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  1. I think most of these are covered on the BBC thread but i'll post them here... Clarity required around Mclaughlin and his situation from the club. Anyone that’s witnessed him in actions knows he was out of control and who pulls his strings. This needs reiterated as lack of info leads to people jumping to conclusions (people like me). Btw - BBC still blatantly at it to this day (coverage of McGregor appears solely to be because its Rangers, compounded by digs at Morelos and repeated mentions of Jacks “red” cards). I understand tabloids would get together and set narrative but why are BBC on this bandwagon. Contrast against stuff that gets overlooked - digs, kicks against us and celtics singing/violence last weekend. It would be good to know who made the call to boycott Ibrox. As others have said, there’s no real precedent for it - Man U and Dundee never got boycotted. Hard to see any other factor than “its Rangers”. I’d guess composition of decision panel would probably be revealing. If people like Cosgrove, English, Gordon etc are pulling together then its hardly surprising. If its supported higher up and allowed to continue then its disappointing/worrying and something club should be shining light on imho. The current level and quality coverage is a real damaging factor for RFC. Lack of parity with peers, limited exposure and tone of coverage are tangible. And have been for years (3 years now). As per people involved, I guess they aren’t too bothered about a solution as this status quo suits just fine. Bloody-mindedness to one side. The BBC are too big and important too just overlook and pretend we can exist without. Not just because of what it gives us, but when we are on the outside it also gives others an upper hand, for free. We should be (need to be) back in there and influencing it's output. I see the lack of action on this part as a failing of Rangers side. Unless there's something we're not being told - I would rather RFC made a bigger fuss over fair treatment etc. For me there’s a case that we should start demanded damages until the BBC buckles or at least make a public statement defining their position – if only to draw them out and give us something to attack. I’d be asking for £millions in compensation. Even if it’s not likely or possible I’d like to see an exaggerated, bullish posture adopted against them. I’d say they’ve breached their codes and duty and went out of their way to be awkward and aggressive against Rangers; ultimately, deliberately damaging the clubs brand and PR over an extended period of time. The club has been quite good on the front foot lately and the change since Paul Murray left had been overdue. Going further - I’d also be looking at demographics and politics within BBC Scotland and asking if we’re being excluded at some level – because it certainly appears that way.
  2. Do we know the full story yet? Either way. No one comes out of it looking great.
  3. Safe to say that one wont make the BBC highlights reel.
  4. No credit or mitigation given in the 20mins i listened to. Aside McGregor stopping it being a cricket score. But then of course, they agreed that the compliance officer should look at him,
  5. Caught some after match BBC scotland in my kitchen, possibly thru shear masochism. One thing that stood out was the lack of interviews with anyone Rangers. I forgot what i was listening to and found myself waiting to hear from Gerrard. It's a huge gaping chasm in their coverage. Gerrard's words were read back. But woefully misrepresented. His comment on the ref and the match defining goal were fair imho. Laughed at by panel. Dick Gordon later scoffing at "Gerrard blaming ref for defeat". McGregor obviously got some attention. I think it was Michael Stewart going off on him. Of course, morelos and other Rangers incidents get aired in his rant. One of the other panel said Ajer coulve left a bit on, was met with "oh i never saw that". The rant then weirdly went on to claiming the euro ran has been an exercise in parking the bus. Very bizarre. Oh and Willie Miller is a bitter bastard too. Sadly we never gave them anything to think about or shut them up.
  6. A nice big piece of land. Gifted to celtic. By celtic fans. From the public purse. Actually unbelievable. I hope that gets looked at and a lot of other recent activity.
  7. Games have to get played so not too bothered. I am bothered about the referee's performances on the opening days for the past few years though.
  8. http://ibroxcessnockcc.weebly.com/minutes/august-09th-2018 Some stuff on this one. Very limited info though. Key part below... 7.2 Application for temporary public licence - Ibrox Fanzone 11th August - area where this is proposed was originally part of a local trust and is now owned by Glasgow life. These facilities were given to the Glasgow life by the trust and the council on the condition that they be used for the local community. There was much discussion and objection to this proposed use. It was noted that unlike most licensing there was no option for individuals to comment and/or object. Community Council Can object until 9th July, as such a vote was taken by show of hands from residents. Objection was favoured by a very clear majority therefore Kirsty will send objection letter prior to deadline.
  9. Surprised BBCscotland havent thought of that. A (green and) whitewash of the position.
  10. iirc the whole fan fair at the start was transparency/trust, helping the refs etc Its strange that no one in the media ever discusses it (well not that i've heard). I've seen a few laughing at the process but it ends there. There's no analysis of the role, its performance, inconsistencies or bias, none. The role clearly draws a decent wage and other SFA resources but adds nothing obvious to the game.
  11. That is a point. Given the merry-go-round of halfwits in some of the English jobs there's an argument SG and his team have shown enough already to merit interest.
