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  1. There's no question about it, it should work and you can't expect everyone to know to check Twitter or fans forums when it doesn't. After playing in Europe last season and having got a good gauge of what demand would be like there's no excuse for not being prepared. As Bill says, even a text or email to tell you in advance there will be two links due to the unusual demand would be an acceptable compromise.
  2. I missed a chunk of the first half due to the usual family duties so I'm not in the best position to say, but I thought there were good performances all over the pitch with Jack the stand-out. The forward positions were where we struggled and even there we did have some very good moments.
  3. It's a very strong position for us. Better yet they are at good ages, one experienced player at 34, and then Jack is 27, Kamara just turning 24 and Aribo 23. It's quite a turnaround for us to have so much quality in that position and to own the players,
  4. It's clear he is enjoying playing alongside proper passers of the ball like Davis, Aribo and Kamara.
  5. Hard to miss the irony here, this is exactly what you are like every game but the other way around. You're always pouncing on Goldson after a game. I've only pointed out some of Katic's big mistakes recently due to the imbalance in the way you comment on the players. They are both good players but both are making some costly mistakes at the moment despite otherwise good performances.
  6. I actually thought this was his best performance in a Rangers shirt. Some of his out side of the foot passes were sublime, you could see them curl round the Legia players. @Bill you've defended Jack all the way and you've been vindicated, it seems like he's finally not the whipping boy any more.
  7. Could easily become worth as much and even more than Morelos, and that's saying something. A bit of a game changing signing.
  8. I think this is more applicable to defenders really who are man marking and are on high alert. Ojo was the main one last night because as he tired his performance really dipped and we couldn’t keep the ball up the park. I don’t see much risk in replacing a tired forward player who isnt playing well. Maybe I’m just more of a pessimist than some others on here but I felt we were under pressure for the final 20-25 and we didn’t have an outball.
  9. When it wasn’t working I looked it up and found the Europa link which worked immediately. As someone said this apparently only worked if you had already subscribed to rangers tv before the day though.
  10. He’s brilliant at winning the ball back and almost never loses it. Must be a nightmare to play against. I think I’d like to see him play on the right a wee bit more though as he can be a bit less predictable in possession.
  11. A bit of an exaggeration. Katic got off with a big one himself.
  12. You’re totally overreacting. I and some others think subs should have been made to freshen things up because some players were tiring, you don’t have to make a big thing out of it just let people have their say.
  13. Half the comments on this forum could be interpreted as thinking we know better than SG if you want to go down that route. It’s full of opinions and not all of them are exactly the same as the managers.
  14. Well the fresh legs seemed to help them. Do you really have to say SG is a better manager than us? Only saying we had some very tired legs out there and they brought on fresh legs and started to control the game. Ojo in particular should have been withdrawn.
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