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  1. Do statute of limitations apply to these things? On a separate note i've seen a few tweets about behaviour of people within HMRC (leaks etc). Can't remember it ever making any news. Also, i'd like to have thought club would be aware of all of this stuff as soon as it'd happened.
  2. Great article Bluedell. One thing that's notable is the lack of coverage that Sport Direct get for their actions. I guess club are limited in what they can say and everything else has been said over the years, but i'd still expect it to get more airing. After all this is a football club being severely held back by open and deliberate badness from SD. I know fine well why our press don't mention it but can only imagine the coverage it would get if celtic were being disadvantaged. Another thought is on the investment and energy from the board in rebuilding the club. It's hypothetical but cant help think there must have been a different and easier way 8 years ago. Doesnt matter know of course. Maybe no-one else had a chance, and maybe the club and support are better and stronger for this anyway.
  3. I'd complained questioning the tone of their recent coverage on the rehash of the Neely story. Questioned inconsistencies and their innuendo and level of suggestion against third parties that had been missing in any other article on the subject. Here's their formulated response to the issue.
  4. Spooky lack of interest from our media. Totally off the radar, even.
  5. Was that one of the stadiums that would be used in the WC? It looked vast. Would be terrible atmosphere even if full.
  6. Good read that. And what most folk have known for a long time, one side spinning the life out of one story and keeping the lid firmly shut on the other. "All SFA member clubs (and this includes Rangers) should be ashamed of themselves." I cant help but agree with this line. Rangers have a duty to protect itself, write its own history and set the record straight on many subjects. We lost 4 years (minimum) no amount of dignified silence will buy that back.
  7. It's going to take someone fearless to push on with this. For all Tomkins good work am i right in saying that it hasn't been official raised in Holyrood yet? If anyone remembers John Lamonts well intended and correct input on the schooling system and the reaction it received, you can only imagine how hard they'll kick back on this.
  8. It's not even being talked about. Which is absolutely the way they want it. I cant believe no one has the fortitude to start directing conversations that way. The following aren't mutually exclusive: Best way to stop Rangers having to fight fires over bullshit like naughty songs is to light them over there. Best way for Rangers to make gains on celtic is to maximise the backdraft on this subject. The Best way for the victims to get maximum leverage and quickest possible closure is for everybody to start talking about extreme punishments, and titles-stripped and license being withdrawn.
  9. Listened to last night Sportsound (after enjoying Tuesdays so much ?) Any mentions were fair enough and complementary, as they shouldve been. Big problem was 90% of coverage was on Aberdeen's disaster. A huge game a mile away from their studio and a massive result and performance for a Scottish team and they weren't able to comment, even if they'd wanted too. Embarrassing stuff.
  10. As they are at the moment, i agree. But if the set-up can be changed (or forced to change), then its too useful a tool to ignore or overlook.
  11. This is it. They could flip to totally fair coverage from here on in. Just pretend everything else hasnt happened. It doesnt undo the years of muck we've been served up, or the fact that the people serving it are still running the show.
  12. It would be interesting to see the total £s spent on this, between clubs. The money spunked on coverage of celtic (manpower and travel) must be huge. Is this covered by FOI? Likewise, their signing policy. I don't have a clue who or how many work in PQ. But it's notable that certain bloggers and faces seem to be picking up work and are prone to errors. Obviously Steven Thompson has his uses.
  13. I've said this before, cant remember where, maybe earlier in this thread. The Rotherham enquiry strongly condemns the environment that enabled and allowed the abuse to continue. This truth being pointed out in a public enquiry is just one of the hundreds of reasons that many do not want one. When football tribalism, is compounded by political and religious tribalism (from a religion with stake in this game) then the result is toxic. And dangerous.
  14. Absolutely. All's went quiet there. Did Adam Tomkins ever get it raised at Holyrood, put on public record in parliament? Response from Scottish government – Minister of Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing (Joe Fitzpatrick) The Scottish Government unreservedly condemns the abhorrent crime of sexual abuse. Experiences of sexual abuse in Scottish football will have a profound and long-lasting impact on those who were abused. Ensuring children can enjoy taking part in sport in a sport in a safe and secure environment – as well as giving parents confidence about the safety and well-being of their children – is a priority for the Scottish Government. You may be aware that the Scottish FA announced the terms of reference for an independent review of non-recent sexual abuse allegations in Scottish football on 2 February 2017. The interim report was published on 26 July 2018, allowing the Scottish FA to address some of the recommendations before the final report is published when current on-going legal cases are concluded. The Scottish Government will consider next steps when the final report is published. Notable recent tact seems to be to hide behind SFA report, which will be a whitewash.
  15. Correct. Suspect refereeing, doubled down with very suspect (inexcusably so) retrospective action.
  16. 12 mins into the season last year for Clancys red (later rescinded). I'm sure Collum will try his best to better that time.
  17. It's painful and frustrating to watch. Especially when we're then told we have to play by the rules to get back to normality. Like someone said before, Mike Ashleys business world, its laws and the people in it, is a swamp. As a club and support we need to learn from this.
  18. Thanks. Hopefully we get to an end long before the that 7 years would've been up anyway.
  19. Stupid question, the new deal doesn't have the 7 year tie-in, just the matching clause?
  20. For me the BBC is the only item that Rangers need to focus on. It is the most important by miles. The rest will take care of itself. I don't care how we get back in there, undignified kicking, screaming, lying, face-scratching, playing race and victim cards. But we need to get back in there.
  21. I'd love to agree. But the unfortunate thing here is the reach. Some figures from last year suggest that Reporting Scotland can reach up to 500,000 listeners (10% of the country) thru its various broadcasts across the day. Its the biggest vehicle in the country by some distance. Most might be non-football fans or old Grannies, but the message is still getting out there. And if that results in even one occurrence of someone not buying a football top or not letting their kid go to Ibrox then its unacceptable.
  22. Reputationally there must be an affect. As an example, discussing our chants across multiple medias as headline news, day after day. Using very pointed and particular language. Whilst ignoring the same from Celtic. And worse with their ongoing CSA scandal, which I dont know if they've even mentioned yet? One item that stands out to me was the no to newco stuff. Where mclaughlin and co would interview a different support every day over 2 weeks and announce that some no-mark fan group or other had voted against us remaining in the SPL. This stuff built the narrative and enabled the governing body to take certain actions (which no other FA would pursue or allow). Similar tactics to the trial by sportscene. Bigger picture, this stuff may being driving from elsewhere. It doesn't look like the key players are bothered about any damage to the BBC either, through their actions. Which may be part of the plan.
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