  12. It seems so obvious and looks so simple yet others made such an arse of it. I like the fact Gerrard seems to be attracting players to the club - in a way Murty or McInnes never could. Hopefully, he has a long successful time and the club retains the draw it deserves, because we'd definitely lost that.
  13. As someone stated before, like it or not the BBC has reach (and influence) to 500k punters. For next to zero expense to club. Maybe more on certain occasions. Two points. 1, it'd be daft to ignore this. 2, By ignoring we hand all of that machinery to our enemies, for free (effectively as it is now).
  14. True, granted a lot of theoreticals. But even then we did lump for McCoist - despite signs of limitations as manager.
  15. Would be interesting to hear from Gerrard is how important the timing of the opportunity was for him. What's preceded has undoubted gave the Rangers project a bigger space to grow into. Would it have been an option for him had it been 2011 for example (all things being equal and without the impending doom)?
  16. Good read John. The end of your article shows me what its all about. A numbers game. Knowingly influencing those on the periphery of the support - be it lapsed supporters, young fans not yet made it to a match etc. Which runs into the 10,000s. A deliberate attempt at under-mining and chipping away at our fan-base.
  17. There's a good point. Whoever gets the "news" out there first, by default owns the audience. Pretty hard to turn that around. It probably also won over the bulk of BBC staff too ,as they'd buy into and peddle/protect "their" news (tho prehaps didnt require much persuading) . Probably helps explain why they were so keen to push guilt and punishment, as the public are then conditioned to expect that. Likewise, why they omit celtic from certain discussions and news stories.
  18. Totally agree. Clubs positions needs clarified. Slightly off track but i was thinking about this recently. The whole Craig Whyte saga involved... Chris McLaughlin, celtic fan, mouthpiece for celtic. BBC reporter, position not unrelated for work he does for celtic. Got given goodies by RTC and was chosen to run their stories, RTC - Known haters with a sole agenda to damage RFC (with hindsight anyway). Was allowed to run with story for years. Speculate/slander etc... Imagine a world where the opposite was true. It simply wouldn't happen. Chris Jack, reading Vanguard Bears investigative work on celtic issues, on the evening news. Then discussing it for hours with other Rangers fans. That's effectively what BBC Scotland gave us.
  19. Do we know if the question has been asked or the point raised, officially? To an outsider in London its probably something that could be explained away and "complaints" from the public probably just fall under noise.
  20. FYI - I've been told the minutes from June have been delayed. IT issues with a computer. Could be legit. We will see....
  21. Good listen guys. Really enjoyed the topics later on. Really hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Celtic have been ripping the piss for years with us and the "old firm" fixture. They realised its easier to undermine us and sell hate to their support i.e. no old firm, no Rangers, you cheated etc. With us conveniently out of the way it gave them easy money and trophies. Like Colin said it's been an "aggressive" tone from them. Aggressive. Dismissive. Undermining. The effigies, moon-howling and assaults are all symptoms of this. It's a worrying trend. Very divisive stuff. Not unrelated, others have followed celtics lead. Dornan just the latest doing his bit for the cause. The SNP. Press pack. As pointed out, the suspect monies and allowances thrown at parkhead recently have been obscene. They have an army of puppets lining up to out do each other for them and against us. This is bigotry is action - and for me ten times worse than a few bad words between rival fans in 90mins. This is ow actually affecting peoples real lives in the professional and political sphere. They were able to bring in new laws and then get them repealed on a whim. It's new ground way beyond on anything before in our history. Murray made some comments about spending £10 and that's about as far as we took it before. Their response is mental. Rabid. No-one will ever call out them out unless we start pointing it out. Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts seem to willingly join in but i genuinely don't think they realise half of whats going on with celtic. Therefore, the club has to be public with this. It's politics and we'll get laughed if we try and reason our way through it with people not interested in being reasonable with us.
  22. It would be good to see some numbers / projections on this. To compare it to old deal i.e. how soon is the £3.5m made back?
  23. Good stuff as always ? Good discussion on transfer fees and pay offs. Waghorn and Mackay etc most would agree we sold ourselves short at the time. Giving that Wes will probably end up in England then asking price must reflect that i.e. £2-3m. The pay offs for so many of Pedros guys are pretty galling. It would be interesting to hear how we compare to other clubs on this score - Obviously Martin Bains record was shocking and i'd hope we keep well away for that type of performance.
  24. Out of interest did BBC cover SRtRCs comments on Rogers Logan comments? Whilst Mclaughlin didn't go over board with it, he didn't ignore it either. It'll get plenty of air time from our friends at the BBC. BBC aside, the supporter left the club in an impossible position and club had no other option. Perhaps a timely reminder that a pro-active approach cannot be over-looked and with drink and sun involved it never hurts to remind folk of responsibilities.
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