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  1. Why don’t C1872 have a competent board? I don’t have knowledge of these matters, but anecdotally it seems clear they don’t.
  2. An incredible stat for a home game against Ross County, the side who have conceded the most in the league bar Hamilton. (The second tweet)
  3. Updated projected league table. Remarkable to see us still being projected to hit 100 and we are now in December.
  4. It is a difficult ground to go to though. They were probably the only team not to lose by more than a goal at home to either us or Celtic last season and they have carried that into this season too.
  5. And I’m actually with you to an extent. Don’t mind laughing at them a wee bit but it is still early days for the league. It wouldn’t be the first time a manager change has brought about a dramatic change in form. They’ve somehow got through this spell so far only 5 points behind (not including games in hand). If things were to go to plan for the rest of this year, the OF game at Ibrox becomes huge to extend that gap.
  6. I listened to Sportsound and they were very open this time in saying that a number of players had simply chucked it. I suspect they may have decided this was the perfect opportunity to get him sacked, no points dropped but a totally embarrassing home loss, this time in a domestic match.
  7. This is an interesting one. Shows again that we are creating far more chances than Celtic, but their goals per game ratio is better than ours. There are various potential explanation for this, but they are scoring goals from less chances/lower quality chances which normally points to more clinical finishing. We would be out of sight if they hadn’t done that. in the defences table, it is good to see Celtic have conceded more xG than St Johnstone haha.
  8. Don’t have access to these, aside from the basic ones
  9. Love this one. Hagi proving me right 😃
  10. Brilliant from Hagi, I wish he would get more game time.
  11. Sorry don’t have time to explain this one just now so just posting it for now
  12. I keep forgetting to do this Falkirk 0-3 Rangers Itten
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