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  1. Looking forward to watching this game back so will hold back my vote till then, currently selling and buying a house so had to listen to the game rather than watch. Fantastic finishes from Kent and Morelos though for the first two. It's great to see them playing confidently again.
  2. Always good to have strong competition for MotM, especially away at Livingstone where we often don't have many worthy candidates. I only saw the second half in full. Great to see Morelos get on the score-sheet again and keep up his run but due to the missed chances I will go Kamara who is just such a huge player for us these days. He has always been technically brilliant but he has added so much to his game, his running is incredible and he takes it on himself to change games, and I primarily credit him with creating the goal in the end. I think his overall impact on the game is un
  3. My word, compare and contrast to what Ajeti got a penalty for, and was judged not to have dived even after looking at video evidence.
  4. Another embarrassing loss for HSV. That’s now one win in eight games against St Pauli.
  5. They've only made the UCL groups once in recent times (last season) and they were very lucky because they dropped in at the play off round and only had to beat Cluj to get to the groups, who had had a very easy draw in the previous round (Celtic). This season they drew Midtjylland and were hammered 4-1 (3 late goals). Despite getting their share of the Champions League riches last season they have continued to sell their stars for big money and recruit on the cheap. They must be a very well run club to be performing as well as they are in those circumstances.
  6. Just so you get an idea of how close that is; Antwerp are 176th, Poznan 196th, Liege 211th, Galatasaray 74th (top of their league by the way so the comments made about them at the time by the press were unjustified), Benfica 44th. Slavia's rivals Sparta, who spanked Celtic home and away, are 138th. So this will be really interesting.
  7. In Fivethirtyeight's global club rankings this is an incredibly close match. We are 62nd and they are 66th. A fantastic gauge of how good we are.
  8. Their star man Sima is only 19, very interesting. Scored a cracker last night.
  9. A very good draw all things considered but we were so close to drawing Molde!! 😂
  10. Oh wow, I didn’t realise you got £500k just for participating last night, I thought that was for winning. Great news, that’s another 1.1m in the bag then.
  11. Didn't get a chance to post after the game last night, but as I said before the game, what a time to be a Rangers fan. Love a European draw Friday. There were so many big performances last night. Totally agree with Ally McCoist and our manager that it was the best the front three have played all season. Kent and Morelos were outstanding, what a confidence boost that is for both and they have put themselves in the shop window in Europe again. Hagi's performance wasn't at that level but he still carried out an important role that is different to Kent. He was actually involved in all
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