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  1. The reliability issues around Roofe are a big issue for me. When fit, he was very good, but wasn't available when we really needed him. Will be sad if Morelos goes but then maybe we need a change here. Based on their domestic seasons we can easily upgrade Barisic and Kamara. We need to allow Aribo to play in his best position and see some more of that winter form he had. Half expect him to be sold though. I hope McGregor chooses to go out at the very top and not see out a decline. This may also enable a change to tactics and playing styles. Happy for a few to remain as squad players but we can surely upgrade Wright, Sakala, Itten etc. The youngsters look capable replacements. If Davis accepts reduced terms then happy for him to stay. He's an experienced, professional winner.
  2. Well said John. Like others said, I was hoping he could build on Gerrard's work, but it looks like Gerrard had the club (all areas) over-performing. We are seeing things settle back down now, which feels a little short. GVB comes from a certain era at Rangers. I'm not sure that transfers to the understanding Gerrard had of the club or our situation. Similarly, that goes for the board. There's a been loss of that important, learned knowledge over this season. A poor continuity strategy.
  3. Surely they would think to ask a few people first?
  4. Thanks 26th. I'd heard of the first story but never more details. A cognisant support and club should've nipped it in the bud back then.
  5. Likewise. I think I wanted to believe it was more than just another celtic prop. I can't see anything suggesting otherwise. Some mind-benders from 10 years ago... I'm not sure how much of your grievance is related to football rather than sectarianism. I'd be cautious however about saying the campaign of the IRA and others like them is about religion, most people would regard their objectives as political.
  6. I'm looking to gather some opinions and experience on any contact or correspondence with NBM? This can be good stuff too. If you know about their work in schools etc then it'd good to see that represented 1st hand. All comments welcome.
  7. Totally agree. For the last part, until we collectively reclaim some of media and get that message out then it'll continue to pass the majority by.
  8. Definitely, there's still some glaring gaps in strategy and communications.
  9. Just once, i'd like to see someone have him justify his hatred and marginalisation of all things 'unionist' and how it squares with his equality and parity persona.
  10. Made the mistake of listening to Cosgrove's podcast. Everything you'd expect. How great he is and how bad Rangers, unionism, the right, the famine song are. Stewart done his usual mental gymnastics to excuse Godley and the Daily Record bigots. Not so much the H&H lads. Cosgrove has choose his useful idiot wisely. Why would Stewart not discuss the racial angle in Godley's tweets? Seems an important omission. Only the online spats with "Rangers trolls" count apparently.
  11. The Tom Devine interview was a proper carve up. I hope the club and support don't just let it pass without redress.
  12. Thanks. Really enjoyed that. It outlines some truths and what a mess it's all been allowed to become.
  13. All true. And I thought about not saying anything. But I saw enough to think we need to work harder here.
  14. I agree with most of that and I wouldn't put it on the club to deal with. However, I would say I saw enough to be concerned about it. A lack of imagination in a fair chunk of the singing. That might have been bravado and being outside the stadium or on the streets or whatever. I might be glass half empty here but it's going to lead to problems down the line.
  15. Goldson. I think he deserves the recognition. Tav, without the injury would've probably got my vote. Or similarly, had Kent had a few more sparkling games then it would've been him, as his best is unplayable.
  16. Agree that some battles are lost, but no harm in understanding and learning from it. There's a constant sniping at the club - scoring points or testing for weakness. I've no doubt plans are in place with us in mind - be the hate crime bill, strict liability etc. Better to be vigilant and ready.
  17. We are, it's gone. We've lost that fight. But it's important we learn from it. Understand what's happened. Maybe even balance things up.
  18. Yep, i'm guess i'm trying to point out the agendas and contortions involved. The goal was always to get us in trouble, by any means possible, and less with how that's achieved or any double-standards. Ultimately, we have to be smart and wisen up. This one's always going to be a loaded gun. No doubt they'll invent new and imaginative ways to catch us out in the future.
  19. Yep, it's a lot less subtle than the Alfie or Roofes incidents.
  20. Havent seen it covered anywhere, apologises if it has. Feel its important to catalogue the Turnbull kick against Aberdeen. A quick scan showed the BBC report and match text hadn't mentioned it. Twitter suggests Clyde FM, unsurprisingly, are pretending it never happened. For me, this has to be the kind of incident that Rangers somehow have to force the issue over. Make it the news, make the CO system work. It's grubby work, but just ignoring means we can just expect more inconsistency again next season.
  21. This is the crowd-funded documentary that covers much that other TV and news hasn't. Some brave stuff from the Grays and Gordon Woods. Please watch, like and share to increase exposure.
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