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  1. Tom English must've been availing himself of the literary fruits of the drug addled imagination of Philip K Dick recently. Apparently, Precrime and the projection thereof, is a welcome byproduct of these hateful, orwellian times in which we live. Especially when safety in numbers can be comfortably assumed thanks to those taxpayer funded airwaves. Defaming a UK sports media heavyweight, who just happens to be Rangers all-time leading goalscorer and a former club manager, is but a mere trifle in the greater battle for civil obedience and essential mind control. Rugby loving Tom has allegedly since claimed that he 'went too far', stopping short of an actual apology. Apparently, contrition is just a ten letter word? Maybe a legal missive fired up Auntie's farter by Mr McCoist's lawyers might prompt the dismissal of PQ's Chief Sports Reporter? Over to you Ally.
  2. No mention of Packie Bonner's bus journey from Dhún na Ngall to Paradise on BBC Alba 26th? I thought that you'd have been all over that one mate!
  3. A pompous miscreant who thinks he is untouchable. Hopefully King Richard's lawyers fire a cease and desist missive up his and his employer's collective farter.
  4. Heated driveways - they’re the way forward! 😆
  5. Agreed mate, but alas it isn’t an unplugged recording session. At risk of preaching to the converted, Kenny has someone in his ear directing conversational traffic. Gersnet’s day will come on BBC PQ. It’s just unlikely to be anytime soon. Sorely needed change is required first though. When that is is anyone’s guess.
  6. Bill, for me, the even handed and measured appearance of Gersnet as a fans media platform (certainly via the podcast) is presumably why Frankie is/was approached. Does Auntie’s branch office and the mandarins therein perceive ‘us’ as being less zealot like in our partisanship and therefore more pliable? I’ve heard Kenny before - he tiptoes through the tulips because ultimately, he knows the fate that will befall him if he rocks the boat. Frankie or any other Gersnet rep would be dressed up to suit the agenda no matter how much Kenny tries his best to go easy. You know that. I know that. And Frankie knows that. I’m not so sure that there others out there who necessarily grasp the gravity of certain situations when interacting with media types whose ‘daily’ job involves ‘crafting’ a story. Some may rebuke me with the accusation that I credit the BBC with too much savvy in that regard, and that in the process, declining to appear may well be selling Rangers supporters’ intelligence short. But the inescapable facts remain, PQ is controlled by people who are not interested in a) allowing themselves to be justifiably criticised publicly and b) promoting ‘good’ Rangers PR. Until the status quo is altered, appearances on BBC Scotland’s platforms in the interests of fairness and equal representation should be considered a lofty ambition.
  7. Frankie, here’s my tuppence worth. Until there are Rangers supporting producers and editors controlling the BBC Scotland Sport output, then I’d politely tell them where to go. Having a Rangers fan like Kenny McIntyre presenting, imho, is moot. You or A.N. Other would just be utilised as the token H u n. That may sound paranoid, harsh or something in between. But when push comes to shove, it’s the reality of the situation however unpalatable. You know the score mate, you would most definitely be behind enemy lines dealing with them. We need weight of numbers before engaging.
  8. Ahhh. He was reasonably lively in the first half but completely anonymous in the second. The fact that you weren’t really watching might explain why you opted for him. The performance was turgid all round but Kent tried to make things happen for most of the game and would probably get my vote if you held a gun to my head. But given that there is no gun, I’ll politely abstain. 🙃
  9. Stevie Thompson and Neil McCann apart, their collective pain is strangely invigorating. What with Carson’s, Donohoe’s and English’s input, their collective output is about as objective as being strapped to an armchair and forced to watch an episode of that other byproduct of the emerald isle, Mrs Brown’s boys is funny. Just about as funny as a dose and objective as Pravda in equal measure.
  10. The crazies have asked for Rangers fans thoughts and their take on the last decade. Self awareness is alive and well it seems at PQ. Doubtless some non-bluenoses will be indulged in order to fill the vacuum.
  11. No harm in trying I guess, but if anyone has a spare for Seville, please give me a shout. Probably got more chance of six numbers coming up this Saturday. 😄
  12. Keep hoovering Charlie, you’ll get there eventually; champagne aside.
  13. If only they would Gonzo. Mibbe Mossad would end up doing the world a favour?😉😛
  14. Cheers Ian. Enjoyed that. Ally doing his bit for the PR - great stuff.
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