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  1. Oh no! Sorry I didn't mean to tread on any toes
  2. Morning Everyone! I've set up a wee fantasy Premier League for anyone like me who fancies ruining their weekends. It's free to join and myself and David from the pod will be taking part (Colin was going to join but was too intimidated. He does do walking away. Click on the link below to join, and if you need a code it's cuorlw https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/cuorlw
  3. How does he still have energy to run about the pitch??
  4. Very kind Buster, but at the end of the day all we are doing is talking Rangers, it's an absolute pleasure
  5. I'm with Forlan's Sister here. The gents on our board are known to be lifelong fans who have invested cash, time and expertise, and importantly seem to have a good working dynamic right now. Allowing folk to "buy" a seat on the board is going to open it up to blazer chasers and could easily upset the apple cart.
  6. According to Wikipedia he played for us 83 times, 83!! More than Jelavic and Cuellar combined Edit: sorry just seen der Berliners much more comprehensive post above.
  7. This is such a key point, because all four of our ties required serious game management in the second leg, and the way all ties were managed shows the intellect of our management team
  8. How quickly after FT is the full game uploaded to RTV? Could I avoid the result until after work and watch the 90 minutes "as live"??
  9. Sorry for the slow reply. I think I'm right in saying the white bear has closed down. The Green Man in Islington is the meeting place of the London RSC so would be a good shout. Best bet is to contact the Surrey True Blues, they watch most televised games at Dice Bar in Croydon, 15 min train from Victoria and a good fun crowd. Contact the RSCs first because not all games get shown.
  10. Nice wee namecheck for the pod there!
  11. Only been here four weeks but I'm loving it so far, lived in London for the last 20 years so it's a hell of a change but very impressed with the place so far. Managed to hook up with the Luxembourg True Blues who have been absolutely superb.
  12. If it is Luxembourg everyone can stay round my gaff, I'll get the sofa bed out for you Pete, but you'll have to share with Big Jaws
  13. They certainly look like models to me
  14. Rangers fan filmed himself racially abusing child immigrants in Skopje (called them "mistakes" and used a horrible 4 letter word) before saying "white power" and put it on his social media, someone took it from there and it's all over the internet, another stick to beat us with because of the actions of one disgusting piece of filth. Deserves everything he has coming to him, and I'm glad it appears rangers are being proactive, folk have identified the guy so rangers should inform the cops and ensure he can never get to another game
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