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  1. Lay off from Miller was class as well.
  2. Granted but he has missed some amount of chances, including some glaring sitters, against them.
  3. No need for the bangers, they’re worse than the pyro.
  4. His record against Celtic is very poor right enough. It’s slightly worrying as they’re the only other decent team in the league aside from us.
  5. Super Ally. My favourite was the overhead kick v Hibs posted earlier. I was in the terracing behind the goal.
  6. A £7m transfer from Liverpool on deadline day. We’ve come a long way from the days of Ian Black, etc on Bosmans.
  7. Expect a good few more of these sort of games this season.
  8. The bottom line is the people who sing these songs don’t care what anyone thinks - let alone anyone on a message board. They will sing what they want regardless. It’s difficult to know how to combat it.
  9. Useful result against a team who are no mugs. We managed the game well I thought. On to Sunday.
  10. I think it’ll be Morelos tonight and Defoe on Sunday.
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