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  1. Well done to the youngsters and the under-studies. Don't forget that it isn't easy to come in from the cold like that so well done to them all. Same 11 for a week today then or should Cole Mackinnon start?
  2. Enjoying this. I knew there would be goals here for us with Lowry, Ramsey and Amad in the team. We've looked pretty creative tbh. Delighted for Lowry to get that confidence boost. He is easily good enough to play for us.
  3. Similar to Lowry, I've been disappointed he hasn't been used. We chucked the title in January and February with 4 draws against dross. We didn't mix it up throughout that period and I think Lowry and Diallo had something to offer and might have just provided us with the creativity we needed. With regards to next season, not a bad option but there may be better ones out there. We haven't won the recruitment battle the past couple of windows and we need to win the next one.
  4. That's true, but the team definitely won't be complacent. Frankfurt's league form isn't reflective of their quality. They start next season 21st in the club coefficient. That is a very high ranking considering qualification via the Bundesliga isn't a guarantee every season like it is for us.
  5. Good to see us winning these games without much effort. Great to see Lowry getting minutes too. He should be used in the final if we need a goal.
  6. Lowrie is good enough to have played far more often this season. He has the flair and creativity we often lacked to turn draws into wins.
  7. An argument could be made for half the team but I’ve gone for Bassey. I initially thought we were getting off with playing him at centre back and he'd get caught out by better opposition. He has performed better and better as the level of opposition has risen.
  8. Agree. He does frustrate me at times, he's looser in possession than most. And yet he single handedly created a great chance eary at a time when we weren't creating much, and obviously got an assist. I'd have started Sakala ahead of him, but Wright did his bit.
  9. Yes, that's where the real revenue is. Prize money is a bit skewed by your 10 year coefficient. Celtic had a big prize money headstart on us because of it. The good news is that our success now will benefit us for years to come with the 10 year coefficient money.
  10. £15.5m euros in prize money I think. Celtic got £8m so it's not a massive gap, we need to win for that.
  11. Lots of players deserve praise for last night but I think Sakala deserves a mention. I thought he was very good. Many have questioned his ability to play centre forward and hold up the ball. He did that as well as cause them headaches with his pace, I thought he was very good. I thought he should have started both games, but he more than did his bit off the bench.
  12. They are head and shoulders above Braga.
  13. Excellent performance and well done to GVB for getting almost everything right. He set up exactly the right way. I would quibble with keeping Wright on so long, and then the same for Aribo. But those are minor complaints in the grand scheme of things. All to play for.
  14. Leipzig have been the best team in the Bundesliga in the past while. They are top of the form table going back as far as the last 13 games. They are top for GD throughout that period. Seems their position in the Bundesliga doesn't reflect how good they are at the moment.
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