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  1. I would love for Defoe to score against them this weekend, maybe even more so than Alfredo. Defoe doesn’t deserve to be dropped and I’d really like to see him have a full 70-80 mins to see if we can continue the momentum and success our new shape has brought. There’s still doubt ( from many) about Defoe’s ability to replace Alfie if he does go and I would like him to prove once and for all that he (and our tighter forward line) works. With Gerrard not giving anything away in the press conference, I suspect he’ll stick with Defoe and bring on Alfie with 20 mins to go.
  2. And the goal chopped off for offside that was onside....yes the referee did have an influence - it should have been 3-0. I also disagree that 2nd penalty was not. It surely was, the way games are reffed means you have to go down and exaggerate the incident to get anything! Should Katic be ashamed as per Thomson, McInnes have said? No chance, he was doing his job. I don’t recall the same levied at Brown when Morelos and Kent caught him with their handbags, that resulted in a combined 6 game ban.
  3. Dire second half, we stopped doing the things we did well in the first half. We should have lost that in the end, crazy defending. What was Candeias thinking about, he should have been covering Tav with nobody with 3 yards of Kamberi, it was criminal. What was with Candeias after he scored, didn't want anyone celebrating with him? Did look like Tav was having go at him for it. We have to beat Aberdeen next week or its just unthinkable.
  4. That’s football mate. It’s a funny old game, and to be honest it wouldn’t exist if it was predictable. Gotta love it for that.
  5. It’s vitally important and whilst we have the chance to get through to the KO stage, I’d say it’s a priority (or equally as important I should say). It puts us in the spotlight, brings much needed money, attracts better players and gives our team critical experience - so we need to keep it going. Of course I would pick winning 55 this season over a continued run in Europe, but if I had to pick actually wining the Europa League over 55 this season, I would go with Europe. We will win the league again - and soon hopefully - but a European trophy comes around every hundred or so years. Anwway enjoy your day, I hope we put on a performance for you, win, lose or draw.
  6. Read into what you may, but I’m a fan of VAR and if we over contributed to the funding of it, I wouldn’t complain. I would think it would benefit us more than most since we create the most chances, have the most decisions going against us than for us. It would perhaps have lost us 2 points vs Hearts, but would have netted out in our favor, points wise, this season considering the incorrect disallowed goals and sendings off we’ve had. Don't want to tempt fate, but if we win on Thursday we’ll get a first taste of it in the knock out stages, I believe. I also think it’s quite exciting/entertaining and enjoyed how it worked during the WC.
  7. First off, excellent game preview Pete! You’re punching above your weight there. Sunday should be straight forward enough with or without Moreloff. We’ll miss Arfield again, but I think Kent will be back and should provide the pace and energy that’s been missing since he’s been out. He had just come into his game before he was injured and I’m hoping he’ll resume where he left off. I’m trying desperately to forget Wednesday, I thought it was our worst performance of the season so far, but I’m pretty certain we’ll bounce back with a convincing win up in Dundee. A chance also for big Laff to show us why he was brought back and an opportunity to link up with Kent operating on the left could provide a new option for us if it works. 3 points, whichever way it presents itself, is all I want. Well...actually.....I would also like a good result for the new top team on Saturday, if I can have both.
  8. Good point about Alfie’s booking today. I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but wonder if that was intended (instructed by management) and therefore why he started on the bench.
  9. The physical store is not always about it’s own sales, it acts as advertising and opportunity to see and touch the merchandise and try on the shirts etc. It will also help increase online sales as the shop acts as a reminder and prompt to purchase. I think we need a Rangers store outside of Ibrox to be our showcase as many fans may never get to the superstore at Ibrox if they don’t get to games very often.
