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  1. Not a huge fan of the Colak link. Would prefer a younger player if it’s as a backup, and a far better player if it’s to start.
  2. Our seeding in particular has given us a great shot at qualification because we are seeded for both rounds.
  3. Our contribution to winning the automatic spot was only slightly more than half, it’s a bit of a myth that we won it.
  4. Not really, would need to be excellent for us to get in their team. Centre mid isn't achievable but centre back could be.
  5. Bearing in mind he's only 21 too, it could be a sound investment if he does well this season.
  6. What an achievement that is by the way given how much of a non-event the first half of the season was for him.
  7. Patrick Caskie’s report is well worth a read. The player stats section is particularly interesting. For me, they show how big a miss Helander and Roofe were. Goldson and Bassey’s defensive numbers weren't good, and Morelos’s goalscoring numbers weren’t good enough either, well behind Roofe. His passing/creative numbers were very good but even then, behind Sakala. And the less said about movement the better. Creatively, Kent’s numbers aren’t what they should be either, they really highlight how poor his shooting/goalscoring was, very low expected goals (behind Aribo, Arfield, Hagi wh all played in midfield) and very low dribble success too. Scott Wright shows up surprisingly well and so does Sakala. Aribo outstanding all round. A good squad that could really be improved with a small number of high-quality signings. The team stats busted the myth that we were just as good as Celtic too and they just got lucky breaks, they were well ahead of us in every stat. And we can't risk relying on the injury prone trio of Helander, Jack and Roofe again, as much as I love all three. https://www.docdroid.net/DQf0nDJ/rangers-summer-2022-recruitment-plan-pdf
  8. Yeh he's absolutely earned our trust. Recruitment is huge this summer and I wouldn't mind seeing a shake up (depending entirely on what interest there is in our players). Above all I’d like a quality creative player and a quality striker brought in (Roofe’s injuries are just constant).
  9. It doesn't help for me that, after early success at Feyenoord, he didn't build from it at all. Hopefully he has learned though and can use the transfer windows well at Rangers. His tactical flexibility got us to the EL final so hopefully can start using it domestically too.
  10. All I saw from Simms on Saturday is that he’s good in the air tbh. Would need to see more of him but generally I think Boyce has been their best forward so I doubt Simms is at the right level.
  11. It was instantly noticeable how positive he was. The others were doing a lot of passing the ball back whereas he was instantly making penetrating runs, taking guys on or just passing it forward!
  12. Well done to all of them. That was a challenge physically and psychologically. Great to finally win a domestic cup too and break that run. Also good to pull one back on Celtic who have a bit of a lead over us in the Scottish cup now. Special mentions to Bassey, Wright and Jack. I thought Wright was really positive and had a huge impact and deserves credit, he’s can be an easy one to criticise when things go wrong.
  13. Sakala needs to score from there though. That’s bread and butter stuff.
  14. They will be spewing at AFC-Chat right now.
  15. I’m getting greedy here and I think we should keep going for goals rather than just running down the clock. Get Lowry on too.
  16. Embarrassingly unadventurous from Hearts here. 2-0 down in extra time and they look happy to let us have the ball.
  17. Its hard to complain too much about the lineup. Lowry and Sakala could have started. Lowry should have I would say. I’m a wee bit concerned Lundstram could be leggy after 120 mins in that heat, and hasn’t played beside Davis much at all. But what do I know.
  18. I think that’s maybe what it is, you see a lot of own goals from trying to cut out those balls. But absolutely you have to do it otherwise you are leaving it to chance. I don’t think it’s something Goldson does much.
  19. I thought GVB made some poor decisions but not going to get into that tonight. Very fine margins. A ridiculous missed chance/save at the death and then Kamada’s penalty in off the post. Penalties in general. Really gutting to lose like that.
  20. I had a feeling you were going to say that Kostic is overrated as well by the way. Has a Barisic poster on his bedroom wall and as his phone wallpaper. Ok I'll stop. Don't ban me.
  21. Incredibly nervous but I think Hinteregger's injury is a huge blow for Frankfurt and we'll win. Jesper Lindstrom has missed the last 5 games with a muscle injury and even if he does play, that is terrible preparation. In their last 9 league games they have lost 3 and drawn 6.
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