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  1. This is the crowd-funded documentary that covers much that other TV and news hasn't. Some brave stuff from the Grays and Gordon Woods. Please watch, like and share to increase exposure.
  2. I cant disagree. Just so frustrated this has continued. A question for yourself @Bluedelland the forum. Does anyone know how much the CO or contract lawyers at the SFA get paid? Is it in their accounts?
  3. I agree with the politics stuff. But there's something different this time too. We saw last year that Doncaster and co were going nowhere even when caught bang to rights. Even look at the Salmond enquiry, there's a new variant of shamelessness going around. I initially thought that this would be a last hurrah from them, but i'm not so sure now. Looking at the Rangers board, they really should've fronted up to this 2 or 3 years ago.
  4. Here's Adam's tactical article for the first two seasons. A brilliant level of insight and detail. Enjoy!
  5. https://the4thofficial.net/2021/01/steven-gerrard-the-man-who-took-on-the-impossible-job-at-rangers-part-1/ Here's Kenny's article. Well worth a read 👍
  6. Absolutely. The Gerrard factor is incredible. And the old timers coming back for the fight, of course. Even though it didn't happen for players like Ejaria and Ojo, they still had moments or goals that helped the club.
  7. Hopefully the spring and summer will be a time to totally immerse ourselves in Rangers and Gerrard. The more moments and memories from everyone the better. 👍
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys 👍 I'd thoroughly recommend watching back some of the highlights from the early games. The euro stuff is really enjoyable/interesting, knowing what we now know. Also, if anyone can use or recommend any easy editing software or has any hints then let me know? I'd love to see some of the highlights set to music - especially with Kent's celebration 😁
  9. That's my thinking, there's plenty of kindred spirits in London for them. They may not be fully aware what they're signing up for but are happy with what they've been told. My mind goes back to CW2014 where many were wined and dined a la celtic. These impressions matter and last.
  10. Does anyone know how club1872s % would look if the £13m was invested in a separate share issue? Also, what's club1872s model, £1300 for each of 10,000 members?
  11. Daft question. What if club1872 don't raise all of the money? As a fan of club1872 my questions would be more for them going forward (most of it covered in other posts). Guarantees/transparency etc has to be addressed. They'll need to admit and own what has went wrong in the past. Some of their work (confronting papers and BBC) has been fantastic. But it's been erratic and they've disappeared completely for huge periods of time. A consistent, reliable, transparent defender of the club and support is what I'd expect from them in return for any investment.
  12. I notice he calls it revenue and total income at the same time? Is it in the total income number?
  13. He had some info on earlier in the year that's worth a look. If you follow the thread its got player sales / broadcasting etc. £20m extra from CL, and £25m from Teirney. Take that away and it's back to Delia levels - with bigger wages.
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