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  1. Aside from Kent and Morelos who were both on top form and looking like they have a great understanding between them, I though Nathan Patterson didn’t put a foot wrong when he came on and what a composed goal from the young man. Gerrard’s inclusion of him was well vindicated. Scott Wright is looking like he’s going to be more that a bit part player with displays like that tonight, love his pace and energy and directness. just a fantastic night and the Hagi/Morelos/Kent goal was as good a team goal as you’ll see this round. When we are clicking we look like a top, top European te
  2. Just bought ticket for Aribo, but really disappointed I missed the Souness one, sold out already. I do prefer the signed front of shirt vs the back. Have a word Frankie 😉
  3. This is Scotland’s VAR - seriously - only in Scotland ffs ‘Scottish VAR = Vacuous Adjusted Referring
  4. Kent for me. He’s playing himself back onto form again and really is our most dangerous player in that the of form. Too many others to mention that also played a big part. Just an all-round great performance and with key players come back in like Jack and Roofe, I’m expecting us to win the title before the split.
  5. I bought 3 tickets, One which was #6 and nearly took #7 (my birthday) but opted for my son’s instead. 🤣
  6. I think none, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m confident now that 55 is ours this season. One game at a time for the players, as we know, but this is in the bag 100%. I kinda wish it was a closer race - to feel the excitement/fear with every game but I’ll take it of course. They’ve given up, the fat lady is clearing her throat. It’s over folks.
  7. I gave it to Morelos for his two goals but also to boost his confidence, knowing that he’ll be logging in here to check our MOTM vote! 👍
  8. McGregor for me, but was a tight call between him and Greegs.
  9. Totally agree. I watched it back and in the absence of nerves I thought we contained them well first half considering they played the best they have all season. Not at our best, but credit to them for pressing us and challenging - but they still couldn't beat us. That's not a bad performance from us really. Proud of them all.
  10. Right then. That was a nervy watch for me. I didn’t feel good about us before the game to tell the truth and celtic did start as I expected, with high intensity and desire. They looked like the team that needed to win, whilst we seemed to lack the urgency to match them and if it wasn’t for Greegs we could have been two goals down. But the defense did their job and we got the chance to reset at halftime. Thought we started the second half better, our passing was more purposeful and there were a few nice touches in the final third even if we didn’t manage a shot. Morelos didn’t brea
  11. Feels lethargic, not sure why we’ve not started with intent.
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