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  1. There’s value in those old legs yet. Super finish and put the game beyond them at that point. Way to go Jermaine Defoe!
  2. Way-hay, back in the top 10! However, I was hoping not to get the full points today, especially as we were 2-0 up so early. Thought there would be more goals in us today, but happy with the 3 points and glad that Joe and JD were the scorers.
  3. I was on maximum points until deep in injury time and then, boom! Couldn’t be happier!
  4. This. On another day, Kamara, Tav or Helander would have got it, bit as Compo said Connor Goldson was solid gold in defense and attack so must win it for me,
  5. Ive been with VyprVPN the last 2 years. Excellent service, not one issue in that time.
  6. The game will go ahead imo. Unless they have less than 13 fit/healthy first team squad members available. They must have similar squad size to us so I can’t see that scenario unfolding. Even Sutton has told them to stop complaining and get on with it.
  7. If I was Gerrard, I’d invite him to train with us. None of us really know what his health and fitness is like right now, and if he’s still got a career left in him. If it was an either/or situation then he’s not the right call, too big a gamble. However, we’ve got our midfield target so if it’s a case of ‘and’ he’s worth a look, perhaps a deal til the end of the season, with option to extend that.
  8. I would agree if an English club comes in for him, but that hasn’t happened in this case. It was the case with Gilmour though.
  9. Too big a gap between the youth team and the main squad. Even giving them some minutes, means taking that opportunity away from senior squad members. If they're good enough (think of a young Ally) they will be given the chance, but they're not THAT good. When they are, they're lured away before they can be given a chance (Gilmour).
  10. Pity about this boy.Very promising but thinks he’s worth more than he is at this stage in his career.
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