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  1. You could be right Bill, outside of out of contract players, I can't see anyone investing big bucks with so much uncertainty. Unless, there's massive reorg of our season's timing and therefore transfer open and closing times - which wholly depends on whether seasons play to a close and next season is completely revamped.
  2. Thankfully, all other national leagues are in the same boat so that may influence things.
  3. And just to add, suggestions of expanding the league to 14 teams to avoid declaring relegation still doesn’t work because then you’d be discounting Dundee, Ayr, Dunfermline et al - who all have a chance of finishing runner’s up - and the same with all promotion hopefuls in the lower leagues. Season completion or null and void are the ONLY fair options.
  4. I’d love to agree with everything you said, and I may have done a few weeks ago, but now I think your POV is highly optimistic (50million income for those 3)
  5. Absolutely, therefore unless there was a contingency clause, that clubs agreed to, stating that in the event of the season being cut short due to extraordinary circumstances the club with the most points at that point would be crowned champions, then I doubt it would be legally possible to do just that. There is no contingency clause and therefore the season must either be completed or be declared null and void. it doesn’t seem like there will be time to complete the season without disrupting season 20/21, so I’m convinced it will be null and void. No champions, no relegation, no promotion.
  6. Kamberi for me. We looked much more positive after he came on - and was the missing spark. Wish he’d started instead of Morelos - shadow of what he was just a few weeks ago.
  7. I’m not thrilled about selecting MOTM after such a result - but I think Kamara and Aribo showed intent. Kamara caught my eye more so giving it to him.
  8. Great, let’s speculate about who’s moving on
  9. Don’t even think we tested the keeper that much actually. 31 shots and no goals = terrible performance. We lost to Hamilton, but we played well. The future is bright right enough.
  10. I didn’t pick you up on the dominance (possession stat) but to say it wasn’t a bad performance - speechless
  11. There’s very little confidence in the side now and players are afraid to make errors which is making it worse.
  12. Luckily the split will be coming up soon
  13. I would agree except for Morelos
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