oh, they wouldn't do that", the sad truth is they would and they do.

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