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  1. This was on FF and is the reply from the Scottish Conservatives to a constituent. As an aside, I recently emailed and asked my MP and MSPs (for Labour and Conservative) about an independent enquiry. Still waiting for some responses, but from one the feeling was that this was a new question or one he hadn't been asked before. So although it's big news to us, for many of them it barely registers. If the main parties start getting requests for to pick this up, or to at least ask about it (ask the question at Holyrood etc) from across the country, then it's harder to ignore. It would be good if posters could spend 5 mins asking the questions of their local representatives - it's only a few e-mails and a few sentences. Especially if you live in areas where its less likely to be in the public's attention and they may not have received requests.
  2. Yeah, i agree. Ultimately it should be. There's a hierarchy where we can all do a bit - club > men of means > group leaders > your average fan. This is the frustration. There's a huge free resource, the PR team should be using it. Of course, there's wider issues that aren't or cannot be all on the club (culture, politics etc). Which is why we should all be getting a bit more aware. Again, there's a hierarchy that should be driving those too.
  3. Yep, i think that's the frustration (leading to these articles). There's no obvious co-ordination or planning or scheming. Maybe its all football focused just now - which i can understand. Ideally, I'd be expecting a few more "bridgeheads" in the press - our own McLaughlin somewhere in the MSM. A bit more co-ordinated pressure on the BBC (through side comments or stuff leaked to tabloids, forums etc). Even have Gerrard or Mark Allen talk to someone like Lineker (or whoever) and have a few pot shots at PQ. I'd have liked to see some courting of Rangers friendly politicians. It's all very isolated just now. Maybe it's happening and we just dont see it. But the problem is if it isn't happening then its time wasted.
  4. Exactly you sow many seeds and harvest what you need. One model that stands out is the amount of celtic-view reared journos across the MSM. They've been given that foot up, trained and seasoned, then allowed out into the wider world. Where they regularly pop up and throw grenades at Rangers. It serves its purpose short-term, then pays out even more beyond that.
  5. If groups want to do there own thing then there should be strength in that. It allows different roads to be followed. Which at any point one will be the right road, and we all get on board. As an example - the vanguard bears do their own thing and do a lot of digging and messy, thankless work. But there must be times when that info and knowledge has to be of use to the club or club1872 or whoever. Agree on the marginalisation point. It's too easy to dig in. But this is where there has to be a message or understanding about what fights to pick. (i.e. you don't beat John Mason by calling him a DFB, you beat him by voting him out and helping Rangers beat his team).
  6. You make a good point on the pods, and probably one i've overlooked and underplayed. There's plenty positives there. And good interaction between members 4lads, club1872 and then narsa etc on H&H. There's also a lot of common themes occurring and shared views. Would be great to see that continue and other big hitters brought in. And then see it somehow punch through to the mainstream. Where the biggest positive appears to be Ewen Cameron (who's great) but which is damning on our PR thus far.
  7. I was discussing this with a mate last night. What worries me is I don't see any signs of strategy or change anywhere (on the ground, amongst the support - there's plenty good work ongoing at the club and football wise). An example i had used previously was of the rally at the BBC. I contacted club1872 and got a slightly non-committal response. It shouldn't be like that, personalities/history/agendas have to be put aside. Both Frankie and David Edgar had no problem promoting event. It eventually got rained away but that's a different story, if anything fails it shouldn't be from lack of effort or cooperation. Without wanting to pick on club1872 its purely because they are the most prominent and influential, and i contribute to them.
  8. I was thinking more of the fans reps (and forum leaders) having articles (mission statements) on gersnet. Or better still an interview format on gersnet pod cast? Of course, easier said than done and some may not be interested. But i think if a few started then others would see it as the thing to do.
  9. As mentioned on twitter, might be worth having a list of live topics on website for folk to address, as a kind of prompt? Would even be good if several people tackled same subjects and different points of view could be read. One thing i'd like to hear is more from the different fan groups. How'd they form, whats their goals etc. That way more fans may find something relevant to them to get involved with, and the groups might find some common ground or projects to work on.
  10. Agreed. He's effectively a punter picked out of a pub by Celtic, for Celtic. Its horrible to think that he's even around the game at all, let alone for years to come.
  11. This is a few days old now but thought it was worth discussion. Sorry if covered elsewhere. Obviously the names Petrie and Mulraney are toxic. Not quite sure of the process but cant help feel Rangers (or club1872) should be commenting on this in some capacity. Would hate to think that moves like this can just happen "unopposed" in this day and age.
