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  1. 27 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

    Similar to Frankie, the first couple of years on the RST Board(2003 and 2004) I had a fair bit of correspondence with Nil by Mouth.


    One of the RST's early members was a regional full time Trade Union Official. He penned two letters addressed to NBM, both told of a Trade Union member suffering sectarian abuse at place of employment and, asking for a meeting to impart advice. The only difference in the correspondence was in one letter the abused person was a Celtic supporter, the other letter concerned a Rangers fan.


    Within the week, NBM replied to the letter reference the Celtic fan. The aforementioned Trade Union Official was invited for a chat. A subsequent telephone call told the Official NBM were keen to use the circumstance to right a wrong and harvest publicity. After a wait of six weeks, the Official penned a second letter concerning the Rangers supporter because he had NOT received a reply to the first one. The RST exposed the hypocrisy, the Chair acknowledged receipt of the Celtic letter but had no records of the two letters reference the Rangers supporter.


    The RST formally extended an invitation to NBM founder, Cara Henderson(girlfriend of the murdered, Mark Scott) to attend an RST Board meeting and the first RST AGM. Again, we received no replies.


    The nearest NBM ever got to being on side with a Rangers grievance was the two effigies occurrence. Both hanged by the neck from the roof of the North Stand-Curve at Celtic Park. Both had hands tied behind their backs, one was replete in an orange collarette, the other in a Rangers scarf; the strange fruit twisted in the breeze for 45 minutes. Beneath was a huge banner proclaiming, "they hung out the banner of war" and a further two dozen smaller flags emblazoned with, "KAH" - kill all H--ns. Nil by Mouth declared it sectarian.


    Nine members of the Green Brigade were arrested, charged and, appeared in court. They all pled not guilty and the trial date was set for three months hence. At the second court hearing the nine charged were informed all charges were being withdrawn by the PF because all evidence had disappeared. We were promised an investigation reference the evidence being disappeared and and findings would be published in a report. Five years and counting. NBM does not reply to correspondence asking for continued support to ensure the report is published.

    Thanks 26th. I'd heard of the first story but never more details. 


    A cognisant support and club should've nipped it in the bud back then. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Frankie said:

    Had some dealings with them on my time on the RST board and found them opaque and inconsistent.


    They almost always only want to offer comment if consulted by the media and rarely grasp the nettle themselves which made their statement of last week about 4LHAD all the more jarring.

    Likewise. I think I wanted to believe it was more than just another celtic prop. I can't see anything suggesting otherwise. 


    Some mind-benders from 10 years ago...


    I'm not sure how much of your grievance is related to football rather than sectarianism.


    I'd be cautious however about saying the campaign of the IRA and others like them is about religion, most people would regard their objectives as political.







  3. 9 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

    Tom Devine is a vile, bitter old man who deeply despises Rangers football club and its supporters.

    And he thinks he can justify this hatred as an academic who thinks this makes him immune from any sort of accusation.


    His bigotry is acceptable, so he thinks. And his tactics are almost always the same: accuse the other side. The art of denial & deflection .


    Throughout my life(I’m in my mid fifties now) I’ve watched the likes of Devine and his ethnicity with much curiosity. I refer to them as ‘tartan Irish’ who claim to be Scots but antagonise their Irish ancestry to get a reaction which they often get. Then the accusations begin. 

    Ive always believed these people want to turn Scotland into a ROI MK II, an anti-British state and now seem to have teamed up with our own homegrown SNP. But there are plenty who oppose it his & many within the Rangers support which seems to tip Devine and others over the edge periodically





    Totally agree. For the last part, until we collectively reclaim some of media and get that message out then it'll continue to pass the majority by.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Blue Moon said:

    Brilliant article.  Thank you for that.  I've said it before, time for Rangers to back the fans, not when they do something stupid but when the entire support are under attack.  I used to admire Devine for his impartiality and was shocked and sickened to watch that interview.  

    Definitely, there's still some glaring gaps in strategy and communications. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

    Reference Cosgrove's Podcast.


    He appeared on BBC Radio Scotland for a dozen years on a Thursday afternoon, doing his take on how news was handled from a Scottish perspective. It was a 45 minute slot where he was joined with Prof' Eamonn O'Neill. The hosts of the show were John Beattie and Anne Marie Watson. Cosgrove and O'Neill's take was rarely accurate thus, rarely objective. Almost two years past, BBC Scotland cut the strings and Cosgrove hit out at Beattie, "he's getting all the jobs". Cosgrove took the media analysis to a Podcast, co-hosted by Eamonn O'Neill. BBC Scotland's Janice Forsyth Produces it and Angela Haggerty is a regular contributor.


