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  1. Thanks for posting @ian1964 A lot of this is stuff I've covered before on Gersnet but felt that it was worth repeating. I still find the hysteria around EBTs laughable. Especially with so much skullduggery going on elsewhere.
  2. Was just thinking this. In many aspects off-the-pitch, we're quite a away off where we should be. It might be that once we crack one stronghold then others will fall shortly after, equally it might not.
  3. I'm not sure at this stage. I'd hate us to experiment too much AND keep losing, only to watch celtic drop points and think what could've been. Once the league is mathematically gone, absolutely. Not that they don't deserve dropped, just that their nature is that they might turn up in the next game and are part of the strongest 11. Agree with the rest, we do need to find out weaknesses this season and work out how to eradicate them. By whatever method necessary.
  4. We're coming down the road was the one I had in mind, it lends itself well to "we're supporters of the RFC" for example. Even something like Build my Gallows, i love it but "I'm a loyal Rangers man" might resonant more. I don't want to dilute everything or lose any edge. And i certainly don't want to give everything the Andy Cameron treatment. There's just certain songs that could benefit. And making things about Rangers is a good habit if we're to wean folk away from add-ons etc.
  5. It's not problematic, and it's not FTP chants or TBB. But it does hand away high ground over their IRA stuff. I guess what i'm getting at is a mindset - a push to see all songs given a Rangers verse and that be the one driven from the singing section.
  6. On a similar thread, there's a few songs doing the rounds mentioning the UVF. Why aren't we changing the words to Rangers orientated lyrics? This is a real blind spot for us and there's a stubbornness/ignorance that's being easily used against us, time and again .
  7. Scottish football is falling into the same traps with Stewart. Like Hartson and Sutton, someone is winding him up and telling him what to say and when to say it. And the BBC are providing the platform. After his ban every time-served sevcoholic was out in his defence. A picture or two of him at a celtic event and he's now the saviour of Scottish football. Pitiful stuff.
  8. The peak argument is perhaps simplistic for football. They wont intentionally aim for that in the same way, say, Olympic athletes do. But thru workload they may end up there. December would've been all players revving to the max for a long period of time. A ball of nervous energy that wouldn't be sustainable. A crash of some sorts had to happen and their form and immune systems are probably still in the bar at the hotel. The other human factors will be contributing and cyclic. But you're right that it's all a big mix of different components and no one thing. I do think recruitment
  9. Rotherham had a public enquiry and then subsequent prosecutions?
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p084mxzv If you're a masochist then you can listen to this drivel from Tom English and Darryl Broadfoot as they debate the SFA's disciplinary system. The Keatings incidents is highlighted and is held up as an example as to why the system is not fit for purpose. Fair enough. You will be amazed at how they manage to not mention any other injustice or inconsistency of the system (i.e. Griffiths getting of scot free stands out a mile). Rangers and celtic are lumped together as one entity in this. We should stop "bleating" and d
  11. It's pretty damning that it's Alex Thomson that's being allowed to set the narrative for this news. No-one else has seen fit to pick it up and drive it forward. Even with the victims pleading for exposure. No politician or politically motivated lawyer or editor has seen (or been able to see) any mileage in this. Culturally we are so toothless and down-beat, to the point that celtic are able to stage-manage a global scandal at the time and manner of their choosing.
  12. It's baffling, especially when considering some of the epic siege action against Ufa and others in the Europa qualifiers.
  13. Perhaps Gerrard could do worse than bring in some experienced help? To his management team, that is.
  14. I see a board happy to sort out jollies to fancy golf courses rather than deal with some real issues just now. Also, I take it the club wont make any real money out of this?
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