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  1. Fair enough, I will see what happens. He would be classed as a home grown player which I hadn't thought about either. Don't think we managed to use all our home grown slots this year in the Europa.
  2. Please don't think I have said that because he plays in Scotland, that isn't the case. I actually thought Kamara looked a really tidy player when we signed him - I didn't think he would grow into the Kamara we have today right enough - I just don't see where Scott Wright would fit in our team. Will he replace Kent, Roofe or Hagi for example? I can't see it, so for that reason I would rather we gave our Academy players a shot/game time. Trust me, I would love nothing more that our team to be full of young Scottish players who go on to become the core of the National team.
  3. Wright has looked decent any time I have saw him. My issue is are we just replacing like for like when you see the level of a Stewart, Barker or Jones? I know we need a squad but I would much rather Kai Kennedy, for example, was given an opportunity from next season similar to Patterson this year.
  4. The problem we have here is that the JRG consists of Doncaster, Petrie, Maxwell and an SFA employed doctor. I honestly laughed yesterday when all these lower league clubs were complaining about their leagues being suspended and asking various questions. They had the chance in the summer to make REAL changes to the hierarchy of Scottish football and they voted to continue with the status quo. You reap what you sow. Also, in the case of Rangers. Yes we should privately ask the questions relating to us, but we should also take a step back and watch this unfold while going about our business on the park quietly and professionally.
  5. Going to be a loooooong day I think. I am more worried about losing players than bringing anyone in. I include Morelos in that, I would of sold him weeks ago but I don't think it would be sensible to do that today.
  6. I didn't realise that the transfer window closed on Monday night, for some reason I thought it was the 12th of October. Looking at our current squad I would still like to see Barker, Stewart and Middleton moved on while we bringing in another centre midfielder to help out. I worry about Davis playing 60 games this season so we need someone in the same class as him - which will be difficult to do. This is me being greedy BUT I feel we could be doing with a proper goal scorer. While Morelos has played well enough, I don't believe he is playing at his best and I think he is just waiting to see if any moves happen for him before Monday.
  7. outstanding result last night. hopefully gerrard now gets the funds to bring in the last peices of the jigsaw that will see us get our hands on silver come may!!
  8. I totally agree with the above, Polster, Ojo and Baker - possibly Stewart - are all perfect examples of players who are preventing our Academy boys from getting game time. I would even question the benefit of throwing Defoe on for 10 minutes in certain games when in certain games a youth player could get some valuable minutes - especially at Ibrox.
  9. I am genuinely shocked at what I have read the last few days. Once again something which should of been pretty simple has turned into a farce. More worryingly because Rangers are involved in calling this out for what it is, we have a majority of fans who will not want to support us just because we are Rangers. Just watch us being painted as the bad guys in all this. I listened to the Gersnet Podcast this morning and if there is any element of truth that this was being pushed through by Celtic, through their lawyers, due to inside information regarding UEFA changing their stance on “null and voiding” the season in the coming weeks and Rangers have evidence of this then it should be made public NOW before Dundee change their vote, because we know that will happen.
  10. i actually agree with that. i think kent, hagi and arfield are all getting in each others way.
  11. i have seen many people point to our formation being the main part of our problems domestically. gerrard was even asked this by chris jack yesterday but my question is... what is different from the period between the split last season to the end of december 2019 and now? we ended last season on fire and were pretty much unbeatable the first half of the season - think we only lost to celtic domestically - plus we done well in europe over that period. i don’t think the formation is the problem. i think our intensity has dropped massively and i think that is the problem. we are no longer player at the pace we were which teams (including celtic) just couldn’t handle. fix this and the formation won’t matter surely? thoughts?
  12. i think a core of scottish players helped that 2008-2011 team mixed with some genuine class (cuellar, mendes, jelevic for example)
  13. i understand that but these are pro footballers, some of them international footballers. you telling me they couldn’t play a 4-4-2 against hamilton at ibrox?
  14. just to use wednesday against hamilton as an example. what is wrong with trying something different? realistically we have nothing to lose. why not try a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2. just try something different. a good manager will be able to make changes when needed. mcgregor katic, goldson, edmundon tavernier, kamara, davis, aribo, barisic kamberi, hagi have goldson sweeping and have morelos & kent on the bench if it isn’t working. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” the above could be true of continuing with 4-3-3 against the teams who want to just defend for 90 mins and aim for a 0-0 draw.
  15. again, totally agree. hagi was the only player last night who looked like he wanted to get a result last night, everyone else just continued going through the motions.
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