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  1. I’ve read of examples of outrageous bias towards Celtic from the council, most of it to do with the land around Parkhead and lennoxtown. However the change of route of the orange walk being the cause of this undermines the protest for me, it’s a trivial matter in comparison to other things mentioned on this thread.
  2. Closing in on the title. I take a lot of heart from the quality of this young team right now.
  3. Any info on us apparently signing one of the best (very young) players coming through at Hearts?
  4. You'd think so but football is more complicated than that, being a former player doesn't make you a better judge of a player on the evidence imo. Even Gerrard sanctioned Sadiq when even I could tell from a 5 minute youtube video that he was a very strange signing.
  5. Home shirt is a outstanding, one of the best mock-ups I've seen. Am I right that the kit sponsor for next season is unconfirmed as of yet? Can't wait to see the back of 32Red. Tacky sponsor that have ruined our kits for the past few years.
  6. It’s very interesting. His agent sounds like a bad egg. But given Hastie is a boyhood Celtic fan some people were being a bit unrealistic expecting him to jump at it, he was always going to see what was on offer down south. In any case it’s a great thing that the club is looking to snap up the best young talent regardless of their affiliations. They have certainly benefited from doing the same. I for one hope it’s true and goes through.
  7. Can’t say I’ve seen enough of Souttar to comment tbh. I like that he’s 22 and has genuinely stood out at Hearts, however Scottish clubs won’t give us reasonable prices anymore imo.
  8. I’m not one for conspiracy theories at all (or one of the big defenders of Morelos), but this is what drives me mad. If you asked anyone in society outside of football (and Scotland preferably) to review the footage of some of the Morelos incidents and this one they would never believe which one was penalised and which wasn’t.
  9. You’re talking about exceptions. The general rule is that better quality players cost more.
  10. Yeh absolutely, I presented it in a simplistic manner when you’ll always need to replace some players. But as a general principle I think we’d benefit more from one £4m player just now than two £2m players, and we can’t have it both ways.
  11. I agree with that generally. I think our best chance is to put all our money into 3/4 star players rather than diluting it across 10 players like we’ve done for years. Fans want it both ways, they want quality but they also want all the players they don’t like replaced. They forget we won the league with 97 points and 101 goals with Bob Malcolm and Maurice Ross both making circa 30 appearances over the season. Ronald de Boer, Ferguson and Arteta were brilliant enough that it didn’t matter. I don’t know what we could afford if we focused our budget on only a few players but I think the principle applies. On the the other hand, that’s easier to do if you have Hastie on the bench rather than say a Candeias who is older and likely on higher wages. Looks like Hastie is gone but I felt he’d be a great player to have as a backup.
  12. The verdict is in........not guilty! Thompson and Stewart were unanimous on Sportscene that Scott Brown’s misdemeanour wasn’t a stamp and wasn’t deserving a red. One of the clearest stamps you’ll see all season. Impunity comes to mind. Compare this to their faux outrage at far smaller incidents involving Morelos and it proves double standards and hypocrisy of the highest order.
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