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  1. If anything fruitful comes of it I�´ll be very surprised but maybe that�´s because I�´m just an old cynical B or possibly unfortunate experience watching Rangers and/or proposed partner mouthing off soundbites that the dumbed down masses cheer.
  2. I think we should address this question come August.
  3. buster


    Murray sees the season ticket renewal slowing up. If figures I´ve heard about are correct ST´s are down some 3,500. 3,500 x 500quid = 1,750,000 pounds If he were to get a name he´ll estimate let´s say 50% of those who haven´t renewed could be talked round. This would equate to roughly 875,000 pounds plus an oppourtunity to get back some popularity with those who have been "seeing the light" recently. This would pay a good chunk of pizarro or other big names wages. Are we seeing headlines generated by smoke and mirrors to stoke up interest and sell ST´s when he knows that will be gazumped and he can trot out the "living within our means but still trying" line. or are we seeing a genuine atempt to sign the guy so as to arrest the tendency of the ST renewal decline.
  4. Rangers are from Andorra http://www.soccerway.com/teams/andorra/fc-rangers/ Randers are from Denmark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randers_FC
  5. "Average" or "above average" players isn�´t the point It�´s what they do when they arrive at Ibrox and too many don�´t resemble the player they seemed to be, that is until they move on. Why????
  6. STV just said that WS has currently NO interest in Steven Naismith. They also confirmed interest in Konchesky They used the "STV understands" line
  7. Difference was that against Hapoel we played Novo and Burke which helped link the midfield and attack aswell as give us some speed. Against Osasuna it was Burke and Adam (no speed) Also Hemdani played beside Weir and had A LOT less trouble with passing the ball out of defence than Ugo in the Osasuna game. I maintain that the line-up in that home game against the spaniards robbed us of the slight chance we had to progress
  8. Had to go 2 up front if Boyd was to play. You have to chose formations based on the players available not force fit players into formations.
  9. we�´ve only played in 6 (OF/European games). The 2 OF games, he did well although they weren�´t up for the Ibrox game. Out of 4 european games there was only 1 success, Hapoel (H). However for me the Osasuna home game having Boyd on his todd, isolated because BF couldn�´t get near him and 2 slow centre-backs play deep so we allowed them to take the iniatative was negligent on WS part.
  10. Can´t agree Walter´s team selection / formation at home to Osasuna was the biggest single reason for our elimination.
  11. Neither does the possibility that he�´d come to Ibrox but we can dream, it�´s all we got left.
  12. A fit Dean Ashton can come up with PK if he wants
  13. The price was inflated but good players tend to go for a premium price because there are various clubs interested meaning a higher price. Basically if we don´t pay over the odds ccasionally then it makes it harder to land the better players. It could be argued that to pay more sometimes would give you better results on the field and financialy, eg. Sebo/Elmander. This has to be tied into having a good scouting system, which we have not thus meaning getting our fingers burnt more than we should have over the years. With SB, a scouting system wasn´t important as he was right under our noses thus reducing risk. I await the probable foreign alternative to SB with a little trepidation.
  14. TBH, with the end of the transfer window a long way a way (it�´s not really begun yet), the unpredictability of how new players settle in and the tendency over recent years for favourites at the beginning of the season to dissapoint.....it�´s early for conclusions .
  15. But what it does do, is not only give them more bite and energy in their midfield but it also deprives us of our number one midfield target. A negative double whammy. Our midfield needs a box to box player with bite and some speed, as it is there are too many players that are too similar in style, it´s also pedestrian.
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