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  1. And what about Morelos then? Striker whose main job is to score!
  2. Yet again we find it hard to score goals (not goal, singular). We were lucky on a couple of occasions too, or we could have lost that game. Morelos, why does he think he can go to a top5 league? He's just not performing, good strikers do not miss as many chances as he does. The one that Roofe put on a plate for him, I thought was easier to miss. We need to to some business in January if Morelos doesn't sort himself out sharpish. And yes, I wish we had let him go for 16M when we had a chance, just think what we could get even if half of that money is recycled. On a positive note, Bacuna impressed when he came on and was creating good chances, I think he should get a run in the side.
  3. You watching the game on that augmented reality app again?
  4. We’re confident today, giving them a one goal start 👏👏
  5. Sorry just quoting Gerrard from the presser! 😉
  6. If we can get a goal now, it’ll feel like a victory. Commmmooon the Gers
  7. Into life? You don’t think we’re into life?
  8. Nail on the head! We have struggled to score all season, we just can’t break teams down - we can scrape by as we can keep clean sheets in the league but not in Europe.
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