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  1. Cheers mate. I agree with the spirit of your comments. However, I reckon a lot of supporters who would potentially turn up are slightly put off by some of the perceived baggage that the VB or UB for example, have; rightly or wrongly. Club1872 maybe aren't the vehicle that some of us thought it could be, but I would envisage that some of our less politically motivated supporters would feel more inclined to support something en masse that they put their name to. Something for our supporter chiefs to chew over? A big protest akin to the Main Stand/Easdale/Sommers one in Jan '15 would send a message to the BBC in London never mind Glasgow.
  2. I turned up between 13:35 and 13:40 ( the earliest I could make it ) expecting some people to still be there. When did everyone depart?
  3. Had to log in to applaud that from Pete - bravo sir, bravo!
  4. Stuart Cosgrove and his double standards could be exposed if our hielan' and islan' run branch of the Ministry for (dis)Information had any interest in adhering to their own charter. But alas, there isn't a snowball's chance in hades of that occurring when ready-made 'stories' by way of sectarianism tidbits are in copious supply thanks to the recurring appearances of 'The Hag', Jeanette Findlay et al on any of their news and current affairs platforms. If Cosgrove isn't a staffer, god knows what he must invoice for in return for imbuing us with his intellectual pearls of wisdom across a range of subjects. Backscratching is paramount in media circles and PQ is a centre of excellence where that is concerned.
  5. Talk of 5million sovs. As you say Ian, that should make a dent in Kenny Campbell's bill for stealing the innocence from his teenage years for starters.
  6. Well said Neil. As previous posters have mentioned, Neil McCann is a true Ranger. Why is he not back at our place in some capacity?
  7. On the money Bill. Anyone who thinks warming up for an SCF with a friendly against Spurs U20s is adequate preparation is at worst a con man, at best someone way, way out of their depth.
  8. Here's hoping that this new channel has the same longevity as STV Glasgow. More cringeworthy parochialism wrapped up in a 'Scottish Six'. I wonder what horse-trading went on between Vlad the sex pest, Ken and Tony for that to be signed off? On second thoughts, I'd rather not.
  9. Decent point in theory Rab. Worth remembering that everyone can be bought. Brendan's just stirring the proverbial. No wonder he's loved...
  10. Cheers Frankie. Same goes to you, the members of the pod team, the Gersnet fellowship and our listeners wherever they may be. Health and happiness to all in 2019.
  11. Suspiciously, a story regarding Gordon Neely has made it to number three on the most watched videos on the BBC news website. A story from May no less! An orchestrated campaign by dhims in denial who have nothing better to do on their holidays? Or facilitation by techs in PQ, Media City or Network?
  12. Maybe not the correct thread to mention this, but what is the first piece of action on the BBC online highlights reel? Alfie catching Broonaldo in the stones. Par for the course for our shameless chums in PQ.
  13. I can just picture Stevie's face when Ovie told him that he wanted to go back down the road. I'll bet that he was fuming inside.
  14. It is vitally important that our support don't adopt the 'beat before we start' mindset. That's the yahoos domain. They are past masters at going on to the pitch beat before the game starts - the nineties were a perfect example of this. We have seen what effect a quiet crowd (not expecting to do anything) can have with being detrimental to a performance this season in the game v Spartak at Ibrox. If we as a crowd turn up and are overly edgy, it'll transmit on to the park. Yes, we don't have a great team in terms of quality, but we can still roar the team on and help them overachieve. Can we try and stay positive? If we suffer a reverse, hopefully Gerrard hasn't been culpable and the upshot is that the board realise that they are going to have to find more money to afford a better standard of player. Otherwise, all they are doing is delaying the inevitable. And that doesn't bear thinking about.
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