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  1. No offence was intended on my part and I wouldn’t want to needlessly impinge on the solemn nature of such a poignant anniversary. Although I don’t have any direct familial connection to the events of that fateful day, I do know someone who came perilously close to being involved in the carnage. For this reason, I try to keep abreast of any coverage that is given to the disaster despite finding it difficult to consume. The last thing that I would want to do is belittle people’s memories by inviting scrutiny of the BBC’s output on the subject (or any other media outlet’s reporting fo
  2. Picking myself up after being laid prone by an errant plume from a living room cushion whilst availing myself of Dermot’s latest observations, I managed to steel myself sufficiently in order to read Andrew Picken’s accompanying essay to PQ’s documentary on the Ibrox Disaster hosted on the BBC News homepage. It seems from my cursory exposure to Picken’s treatment of the subject, by way of said essay, is that no Rangers FC employee or Rangers inclined supporter is afforded an input to the investigative discourse. Contrast this with the unquestionable humanity imbued with any mention
  3. Thanks to you and Ian for posting this. I’ve been quite pensive this evening about how strange this Christmas time has been, but after seeing this and watching the lads having a giggle, it has helped me drag myself out of my ambivalent stupor. Merry Christmas Gersnet brothers and sisters - I hope you all have a great day!
  4. Presumably, the gambas on the menu won’t be of the Sinhalese variety. We wouldn’t want Dr Stu to choke on his lunch or dinner now would we?
  5. Conditioning. Now there’s a word. ‘Your grandchildren will all be Celtic fans’ was once the triumphant proclamation from the green ‘n’ grey hooped horrors. PQ have done their bit to promulgate this overly ambitious prediction of the future by trying to omit Rangers from public consciousness as far as a lack of adherence to the charter will allow. Someone, somewhere has adopted a mindset something akin to the caption on a cartoon which once adorned Chuck Colson’s office wall during his tenure as special counsel to Richard Nixon. Unfortunately for the budding
  6. Fair enough. I guess we will find out sooner rather than later. I’m curious as to when an announcement will be made as it may well point us in a certain direction as to how feasible #NeverAgain is going forward.
  7. Has your chicken reached its chlorine saturation point Bill?
  8. Are we surmising that this is the latest debt equity swap?
  9. I wonder what Blue Pitch, Putney, ATP and Norne Anstalt have to say about all this...
  10. Call me naïve, call me cynical, but does anyone really believe that investors (Rangers inclined or otherwise) would willingly welcome a shareholder that can block special resolutions based on emotional sentiment? Were/are C1872 liquid enough to have been approached in advance of the previous two share issues? Assuming that they weren’t in a suitable position to explain away a lack of offer/take up, does the Club and its board approve of the shareholding being increased as opposed to it having been diluted as has been the case as a result of the aforementioned rounds? Wi
  11. Will fan ‘participation’ ever truly work? Would fan ‘majority shareholder’ (a la Hamburg) work either? For me, I reckon that the coverage this has been afforded hasn’t been all that helpful, and that isn’t meant as a slight on Stevie’s pod per se. I can see why Dave King would want to capitalise on the current feel good factor, but couldn’t this have been promoted to C1872 membership as an opportunity to increase the share block and pay back Dave as a thank you for playing his part in rescuing the Club? Whether this is implied or not misses the point. If it was the stat
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