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  1. Totally agree. I dont listen these days but its difficult to avoid seeing examples of the double-standards they spew out. Like the example above.
  2. I saw this posted on FF earlier. For anyone unlucky enough to have listened to Clyde SSB at all, or in the past decade in particular, this really is something else. If not unsurprising... It reads like its straight from the forked-tongue of the high priest of the East End himself, Hugh Keevins.
  3. I've went for Arfield. I think he's been at the centre of our best performances and has been the most missed when out. Tav has been excellent at times. Would be happy to see him get the vote too. A few months ago i wouldve said Morelos, by a long way, but he ruined it with the red at celtic.
  4. Us and the them is a bit different. I would have thought Killie would have to tread a bit lighter with us tho, given size of our away support.
  5. Yeah. Looks that way. If amicable then Rangers would've released statement wishing them luck etc etc
  6. Is this not something that wouldve been discussed beforehand, between the clubs?
  7. Correct, whole thing is a joke. Have said it elsewhere, but club needs to bring it to a head and sort it out this season. No way can we risk next season sabotaged by this shower of shite. I would have club formally submit incidents to CO system. Including Scott Browns stamp at Dundee. That way we are in no doubt what the panel are looking at and what decision they reach.
  8. Players (multiple) being fatigued at same time is a bit concerning. We have squad to rest and bring back some of these guys over season. Likewise, some players carrying injuries. I don't think anyone except Morelos is replaceable so no real excuses. One thing i never see mentioned is the Gerrard factor. He allows us to attract certain players, open doors that other managers perhaps wouldn't. We need to maximise this.
  9. Of course Pete. Both equally excellent. And Gersnet is infinitely better value. 😉
  10. https://www.patreon.com/posts/murray-and-me-25438092 On Patreon site. Subscription only, i believe.
  11. Martyn returns to quiz David on his time with the RST and his relationship with then-Rangers owner David Murray. In this episode, they look back to the battles over songs Rangers found themselves embroiled in during the 00s. How did Murray react to the changing climate - and how did David? __________ Fantastic listen, as always, for latest in their David Murray series. So tragic and sad that agendas against us were so blatant and so effective and yet as a support we're still in denial about these things.
  12. As a member of Club1872 I asked if they would back the demo. They said they hadn't been asked and weren't sure on arrangements/permissions etc, so couldn't commit at this time. They also said no other members had asked them. Likewise, i believe other Rangers forums hadn't publicised event. Because of history/personality stuff. There's some questions here. The bigger picture should have been all encompassing. A chance for an olive branch from either side and opportunity to be the bigger person. These groups dont have to like each other but at times they have a duty to suck it up, imho. Likewise, organiser could've reached out more (i'm assuming they didnt, they maybe did) and then at least they've done their bit. Ultimately, should've been postponed with the weather.
  13. It seems like an open goal to me. I don't know why club doesn't just jump on it. There's nothing to lose with them anyway.
  14. Here's my latest reply from the BBC complaints w.r.t. them being bangers. Editorially fair is the latest party line.
  15. Exactly. Its a business that has a turnover towards £50m. Existing on brand and image. Board members recently put up £11m of their own money. That's a huge investment to have tarnished on an almost daily basis by a couple of silly buggers at the BBC. I would expect to see it protected as such.
  16. This feels like the type of occasion where fan groups should be getting behind each other. For the common good.
  17. Anything to bring attention has to be good. A few big names ex/players at the front would be welcome. Obviously keep it clean and to the point.
  18. This is good. And welcome. It should be a regular feature. Surely Rangers, the club, has the clout to have this picked up by a rival (or just fair) broadcaster? To sit and go through all of the incidents. And then the next step. Discuss the why this is happening and being allowed to happen?
  19. Thanks guys. Hopefully it captures the madness that's being allowed. Cant help but think we'll look back on it and ask how was that even allowed to happen?
  20. The BBC watch thread on this site is as good an example of what is required for "incidents" and other stuff as any. It's that simple. Yet you seldom see it.
  21. I saw a thread or two on twitter. There's plenty of them but nothing definitive. In fact, given the way the BBC deal with highlights there's probably twice as many that we'll never even hear about. Griffiths banging another players head on the ground and Brown flicking his boot in someones face spring to mind, on top of the one's commonly referenced. Here's what annoys me. The club must have someone looking at and collecting this info and data, surely? It'd be easy enough for them to get something together and distribute it.
  22. I never realised this but that Stefan Bienkowski guy on twitter is now a BBC employee. Famous for the now defunct lead balloon twopointone football website. His tweet below shows his credentials for working at pacific quay. This is terrifying stuff - Are BBC scotland just hiring random celtic fans off the internet now? Out of interest, does anyone know if freedom of information requests cover recruitment for departments?
  23. Noticed that before with Kent playing. The others seem to sit back and expect him to make the break through.
  24. Is Goldson fit again? I was going to have a go at Halliday during last game, but then realised he was at least showing for the ball and the other players were taking the easy pass to him, so not really his fault. Killie wasn't his kind of game so Livi probably wont be either.
  25. I like the tactics shows. Its a level of insight and service above the main stream. Even after a defeat its a worthwhile listen.
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