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  1. Does anyone else feel Saturday/Wednesday games come around quicker than Sunday/Thursday games?
  2. Diallo for me. The skills we knew he had shone through last night. I tell you, if he had a run of games I think we'd be wanting to keep him next season.
  3. Best referee in Scotland, we should be happy
  4. Phenomenal from that young man, what a credit to himself. Totally unique take on the evening from the young supporters, well done young sir!
  5. Huge achievement in Europe, undoubtedly one of the best so far. However, we haven't won anything yet so I prefer to not talk about how good this team is until we can reflect back on things. It will go down as a season of missed opportunity if we win nothing, and decent season if we win the Scottish cup and one of our best ever seasons if we win both cups. So a lot riding on two games 🤞😬
  6. Nothing to play for?? I don't agree. They will want to beat us desperately, the Europa League Finalists and the most successful team the world has ever seen.
  7. So what are the current options to get tickets?
  8. Any advice on getting Europa League Final tickets? I live abroad so not a season ticket holder but am a MyGers member. How can I buy tickets through the club? Thanks for the help!
  9. I just can’t pick one. Men OTM for me were (in no particular order): Tav, Goldson, Bassey, Kent, Kamara, Lundstram, Jack.
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