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  1. If by ‘intentional’ you mean not getting out of 2nd gear unless we had to, you could be right. We certainly don’t seem to exert ourselves so much if it looks as though 2nd gear is enough.
  2. Kent shaded it for me and would have been more effective if the ref had done his job and yellow carded them for their persistent fouls on him before it was too late.
  3. Sums it up perfectly. Could he just have tried to not be a tit for a whole day
  4. Tuning in regardless has nothing to do with reputation though. So whilst I agree that they won’t lose viewers, I do think that their reputation will be damaged, especially when it comes to their equal game positioning.
  5. I think it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that Kudela is guilty. I believe, then, that UEFA will hit Kudela and Slavia Prague with an unprecedented punishment such as a long term ban for player and club. Because if they don’t, UEFAs reputation maybe shot beyond repair.
  6. Yes absolutely! Can’t stand seeing this. I would say the same for any team in that situation even if one of our players said it, which they would never. That guy is scum and should be kicked out of football if proven guilty
  7. Should’ve walked after the racist comment. And it was a racist comment - Kamara wouldn’t make it up.
  8. If anybody can do it with 10 men, we can!! 👍🇬🇧
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