    I think what did for Cosgrove on the Beeb was his constant drone of misinformation and disinformation on the murder of Northern Irish Journalist, Lyra McKee. Regularly, he returned to it making ludicrous claims. I do not think Cosgrove(soon to enter his eighth decade) has ever been involved in a firefight? His final view on McKee's murder was, "they'll have to find a new classification, she was caught in crossfire". We know McKee was standing to the rear of the line of PSNI Officers confronting a group of rioting young Irish republicans. She was mostly in hard cover behind a Land Rover.


    We know eight rounds were fired from a pistol(recovered by the Police). No other shots were fired, Lyra McKee died from a shot to her head.


    The McKee case is live, only yesterday another four were arrested in connection. Any further comment could stray into sub judice.


    Cosgrove and Stewart have been reading from scripts provided by Gerry Braiden for a long time. The former Herald Journo has been these last couple of years, the SNP's Policy Advisor/PRO to Glasgow City Council Convenor, Susan Aitken. Gerry is from west Belfast. 

    Just once, i'd like to see someone have him justify his hatred and marginalisation of all things 'unionist' and how it squares with his equality and parity persona.

  6. Made the mistake of listening to Cosgrove's podcast. Everything you'd expect. How great he is and how bad Rangers, unionism, the right, the famine song are. 


    Stewart done his usual mental gymnastics to excuse Godley and the Daily Record bigots. Not so much the H&H lads. Cosgrove has choose his useful idiot wisely. 


    Why would Stewart not discuss the racial angle in Godley's tweets? Seems an important omission. Only the online spats with "Rangers trolls" count apparently. 

  7. 48 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

    2,300 Viewers!


    Fellow Gersnetters, you may remember two and half years past, BBC Scotland launched it's new channel, 'BBCScotland' on the satellite listings? It was launched at considerable cost and has an annual budget of £32 million. We know Stuart Cosgrove is a heavy hitter in UK media circles because he never tires of telling us all so. He predicted a new, modern Scotland would embrace the new channel whole heartedly because there was a distinct need for Scots folk to be recipients of news specifically honed to their needs. Of course, DrStu' is in a prime position to dip his ladle into such a gravy train, remuneration for any documentaries requiring his Perth tones will be viscous.


    Yesterday we were given two new pieces of information. Firstly, one of the two main Presenters of the flagship news show, the Nine', Rebecca Curran has begun maternity leave and an advert to fill the position is offering a salary between £48,000 and £82,000. Secondly, the latest viewing figures are horrendous. The flagship Nine has regularly attracted an average of 15,000 viewers, the last quarter is suggesting a further fall to between 10,000-12,000 viewers and, on occasion just 2,3000 viewers have tuned in.I wonder what the other main Presenter, the ever professional Martin Geissler thinks of this debacle? I suspect he thinks his co-Presenter has experienced tremendous fortune?


    Now, as a BBC License Fee paying Rangers supporter; may I suggest a reason for this calamity? Earlier this week, with the Daily Record - Rangers supporter spat erupting(it's now made the pages of Private Eye), the Nine handed James Cook ten minutes to interview Prof' Tom Devine on sectarianism. Remember, James Cook and his then Producer both offered unreserved apologies to both the then club Manager, Ally McCoist and the Club itself for deliberately re-Editing an interview with McCoist. Cook posed a question on sectarianism to Ally, then cut the film to show McCoist laughing. The Club's top scorer complained at being portrayed as someone not taking the matter seriously and has not spoken to PQ since. 


    Why was James Cook awarded such on air time, given his previous subjective behaviour on this particular matter? I believe Cook is a Dundee United supporter and voraciously ambitious. He was rewarded for his efforts eight years past by achieving the BBC Correspondent in America for three years. He was tempted back because of the high remuneration on offer and, finds the best way to retain his place on the gravy train, is to continue to sink the boot into Rangers.


    At 2,300 viewers, James would be better off taking a megaphone to Tannadice.

    The Tom Devine interview was a proper carve up. I hope the club and support don't just let it pass without redress.  

  8. 2 hours ago, Bill said:

    No matter the efforts made to achieve universal standards of behaviour among people (in this case Rangers fans) there will always be a minority who find compliance impossible and this has to be borne in mind when setting expectations and strategies.

