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  1. I'd rather have Patterson than Liam Palmer who is mediocre and qualifies only via a grandparent born in Scotland.
  2. This isn't a Scottish election. The highest standards are maintained for Gersnet polls.
  3. This for me, and recency bias is working against Tavernier. For me, when they performed at their best has to come into it. Tavernier was the best player in the league when we were in a real battle for the title. Celtic only dropped 2 points in their first 9 games before we beat them. That loss caused them to briefly fall away but then they rallied in December before, yet again, a loss to Rangers killed their momentum. Only at that point did many Rangers fans allow themselves to believe we were going to win the league. Tavernier's performances were a huge part in pushing us ahead of Celtic when
  4. Pretty depressing what has happened in this country since Saturday. The faux outrage is off the scale. 2014 has changed this country for good.
  5. My favourite stat is Celtic have conceded more league goals at Ibrox than Rangers this season. In this season of all seasons. Absolutely glorious stuff.
  6. I was hoping this would be the case when he joined RC at the beginning of the season but I'm afraid it looks very unlikely now that he'll make the cut with us. He has only played more than half an hour 14 out of 36 league games with them, and many (if not all) of those appearances were due to injuries to others. It has been a similar story with McCrorie, I had hoped he was ready to step up but his season with Livingston hasn't gone to plan at all.
  7. Kamara would definitely be one of the hardest to replace.
  8. Every starting player we sell introduces risk, and it will be very difficult to decide how much risk to take ahead of absolutely massive Champions League qualifiers. These qualifiers are arguably the most important in our club’s history. Progressing to the groups this season would make us massive favourites to win the league and therefore attain the big prize at the end of next season, automatic qualification to the groups. It would be far easier for the board to re-invest prize money from this season when there is an enormous cash prize guaranteed to the winners of next season’s tit
  9. Saw this, an excellent analysis. Seems he could be someone who could play a Sadio Mane type role as a wide forward. He doesn’t look particularly suited to being a central target man.
  10. On the face of it, it's a great piece of business. He's an ideal age, just turned 24, isn't costing us anything and looks like he is improving every season. Very hard to judge from the limited footage of him though.
  11. He's been injured. But I'm not expecting much from him at all to be honest, at least not next season. Even when he was fit he struggled to get game time in a very weak Wycombe side.
  12. I do normally watch and listen after we beat them. I don’t expect much, but my word, last night was by far the worst coverage I have seen. Sportscene, most people have probably already heard about. The whole thing was discussed from Celtic’s point of view, our last two goals weren’t even shown. They could have talked about Defoe scoring in what could be his last game but no, it ends with a literal Scott Brown tribute reel showing him scoring goals against Rangers. You couldn’t make it up. Sportsound, I have to admit I was expecting at least some improvement on that but it w
  13. A few candidates for this but Kent was superb. His confidence was at its peak yesterday and he reached another level.
  14. This is pretty much what I saw. To be honest I’d be concerned if he was backup to Helander, who has an unfortunate habit of picking up injuries which can cause him to miss chunks of the season.
  15. I was referring to the 15 year period I mentioned in a previous post with this, Celtic’s problems seem to have extended the period of the old firm not finishing top two for another few years. I didn’t realise the extent of the Bosman ruling, thanks.
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