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  1. Although we know nothing about him it's great to hear we're picking guys up from sides like Man City at this age on the back of the Alkass tournament. Man City seem to be the best team at U16 level and this guy seems to have played a big part in that. The Sun and the Scotsman claim he was a "key man", I take that with a pinch of salt but his twitter shows he has at least been playing and scoring regularly.
  2. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    I’m in two minds about this because on the one hand I totally agree, our squad isn’t as strong as Celtic’s it’s as simple as that. On the other hand how can we blame lack of quality when Kilmarnock and Aberdeen are within touching distance of us after 26 games? That strongly suggests poor management rather than lack of quality.
  3. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Kent? Not a popular view but I still think he’s way overrated. He gets plaudits for his “urgency” and “looking to make things happen” but he just lacks quality where it matters. Yes he’ll take someone on at the half way line and get you off your seat but how often does he create a goal scoring chance? Almost never. His final ball and shooting are both poor. If Murphy had stayed fit I think we’d be in a far better place right now.
  4. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Grezda is very much a winger. Celtic picked up Rogic, Allan and Christie for peanuts.
  5. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Gerrard was very clear that Grezda and Barisic were £1.5m each
  6. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    We just don’t recruit number 10s. It’s like Celtic with centre backs. Both sets of fans know what their team needs and bizarrely neither team will do it.
  7. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Absolutely, it’s utterly embarrassing that we rely on a bulldozer up front to create a chance most of the time, and it exposes the lack of creativity from Kent and Candeias that they can’t give Defoe anything to work with! Defoe will get pelters today because he was “anonymous”. He was “anonymous” because our midfield has next to no creativity.
  8. DMAA

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Interesting that Jack and Arfield don’t make the bench. Seems a risk to throw Davis and Kamara straight in. Both comfortable on the ball though so that must be what he has in mind.
  9. Lowrie. Creative types like to express themselves in that kind of way. Think valderrama
  10. Absolutely brilliant, what an achievement. Great advert for the academy winning that and a great way to attract more players like NYC
  11. Not going to lie I'm not sure I fancy our chances against Italians on penalties
  12. NYC showed great close control in the box before playing the pass for that assist
  13. Great to hear, I’ve been thinking he must have had offers
  14. The young boy Lowrie is brilliant too, very creative player but has only been getting 10-15 minuts because he's two years younger than the oldest players
  15. It could encourage them to come out a bit and leave themselves exposed in the second half though

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