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  1. see you got hunners of replys as usual dunn:rolleyes: keep up the good work ya `bawbag` you should`ve called me and i`ve come down and called you a bawbag to yer face ya two faced traitorite. chelsea fan my FUCKING ARSE!! lol
  2. wholesale slagging of forum members removed. those who absolutely wish to have a copy of colsh's rant can PM him, i've sent him a copy. - barry
  3. i said he made a fucking joke out of it. he said they "rushed" to the school on a horse and cart. do i have to explain why this is upposed to be an ironic funny sentence? i know your fucking dim but i never ever thought you were that fucking stoopid man! rushed...horse and cart?? he didn`t come out with some bullshit bernarnd manning would come out with but i don`t see how what i said was actually that poor taste? please explain. cause i`m fucking lost. did i say something like the guy shot all the kids and i pissed myself laughing? cause thats what you fucking lot are trying to make o
  4. fuck off dunn. you made a joke out of it too. i was merely asking if it was true? the way you reported it made it look like it was a joke or something. fucking bawbag!
  5. colshy18


    agreed. i could`ve made that up by picking out random people like the afghanistan guy. if he didn`t fit then any al qaida guy would`ve done i suppose. i still truly believe it WAS a conspiracy, but i don`t think much of that stuff though tbh!
  6. goddamit shes still hotter than hot. i got banned off her website for arguing with the owner about something. i miss looking at her pics everyday:(
  7. this is dead funny. don`t know if anyone really knows about this yet but it`s captured on google earth and i expect you could find it yourself on the same thing....
  8. thanx gav. which one is it i go to? theres seem to be a few that are written with `strawberry`?
  9. that was two women fighting(classic example). the guy in the white was like a limpet. and he had the initiative then LET the guy in blue up which i couldn`t believe as he was kicking his ass up to that point. the guy in blue was a fucking wimp. punched like a old woman. i`d say it was a draw as the guy in blue got the second half of the fight but lost the first part. i`d also say that tiredness affected the guy in white more. two pussys. and see they american kids. "fuck him up" if anyone said that about me when i was fighting, i`d stop fighting the original guy and take the gu
  10. if you want i`ll give you a chelsea smile never mind a chelsea dagger;)
  11. is this for real? can just see him making a getaway in his horse n cart wae his long beard
  12. wheres the link to download it then?
  13. colshy18


    can just picture young gribzy doing that:p
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