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  1. I was waiting for you to comment @JohnMc because like me you seem to have more exposure to Rangers fans outside the central belt bubble where all the anti-Rangers issues are magnified. Most Rangers fans in Scotland don't know what the BBC thing is all about, they don't know what our problem with the SFA is and they don't make it to many games. They still buy the strips for their kids and watch any Rangers games that are on tele and listen to them on the radio. But the idea that the ordinary Rangers fan doesn't support Scotland sounds reasonable only to those who regularly frequent fans forums. To those who don't, they would probably think you meant Celtic fans.
  2. I did a wee bit of maths and Kilmarnock got 8 points less in the second of the season than if they had performed the same as they did in the first half. I said when we signed Jones that if we were looking at a Killie player it should be Stewart and I said that Killie would fall away without him. I made the mistake of underestimating Clarke obviously but 8 points more would have seen them finish only 3 points behind us. They lost Stewart but brought in Alex Bruce, Mulumbu and a youth player from Liverpool so you could even say the loss of Stewart alone would have cost far more than 8 points if they hadn't brought in 3 decent players at the same time.
  3. Spot on @pete. Killie aren’t very technical but Clarke was clever enough to use him properly.
  4. There are far more Rangers fans in the country than any other. Any result other than this would have been a shock.
  5. Played beside Arfield I think he will do well. Better than Jones imo.
  6. It's notable that Callum McGregor's big break came at Notts County in League 1 when he was 20, a year older than Middleton. I'm hoping he'll have a cracking season which will have a similar result acting as a springboard for him. I have no doubts of his ability.
  7. Fair enough, I suppose it's a terminology thing. My terminology is based on Champ Man 97/98.
  8. Would you not call that position attacking midfield? It’s between the centre mids and striker. His signing hasnt been confirmed but it’s done and dusted by all accounts, I think Rangers just want to build some excitement and momentum with announcements when it gets to that stage.
  9. Yeh that was @johnnyk. A few guys on FF saying the same thing.
  10. Stewart is an attacking midfielder, he won’t be playing in the striker’s position.
  11. Yes, I really thought we'd get one. A Ronald de Boer type player who can play both CAM and CM. Assuming we are playing the 4-3-2-1 it is far more important than a winger. I suspect Gerrard doesn't want to freeze out Murphy and Stewart before they've had a chance make the position their own. Arfield has cemented his place and it's a matter of who plays beside him. Ojo will be a strong contender too despite it not being his natural position. I still wonder if we will be asking 7/8 out of 10 players to unlock a stubborn Aberdeen defence when a few million might have got us the 9 out of 10 player we need to win the league.
  12. Ojo is done as ITK people have said weeks ago but Kent is still just people starting rumours as far as I can see.
  13. Liverpool Echo claimed that Liverpool were planning on raising as much as possible from selling rather than loaning out a bunch of their young players this summer. They had 16 out on loan last season and they reckon they can make a huge amount of money from selling apparently. This was why they cast doubt on the Kent to Rangers rumour a couple of weeks ago.
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