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  1. It's pretty damning that it's Alex Thomson that's being allowed to set the narrative for this news. No-one else has seen fit to pick it up and drive it forward. Even with the victims pleading for exposure. No politician or politically motivated lawyer or editor has seen (or been able to see) any mileage in this. Culturally we are so toothless and down-beat, to the point that celtic are able to stage-manage a global scandal at the time and manner of their choosing.
  2. It's baffling, especially when considering some of the epic siege action against Ufa and others in the Europa qualifiers.
  3. Perhaps Gerrard could do worse than bring in some experienced help? To his management team, that is.
  4. I see a board happy to sort out jollies to fancy golf courses rather than deal with some real issues just now. Also, I take it the club wont make any real money out of this?
  5. I think we'd be happy for that if Club1872 were used more and let of the leash a bit more too.
  6. One that i couldnt believe was Murdo Fraser and Stewart Robertson meeting recently. Not the meeting, i'm glad they're meeting, but Fraser tweeting they were discussing things including sectarianism. We know sectarianism in football in general is a sham. A hand grenade lobbed to us by celtic. We know this. It just seems so naive to accept this grenade.
  7. There's something that is beyond doubt, Celtic have been ruthless and relentless in infiltrating every area of football, and often at Rangers expense. And in each case their objective is clear and unapologising, to look after celtics interests. The press we maybe expect some nonsense and even laughed at it for a while but it is beyond doubt and to a worse degree than we wanted to admit. There's been years of denial on this. We know the SFA is rigged. The faces and votes are why they are there tell us that. Mike Mulraney, Neil Doncaster ffs. It's a closed shop at the moment. Gordon Smith (who was forced out btw) told us how the sectarian battle was lost with UEFA. Relentless politicking and we didn't have a clue. The recent mask-slipping at FARE. Dynamite. Yet where are the club? Last year with the compliance officier. F*cking hell. The youth referee and his tweet on Defoe. Do we really expect that this one important area would be left untouched and pure? I'll happily rather be paranoid and wrong. Then dignified and watch us being f*cked over in plain sight.
  8. The things is I think we all expected it. Now whether that feeling is imagined is a separate point. . The numbers are incredible. I haven't looked elsewhere or at other teams so cant say how far from normal they are. I'm guessing if "anyone but celtic" had those stats we'd have seen them by now. As clear as they are, they don't even tell the whole the story. Griffiths incident and plenty more from like it from that lot. Some of the unchecked brutality from Motherwell, Aberdeen, Livingston, Hibs in recent seasons cant be found in the statistics..
  9. Was that from one of the court cases? What was the original link to Elite? Was it thru Hummel or elsewhere?
  10. I think a lot of Clancy's actions and decisions need explained. There was a situation in yesterdays Liverpool game when Salah was away on the wing. The linesman waved his flag in a more frenetic manner, signalling foul play??? The ref booked the defender. Which fits with usual practise. It looked identical to one Bolingoli got away with on 29th. The CO is a joke. I'm glad the club is going after them. But again, its time and energy wasted fighting fires. This should've been killed with fire in the summer. I would like to know clubs options if foul play or interference can be proved on SFAs part? There must be a higher power interested in corruption.
  11. Gerrard spot on as usual. One point that's annoying is that so-so incidents in a game from over year ago are still getting oxygen. "The Parkhead club have also been angered after Ryan Christie was hit with a three match ban but no action was taken against Morelos over clashes with Christie, Scott Brown and Anthony Ralston in a game last season".
  12. Although not BBC - I'd thought that of Andy Walker on occasions this season. Almost like he'd been biting his tongue from the first whistle. Mind you, he never once managed the full game, and his performance for the Motherwell game was as bad and biased as anything i'd heard, including Sutton.
  13. It's only when you hear the difference between the two situations that the reality of the situation hits home. Their stance is mental. 4 years and counting now. It is EXACTLY the same drivers that are acting at FARE (which we can now prove). They are miles from levelling the field. And how can those 4+ years of prejudiced exclusion ever be repaid?
  14. Always good to hear him talk about Rangers and his experiences. No specific questions, but general views on our last 10 years and all the goings-on would be interesting. I guess also, opinions on the SFA and Hampden, pin-point problems and failings and give ideas going forward.
  15. Straight-out denial seems to be the defence of choice. Which is a bit strange as he's clearly singing along, at least for some of it. I'm assuming Tam is one of his pals.
  16. Any media coverage on this yet? It is the equivalent of fenian. Simple as that. The excuses they use for hun could easily be used for fenian, probably more so. Why would we really be singing against catholics with a team full of catholics? And yet they managed to get one categorised as racist in euro competition and cause us no end of concern, damage, money and time. It's maddening how bullshit and upside down it all is.
  17. I put the blog above together because things appear to have ground to a bit of halt on coverage and progress for the Grays and many others. This is what the facilitators, enablers and guilty want. Every day that passes makes it easier for the fighters to fold. To accept whatever meagre deal is being carved up for them. I guess what i'm saying is that if we want a public enquiry, then we the public need to force it. I don't claim to know what the best or right course of action is, but, write to the press, try and make sure it stays relevant and at least let them know there's a demand for it. That goes of every corner for the UK and beyond, every local newspaper, every column inch and web mention helps. Contact or write to your MSPs, at this time close to the election we at least have some leverage, tell them it could be a deciding factor in your vote. Get it a mention. Make it an issue. A full and open public enquiry into CSA in Scottish football. It takes 5 minutes, but it needs buy in and numbers. If we do nothing, then nothing is what we'll get.
  18. Does he ever get dug up about these things? I assume he just passes the blame to "a member of the public asking him to"?
  19. How much does a good grass pitch actually cost to install and maintain? I have no idea of the numbers. The clubs would then moan about loss of income etc. A well organised and well led governing body would make grass pitches mandatory, but could certainly centralise control and maintenance of pitches for those that need it.
  20. It's all good. It all brings minds back on to it. Maybe someone remembers something or maybe other names are brought forward. If it turns out that Ted, Dougal and Jack at the HMRC were the ones who called the shots on all things Rangers then it strengthens the case to have it looked at probably.
  21. He's fantastic. He's worth two players to us on the pitch. I hope we keep him as long as possible.
  22. Maybe one day, just maybe, they'll do us the service of having a Rangers supporter present and discuss our news. They've had a rare old time at our expense and they've got (are getting) away scot free.
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