  10. Brilliant listen as usual, well done guys!
  11. Not a great game of football today. That was Hamilton’s best performance of the season, they really upped their game against us, no surprise. The pitch also played it’s part although no excuses - we need to learn how to adapt our high pressing game on this type of surface. Although not as bad as Livingstone's pitch , it was till bad. Agree with JFK that we managed to raise our game to win the match but why it takes a scare like that is something Gerrard needs to fathom out. I personally think players are apprehensive on the surface - similar to the Livi game we weren’t prepared to go for 50:50 balls to win the ball back after losing it and that’s what’s been really effective for us. However, I’ll take the 3 points and glad to get the away game monkey off our backs. I though Ejaria, Rossiter and Kent (class finish) were pretty solid, Alfredo continues to be so important for us and is again involved in all of our goals today and you have to give it to Tav who was ice cool when it mattered. And no more of those plastic pitches for a while, TF!
  12. Ps. That goal today alone would be on the news on every sports channel had it been scored by Messi or Ronaldo.
  13. I was his biggest fan, followed by his biggest critic, followed by his greatest fan, followed by his greatest critic. I’m sticking to being just a fan. He is our greatest asset. He has his flaws, but with talent like that you have to accept them, Gerrard took that view and rightly so. He played with Suarez so he knows that you sometimes have to accept the complete package. As for his value, it continues to rise and I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to the very top. I just hope he sticks around long enough to at least hold 55 aloft. When he does leave it will be for a record fee in Scotland. Aaaaalfredo Moreeeeelos, Aaaaalfredo Moreeelos....
  14. It would have to be silly money to let him go in Jan or end of season. Silly money being above 10million. He’s irreplaceable imo, his stats don’t even reflect his full contribution e.g. his cross for the 3rd goal was essentially an assist but Morelos gets it for his header back to Arfield. He’s so important to us, and with 55 on the cards this season, we can’t afford to let him go. I’d be gutted even if we sold him for 10 right now. Brighton are in dreamland if they think 3m is closer to his value.
  15. I know what you mean with Lafferty, he’s a great finisher and is more likely to take his chances when we’re defending and counter attacking but I think Morelos will be more suited to tonight - he’ll get into more scoring positions when we’re on the front foot, pressing high and will have more chances - whether he takes them or not is another question (and goes back to your point) but I think he’ll be given the nod.
  16. That starting 11 is a good call, very attack minded. The only change I would make is Candeias for Grezda for the simple reason that Candeias and Tav link up very well when we are in attack minded formation, and Grezda still needs time to get used to his new teammates. Also lots of options from the bench with your 18. Huge game for us on so many levels not least for the confidence factor and regaining momentum after Sunday. We need a top performance from every single player and collectively we need to click if we are to get anything. I think it’s going to be very tough and I’m not hugely confident if truth be told.
  17. I think you’re right and therefore just like Graham Spiers! You don’t see that happen with other lot though.
  18. I meant that we’d pump Livi at Ibrox which Hearts failed to do. For the record I also think we will beat Hearts as well, maybe not easily but I’ve seen enough to have confidence that we can break them down.
  19. Don’t disagree with any of that, but firstly we’re better than Hearts and I believe we will pump them at Ibrox. Secondly, there was clearly apprehension from our players - either because they were not as sure footed or for fear of injury if they went to ground. We haven’t lost that many 50:50 balls all season and the pitch was the biggest factor in that. We can play on plastic no problem, but what was that abomination of a pitch today? Ironically I hope that Livi finish in the top 6, so that all other top teams have to play there twice.
  20. That Kilmarnock pitch was completely different though and more like our own plastic training pitch. The pitch today was horrific it slowed down slow balls and magnified fast balls, it was slippy due to the rubber ball bearings and made it hard to play like we have been. It wasn’t the only factor in the score today but was a big factor in my opinion.
  21. After the first 10 mins on that poor excuse of a football pitch, I was thinking the worst. I’m not getting sucked into whether this game was a reality check or not. What I do know is that if that was grass we’d most likely have won by a few goals. I don’t think the players really gave everything - I mean they didn’t lay their bodies on the line - no tackles going to ground - no attempts as if their lives depended on it. I can’t blame them to be honest - you’re just not going to take the risk on that surface. Rightly or wrongly. Others will struggle there too, I’m sure. We pick ourseves up and put that horror show to the back of our minds. Looking forward to Thursday and winning on grass again.
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