    All true. And I thought about not saying anything. But I saw enough to think we need to work harder here. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Bluedell said:



    I believe that the lesson has been largely learned from most sections in the support. You can never get 100% buy-in. That's just not possible, but by-and-large, there's been progress made. However I'm presuming that a majority of those causing the trouble weren't regulars at Ibrox. They were the ones that turn up once a season for a European night, half-cut and coked up, that the club has virtually no direct interaction with. They don't visit the club's website. They don't read the club's statements. I don't see what the club can do to reach these people. It's just not possible.

    I agree with most of that and I wouldn't put it on the club to deal with. However, I would say I saw enough to be concerned about it. A lack of imagination in a fair chunk of the singing. That might have been bravado and being outside the stadium or on the streets or whatever. I might be glass half empty here but it's going to lead to problems down the line. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Bill said:

    How many times am I going to read the same points being made about the same issues, with no hope of ever reaching different conclusion? Sometimes it's just obvious that these people we complain about have us exactly where they want us ... stuck in their quagmire and unable to move on.


    Give it a rest chaps. There are better battles to fight.

    Agree that some battles are lost, but no harm in understanding and learning from it. 


    There's a constant sniping at the club - scoring points or testing for weakness. I've no doubt plans are in place with us in mind - be the hate crime bill, strict liability etc. Better to be vigilant and ready. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Gonzo79 said:

    I have no time at all for UEFA or the Scottish government (and fully respect the opinions of Bluedell, Frankie and Rick Roberts) but I get the feeling we're pissing in the wind, to a large extent.  

    We are, it's gone. We've lost that fight.


    But it's important we learn from it. Understand what's happened. Maybe even balance things up. 

  12. 47 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

    I've seen quite a bit of that, and to try and equate the two is just sick and trivialises the racism that the likes of Kamara and others regularly receive. It is points scoring and those who use it should have a good look at themselves and realise that their bitterness is downplaying the racism that some black people have to regularly suffer.


    I've also seen the claims of anti-Irish racism and couldn't get my head around how Rangers fans were racist against the Irish. The "Why don't you go home" chant could be levelled against us, but it's not been sung for many years as far as I'm aware, and it seems to me that it was sarcasm and aimed at Scots who pretend to be Irish, rather than Irish people themselves. I couldn't think of other songs/chants that were anti-Irish.


    I guess from what Rick is saying they're trying to claim the use of "f*nian" is in some way anti-Irish. As the argument is using the political meaning of the word then that's the same logic as claiming that our "fuck the SNP" chant is anti-Scottish. 


    There still is racism out there, although thankfully nowhere near as bad as it was 30 years ago, but the attempts to link it to Rangers fans is downplaying it and allowing the actual racists more oxygen to continue their bile.

    Yep, i'm guess i'm trying to point out the agendas and contortions involved. The goal was always to get us in trouble, by any means possible, and less with how that's achieved or any double-standards.  


    Ultimately, we have to be smart and wisen up. This one's always going to be a loaded gun. No doubt they'll invent new and imaginative ways to catch us out in the future. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Bluedell said:

    if we win the league and with Lawwell standing down, it would be ideal opportunity for them to act with a greater position of strength than they may have had up until now.

    I cant disagree. Just so frustrated this has continued.


    A question for yourself @Bluedelland the forum. Does anyone know how much the CO or contract lawyers at the SFA get paid? Is it in their accounts?

  14. 9 hours ago, Bill said:

    On what basis would you take this to the courts.  Seriously, no one is ever going to get anywhere with this if we continue to waste time and energy on fictitious remedies and impossible solutions. It is what it is. You either change the relationship between Rangers and the SPFL & SFA to something like we had well before the Murray years or you settle for how it is today. Celtic are benefiting now because they understood better than we did that this is essentially a political battle, not a legal one. Many years ago Rangers was by far the most influential club in the Scottish game but we turned that into a "no one likes us, we don't care" situation. Of course it's not entirely as simple as that but you get my point.

    I agree with the politics stuff. But there's something different this time too. We saw last year that Doncaster and co were going nowhere even when caught bang to rights. Even look at the Salmond enquiry, there's a new variant of shamelessness going around.


    I initially thought that this would be a last hurrah from them, but i'm not so sure now.


    Looking at the Rangers board, they really should've fronted up to this 2 or 3 years ago.




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