  12. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibernian/new-sfa-president-rod-petrie-calls-on-scottish-football-to-be-best-it-can-be-1-4946284 Rod Petrie has expressed his pride at becoming Scottish FA president and insists it is validation of his ability to make a positive contribution at the top of the game’s governing body. The Hibs chairman was elected unopposed to the role at the annual general meeting of the SFA at Hampden on Wednesday afternoon. There has been criticism of a system which sees the office bearers of the organisation appointed by a line of accession. But Petrie, who has been a director on the SFA board since 2007, has pledged to prove his worth as he succeeds Alan McRae and begins a four-year tenure. “My appointment is not a reward for what I have done, rather a recognition of the contribution I can make during my term of office as president,” said Petrie. “I take the responsibility seriously and will continue to work hard in the best interests of Scottish football. “We are a members organisation with responsibility for all of the game. We need to harness our strengths and engage in a constructive way with all of our stakeholders to make the Scottish FA and the national game the best it can be at all levels.” Petrie becomes the third representative from Hibs to become SFA president, following former Easter Road chairman Harry Swan (1952-56) and ex-director Tommy Younger (1983-84). “It goes without saying that today is a proud day and I am grateful to the membership for endorsing my presidency,” added the 63-year-old. “It is an honour to become president and follow in the footsteps of Harry Swan, the respected former Hibernian chairman of 30 years standing, who became president in 1952 until 1956. “Harry was a pioneer. He was a visionary president of the Scottish FA whose influence and forward thinking persuaded the game to look beyond its domestic horizons and embrace the possibilities that lay in European football.” Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney was named as the new vice-president, also unopposed. “I will leave no stone unturned in helping to take the game forward with a clear direction and in a collaborative way,” said Mulraney. “During my time as a Scottish FA board member I have seen progress in working closer with the membership and as vice-president my commitment is to continue to advocate working more efficiently and effectively with and for our member clubs so that the pursuit of higher standards is achieved in an integrated fashion.”
  13. Yep, lawyers are good at creating markets for themselves. If this costs the game, say even, £200k, a year then its money wasted. It's added nothing this year. Another side observation, is that we've had 12 or so citations. We've challenged half of these. That's costing money (and time and effort). Celtic obviously haven't had many citations (when they should have) so have avoided that hassle. They obviously had the Brown antics after the game at parkhead, but they didnt take long to bat away.
  14. Does anyone know how much all the lawyers cost the game, and clubs?
  15. Here's some recent tweets from MSP John Mason. The contortion to avoid appropriation any blame to Celtic is incredible to watch. Another line I've noticed recently from Celtic fans is if that if something is not proven through the courts, then it never happened.
  16. Thanks Buster. Hopefully i've kept it concise and factual and it lands under the right persons nose at some point. Annoyingly couldn't get the link to the tweet to work properly - if any admin want to fix?
  17. I put some thoughts down on it. Or recent events. One nagging issue is that coverage just doesn't fit. It's not organic or normal in the slightest. Which implies its been manipulated, apparently from all angles. https://uppingtheoutput.home.blog/2019/05/26/cynicism-and-consequences/ https://twitter.com/RickyBobby1872/status/1132658475371253760
  18. Great listen as always. Thanks and well done to all for providing the content. On the goals summary, i think someone mentioned it, but the lack of 25-30 yarders has been evident for some years now. I would take winning any day of the week but hopefully its an aspect we can improve on.
  19. He hasnt mentioned it on twitter. Not sure of their post-match stuff.
  20. You make good points and you're correct. I don't think there's any need to go through grisly details. I dont think anyone should stumble through details that upset or offend any victims. However, there is a secondary layer that is more suitable for discussion. Concerning the actions of the club, its legal stance and a cover-up. From the top of my head. - Links between board and predators. - Links between predators and outsiders (i.e. Bennell) - Hiring policies. - Comment on celtics own investigation into the boys club in the 80s. - How many people at senior club knew? - Fergus McCanns actions? - Payments from club to 3rd parties. - Public calls from club (and associates) reaching out to victims. - ...those made no mention of police. Was any info ever passed to police? - What did the police know and not act on? - Did celtic contacts victims directly? - How many non-disclosure agreements are out there? - When and how did celtic adopt their first defence strategy? Was this a shared tactic with the CC? - When did separate entity defence appear? - Compare clubs actions with those in England. - Compare Man Cities response with celtics. - Compare case and actions with Penn State. - Discuss whether Penn State precedents and punishments should apply to Celtic? - What options were available to SFA? - What options are available to SFA? - Discuss whether member clubs should meat to discuss celtics behaviour? - Discuss whether celtic scandal has been covered up? And by who. There's plenty scope for open and informed discussion on this. Some of this is documented fact, other points speculation and hearsay. They could get months worth of content out of this and people would want to know about it. They would if it were Rangers. Also, I'm sure Hugh Keevins could give some very accurate answers to many of those questions, if he wanted to. But there's the crux. He doesn't want to. Celtic don't want him to. To have the celtic support, and other supports, discussing that is damaging for them, which is why it is never mentioned. From what I've seen on twitter a lot of celtic fans are genuinely in denial or in the dark about it. The coverage and content for a scandal that size has been extremely limited. There's also some pretty murky stuff going on to cover it up. Accounts popping up and attacking anyone talking about it, including victims. I've seen tims setting up accounts pretending to be Penn State fans. We currently have a group driving the "victims cause" in Hampden and Holyrood that are knowingly excluding victims. That group appears firmly in the "dont blame the club" camp. Call me cynical. But when millions of pound are at stake then anything goes. Including radio stations opting to limit exposure. Clyde SSB, of course, have history with inconsistency. During one of the raging storms on Rangers singing nasty songs, when celtic fans were caught red handed singing sectarian songs, Keevins simply changed the subject. A change of editorial policy so to speak.
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