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  1. Soulsonic5791

    GN Pod 029 - An Old Firm hammering to end the year

    Cheers Frankie. Same goes to you, the members of the pod team, the Gersnet fellowship and our listeners wherever they may be. Health and happiness to all in 2019.
  2. Soulsonic5791

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Suspiciously, a story regarding Gordon Neely has made it to number three on the most watched videos on the BBC news website. A story from May no less! An orchestrated campaign by dhims in denial who have nothing better to do on their holidays? Or facilitation by techs in PQ, Media City or Network?
  3. Soulsonic5791

    Alfredo Morelos sweating over possible ban

    Maybe not the correct thread to mention this, but what is the first piece of action on the BBC online highlights reel? Alfie catching Broonaldo in the stones. Par for the course for our shameless chums in PQ.
  4. Soulsonic5791

    Ovie Ejaria: Returns To Liverpool

    I can just picture Stevie's face when Ovie told him that he wanted to go back down the road. I'll bet that he was fuming inside.
  5. Soulsonic5791

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Celtic (Jack 30)

    It is vitally important that our support don't adopt the 'beat before we start' mindset. That's the yahoos domain. They are past masters at going on to the pitch beat before the game starts - the nineties were a perfect example of this. We have seen what effect a quiet crowd (not expecting to do anything) can have with being detrimental to a performance this season in the game v Spartak at Ibrox. If we as a crowd turn up and are overly edgy, it'll transmit on to the park. Yes, we don't have a great team in terms of quality, but we can still roar the team on and help them overachieve. Can we try and stay positive? If we suffer a reverse, hopefully Gerrard hasn't been culpable and the upshot is that the board realise that they are going to have to find more money to afford a better standard of player. Otherwise, all they are doing is delaying the inevitable. And that doesn't bear thinking about.
  6. Soulsonic5791

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    In the name of ****. This country is well and truly goosed.
  7. Soulsonic5791

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    Are you that concerned Gonzo? Why the pessimistic outlook mate?
  8. Soulsonic5791

    Levein:C****c & Rangers Could Pay For VAR

    That may well be the case Bill. But he's still a woman's front bottom, hilarious or otherwise.
  9. Soulsonic5791

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I think I'm going to throw up.
  10. Soulsonic5791

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Scott Allan's name has been mentioned. There is more chance of me signing for Rangers than him. GMS is more plausible but highly unlikely in my book. If Glenn Kamara were to arrive, who would be exiting? Coulibaly? Rossiter? Dorrans to be let go? Could Jordan Jones cut it? As usual, until something happens it's all conjecture.
  11. Soulsonic5791

    Can Gerrard 'make us dream'?

    Easy Gaffer. Stevie will win us trophies (plural). The man is a winner.
  12. Soulsonic5791

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Or does someone in the BBC have clairvoyance?
  13. Soulsonic5791

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    More disinformation on the BBC website. Headline misleads the reader into thinking crowd disorder happened at Ibrox rather than the Chamber of Secrets. I don't know the best way of complaining about this - does anyone know?
  14. Soulsonic5791

    Wes Foderingham wanted by Leeds United

    As long as he doesn't go on the cheap, he'll leave with my best wishes.
  15. Soulsonic5791

    Rangers in 2022

    Pie in the sky, I know, but I'd like to see the big screens re-sited to the opposite side of the pitch and the corners properly redeveloped to increase the capacity of the stadium. I'd also like the top tiers of the Copland and Broomloan extended in a similar manner to the Govan circa 2006. The steel superstructure of the main stand roof given a clean and/or a coat of paint too while we are at it. The footprint of the stadium needs new asphalt everywhere and the Edmiston Club needs something done with it. It might put Robert Marshall's nose out of joint, but if the club were to develop a sizeable bar/restaurant setup in there, I'd spend a few quid knowing that it'd go back to the club.

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