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  1. Yeh I saw a Rangers fan say he was woken up by them at 3am.
  2. DMAA

    MotM v Hibs

    Arfield was involved in everything we did going forward and did very well. Very unlucky to be denied a winner by Marciano.
  3. Gave it to Tavernier purely for breaking the deadlock. First goal is the by far the most important in these games.
  4. Clearly attention seeking. He knows fine well how Rangers fans are going to respond to that after those very same clubs put the boot into us when they got the chance.
  5. What the managers have said, Gerrard "Willem II are a good team. We know the level is going to increase dramatically from Thursday night, with all due respect (to Red Imps). They have exciting attacking players, they play with a striker who is quite physical called Pavlidis who is a goalscorer, a good player. So we know the level of the competition is going to get tougher. That's always been the case in the previous two years and we expect that when we face Willem next week. But it's a game that we are looking forward to.” Adrie Koster "It's great that a legen
  6. Introduction Dubbed by some Rangers fans Willem II vs William's 11, although Thursday's game will be the first ever meeting of the two historic clubs there is a strange feeling of familiarity about this early season Europa League clash. Again, Rangers’ opening Europa League fixture involved a trip to Gibraltar to play on the same plastic pitch, with almost the exact same result. Coincidentally, our Dutch opponents met our 2nd round opponents of last year, Progrès Niederkorn, and dispatched of them with the same 5-0 scoreline. And whilst it was later in the competition we met a Dutch side
  7. Yeh. He actually provides the strength and aggression I think Goldson lacks a bit.
  8. I don’t know what player you are watching. Our most aggressive and physical defender.
  9. That was a shocker. The most obvious thing I have seen go unpunished in recent times. Referee couldn’t have had a better view.
  10. On the question of mentality, one of the newspapers just put up an article with the stats for how many times Rangers and Celtic have found a winning goal when they are either losing or drawing going into the last 15 minutes of the games since Gerrard came in. The stats aren't surprising, Rangers - 8 out of 37 (22%) Celtic - 15 out of 26 times (57%)
  11. Fault lies with the centre midfielders, either Kamara or Davis had to pick him up. It's schoolboy stuff leaving Doidge wide open, it was the only way they were going to score.
  12. Source is foreign, Winsports. Translated,CONFIRMED: By the Colombian of #Rangers Alfredo Morelos (24) there is an offer from #Lille by 20M € and it has not been rejected. Also, #Fiorentina and #WestBrom They have made their interest in the striker official, and are closely monitoring his situation.
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