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  1. Over to Stevie and the players to ensure that we don’t lift any pressure from Lurgan Flopp’s shoulders come Saturday teatime.
  2. Surely the best thread on any Rangers forum. Peter’s cheese 🤣
  3. Utterly preposterous to suggest that Gerrard should go. Constructive criticism of his management may well be valid, but the inescapable fact is that he needs better players to deliver instant success. Don’t forget that the attacking element of the team is young with Morelos, Kent, Aribo and Hagi all being no older than 23. All of these players are very good players with tremendous potential, but none are the finished article and will be subject to inconsistent performances when searching for their best form. As frustrating as this is for fans to watch, especially when t
  4. Braved the cold at Firhill and enjoyed much of Atletico’s play with Riquelme easily the best player on the pitch. Having missed a sitter to take the lead, our young lads didn’t cover themselves in glory with their defending at the first goal and whilst having a good deal of the ball lacked a cutting edge going forward. Nathan Paterson was taken to the cleaners for the second goal and from then on it was an uphill task as Atletico sat back and defended until some tiredness contributed to Rangers shipping another two goals. Undoubtedly, they missed the likes of Lewis Mayo but I could
  5. Not that it will be news to anyone, but Tom Oirish has been on his twitter feed deliberately misrepresenting the claims made in The Times article. He thinks he is untouchable. Just waiting on Derek Ferguson or Kris Boyd or anyone else taking him to task on their next conflab show. Oops. I'll probably have fingernails longer than Howard Hughes by the time that ever comes to pass...
  6. Baron Reid of Cardowan, Brian Wilson, Damian McBride, Manus Fullerton, Frank Mulholland et al, wonder if these guys sleep easy at night? Silly boy. Of course they do.
  7. Let's see what Ross produces. I'd imagine it would be premature to expect too much from him for this coming window in January, but come next summer it'll be interesting to observe the level of progress that the club has been able to achieve. It'll also be interesting to note if recruitment centres on the Benelux nations going forward.
  8. As usual rumours are rife. Latest: he was strongly encouraged to explore other avenues due to a lack of movement out and recouping some misspent funds. He's off to Cardiff City is another.
  9. Without stoking the fires of rumour any further than they already have been elsewhere, it would seem that it's a toss up between going to Man Utd and underperforming with the signing policy. On the face of things it seems like a blow. It'll be interesting to see where the club turn to next after the dust settles.
  10. Addendum. 'one of the first results'? Would Aberdoom be the first? Am I getting carried away with the Lawman's affectionate anecdote? Can older bears set me straight - was/is Denis a bluenose first and foremost before United became his number one love?
  11. A hero obviously well before my time, but to have the only Scot to be voted European Footballer Of The Year confess to being a 'Ranger at heart' gladdens my heart, regardless of whether he said it decades ago or not.
  12. Agreed. If they want to go to San Antonio then they should go there and enjoy themselves. One thing I would say though is, be aware that there will be arseholes aplenty there who hate the sight of them and for that reason they should've been a bit more judicious about the amount of alcohol that was being consumed so they could protect themselves. Lesson learned I would think.
  13. The invective by Gordon and English on that programme on Sunday was Pravda-esque. When will Tony Hall get his act together? Oops, silly me, Ken McQuarrie continues to work him from the back.
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